I need to make Log Work field mandatory during transition in Jira 7.4 version?

I need to make Log Work field mandatory during transition in Jira 7.4 version?

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Hi Divya,

There is an article titled How to make JIRA applications fields required in a workflow transition that may be of assistance:


A particular field should be required to perform a transition. However, JIRA applications only allow a field to be set as Required in the global context.


Use the Fields Required Validator shipped with the JIRA applications Suite Utilities add-on to make the field required for a transition to be completed.


  1. Make sure that the JIRA applications Suite Utilities is enabled under JIRA application Admin > Manage Plugins.
  2. Open the Workflow you need to configure in the edit mode.
  3. Open the transition that you need to configure:
    • in the Diagram mode, select the transition you want to edit and click Validators;
    • in the Text mode click the transition name and go to the Validators tab.
  4. On the Validators tab, click Add.
  5. Select the Fields Required option and click Add.
  6. Select the field or fields that you want to make required for the transition.(You'll need to click the top Add button to add them to the Required fields list) 
  7. Click Add to complete the creation of a Validator.
  8. Verify the newly added Validator in the Transition screen.
  9. Publish the workflow to apply the changes.(info) JIRA applications utilities comes bundled with JIRA Cloud applications, but is developed and supported by Beecon, a third party vendor.

Hopefully that gets you where you want to go!



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