Issue security level based on user's project role post-function?

When adding a post-function to a transition in a work flow, one of the options is to "Set the issue's Security Level to the specified level if the current user is in a specified Project Role." I think I'm misunderstanding what this means, and would like some clarification.

Which user does 'current user' refer to? Is it the user that creates the issue? Or the user that views the issue? Or something else? It makes the most sense to me that it would be the user that creates the issue, but even with this post-function enabled, and everything else configured accordingly, the issue will always be at the default security level no matter which user creates it.

Thanks for any help.



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Current user is the user who is transitioning the issue. i.e. the user moving the issue to the new status. Post function is triggered after the status change.

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