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Im getting Failed to load resource: net::ERR_INSUFFICIENT_RESOURCES on Issue search.

Unable to load issues search page and boards.

2 answers

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Are you a developer running in "dev mode"?

In dev mode, Javascript / CSS resources are not batched, so thousands of little files are downloaded, and Chrome doesn't support more than 6,000. If you run in "production mode", then all those JS resources are batched as 1 single JS and 1 single CSS ;) Don't laugh at Chrome though, the batching system was introduced because Internet Explorer used to set this limit to... 31 resources.


Do not start in "dev mode", i.e. check the system property "" or execute System.clearProperty("") at a Java breakpoint. This will however disable the development features.

If you are a regular, non-technical user, then I would suggest to check back with your administrator that they didn't start Jira in dev mode, which is visible in the "System info" administration of Jira (search for

I'm a developer and have the same problem starting from Jira Software 8.4 m0003 agile boards doesn't render in chrome.

Thanks Adrian, that was really it. Batching being turned off causes a flood of requests which hit the Chrome limit at some point. Karol, I can suggest is removing "view" and "selectedIssue" query paremeters from the URL. That reduced the number of assets that get loaded

Hi, my URL is http://localhost:2990/secure/RapidBoard.jspa?rapidView=1 , can't make it any shorter :) I have built chrome 78.x from master and the problem still exists.

Im not sure how to avoid this in development but when you put the plugin to a production it works fine as Adrien suggested.You are trying to load too many resources on the issue page. Do you have custom fields which import a lot of resources ?

In production mode it works fine because all js files are merged into one super batch file with javascript which is loaded without a problem ( single js file). The problem is in Jira (8.4) dev mode and Chrome 76+

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Are you using Chromium as a browser?  This error has been reported when there are a lot of images on a page when rendered in Chromium.  Could you try a different browser to see if you get the same?

It loads fine in EDGE , not sure why its not loading on chrome.

It's a known bug in Chrome, not just created by visiting Atlassian sites.

Check for updates to your Chrome, it's supposed to have been fixed by later versions.

I'm experiencing the same issue v. 8.3.2

I have built chrome 78.x from master and the problem still exists.

Other browsers (FF, Safari) are fine, but it is a pain to debug with them.

Try with chrome 75 version .

Chrome 75 is loading agile bords fine. Downgrading chrome is not a solution but working workaround :) . Anyway some kind of permanent solution to the problem is needed on Jira side or on the chrome side like request to change chrome async js loading by increasing limits or introduce some kind of async request queuing ?

Does anyone know in which version of chromium this is fixed. That translates in to which version of Microsoft EDGE :).

I have looked in the chromium issue list but not found any details.

I am seeing this problem in a Dashboard using multipile, 10+, road map gadgets. I am on a corporate windows platform with EDGE version 86.0.622.69.

It looks that the problem is still present in Edge and latest version of Chrome.
Not all gadgets are loading on a Jira Board and after refreshing the page, the missing gadgets are loaded correctly.

@Nic Brough _Adaptavist_ Do you have the reference to the Chromium bug you mentioned more than 3 years ago? :) Just want to make sure this is the exactly same issue as one reported initially and if there is any progress in fixing it.


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