I would like to import worklog information

Hi, I have seen the info at: https://confluence.atlassian.com/adminjiraserver073/importing-data-from-csv-861253680.html but it will fail if the worklog element has anything but seconds in it.

Also, can see how to specify the user the worklog is for since the import wizard does not include Users which is listed as a potential element in the CSV.

I am using the Cloud version of JIRA

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Steven Behnke Community Champion Oct 12, 2017

This is my issue summary,reporter_username,Blocker,Open,This is my worklog comment;2017-10-13 08:53:11;worklog_username;3600
  • Worklogs ONLY accept timespent as seconds
  • The username simply has to match existing users, period 

Thanks Steven, I can now import - I had now changed the import date format, the one on online help and yours did not match the one coming up and I didn't spot it :(

However, whilst it imports, I cannot actually see the worklog entry on the newly created issue.

I have installed tempo timesheets.

What could I be missing?

Steven Behnke Community Champion Oct 13, 2017

Are you seeing timespent being added?

No, I don't see time added. Certainly can add through the website, and the import succeeds (I tested this by adding a new comment to the issue).

Still stuck on this. Is there a permission I could use, is there a JQL that can be used to see if they exist in the database?

Still stuck on this. Is there a permission I could use, is there a JQL that can be used to see if they exist in the database?

Steven Behnke Community Champion Oct 18, 2017

I would like to help you out: I'll try to find time this week to give it a run on my cloud instance. My deepest apologies, I'm simply a contributor and do this for "fun" when I'm not busy at work or with life.

I'm having the same exact issue. The format specified in the documentation works in that it allows the Issue to import however the work log itself isn't attached to the issue. 

So it looks like it's parsing correctly but not actually importing the data because if you screw up the format of the Worklog the importer knows it and gives you errors. 

I'm seriously thinking about migrating my small company over to Jira Cloud for Jira Core, Service Desk and Confluence but if I lose our entire work history this is really just a non-starter.

I can successfully import projects/issues for 6 years worth of data but no time tracking history is a real killer especially when the docs seem to say "yes you can do this" but its actually "but not really"

Here is my sample for worklog CSV import. The first line is the CSV header, the next lines are the data for worklog entries.

What is important for worklog import is that there are some required columns for the CSV importer, you have to place in your CSV. That is why the "pj_name", "pj_type", "pj_key", and "Summary" columns are in the CSV.

What info do you need for a worklog entry?

1.) which ISSUE is the task the user worked on->issue_key column

2/a worklog entry description
2/b Day of work
2/c time the work started 
2/d user who worked 
2/e work duration (JIRA only accepts in seconds)

the 2.) a+b+c+d+e data is in the "Worklog" column

You can see, the column delimiter is (,), but inside the "Worklog" column the worklog entry data delimiter is (;)

Unfortunately JIRA CSV import documention does not really describes it. 

So the sample CSV below contains the necessary columns for the CSV importer ("pj_name", "pj_type", "pj_key", and "Summary"), and contains the necessary columns for the worklog entry ("issue_key" and "Worklog")

The Summary column contains the summary field text of the ISSUE where you want to import the worklog entry.

issue_key,pj_name,pj type,pj_key,Summary,Worklog
RRIMPF03-10,RR-IMP-F03 RFP,software,RRIMPF03,Summary of the ISSUE,worklog entry description1;2017.11.09 12:30;mlipcsik;3600
RRIMPF03-10,RR-IMP-F03 RFP,software,RRIMPF03,Summary of the ISSUE,worklog entry description2;2017.11.09 13:30;mlipcsik;3600
RRIMPF03-10,RR-IMP-F03 RFP,software,RRIMPF03,Summary of the ISSUE,worklog entry description3;2017.11.09 14:30;mlipcsik;3600
RRIMPF03-10,RR-IMP-F03 RFP,software,RRIMPF03,Summary of the ISSUE,worklog entry description4;2017.11.09 12:30;mlipcsik;3600


CSV import steps:

1.) Select the CSV file and [Next] button

2.) Select "Defined in CSV" on the "Import to project" option

3.) Date format is dispayed the system default date format, and you have to use the same format in your CSV. My date format is "yyyy.MM.dd HH:mm", that is why I use "2017.11.09 12:30" in my CSV

[Next] button

4.) JIRA field mapping page, map the fields like this:

CSV field - JIRA field

Summary - Summary

Worklog - Worklog (in seconds)

issue_key - Issue Key

pj type - Project type

pj_key - Project key

pj_name - Project name

I did not checked any "Map field value" options, but it also works, if you check it.

[Next] button

[Begin import]

That is all.

Hope this helps you for your worklog entry import. 

Thanks Marton,

Sorry for delay with my reply. What you describe is what I have tried. It all appears to work - no error log after Being Import - but is does not show up in JIRA (as Jeremy seems to witness too).

Anyway, I have given up with it. We will all being using Tempo directly in JIRA and not importing any data.

I followed the instructions above and am also having the same issue with importing. It reports as successfully imported, but the worklog does not appear in Jira.

Actually, it just took 10 minutes to appear

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