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I don't know why I can't drag my issues from to-do to in-progress?


I am a new user to Jira. I have created a board and several stories.  Now I want to be able to drag my issue cards from the to-do column to the in progress column. 

How do I get this to work for me and my team? 




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@Robert Hernandez If you have changed the workflow, there could be an issue with missing status in a column. It is also possible that you don't have the rights to make transitions.

Could you provide some more insights for your problem?


  Thank you for the reply. It seems that I don't have admin access to the board I'm working on.  I need to start over.  How do I add issues to the back log? 

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Hi @Robert Hernandez , welcome to the Atlassian Community!

The statuses in your workflow can be mapped to the columns on your board, so I would first check in your board's settings that the right statuses are mapped to the right columns.

Issues can only be dragged from one column to another if the underlying workflow statuses mapped to those columns allow those particular transitions, so I would also check your workflow to see if there any any conditions/validations which are blocking the transition

Also if your board uses multiple issue types, these may be using separate workflows, so you may need to map some of these different workflow statuses to the same board columns

I need to start over since I don't have admin access to the board.  Its it possible to move issues from a current sprint to a new board.  Also how so I add issues to the back log? 

@Robert Hernandez Yes this is definitely possible, a board will display all issues that are defined within the board's JQL filter, so if you create a new board using this same filter, the same issues will appear.

And if you're using a scrum board, any issues created in your project which match the board's JQL should automatically appear on the backlog. If you're using a Kanban board, then you will need to enable the backlog by dragging a status to the backlog column within the board's settings (see below), so any issues in this status will appear in a new 'backlog' tab on your left-hand-side menu


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Hello @Robert Hernandez 

Please tell us if you are using Jira Cloud or Jira Server/Data Center?

If you created the board then you are the administrator of the board. That is set by default.

If you are not an administrator for the board, can you work with the person who is an administrator for the board to address the issues?

If you are working with Jira Cloud are you working with a Team Managed project or a Company Managed project? It will say at the bottom of the navigation pane on the left.

Also is this a Software project, a Business project, or a Service project? That will be shown at the top of the navigation pane on the left, below the project name.

You asked about moving issues from a current sprint to a new board. Note that issues are contained in Projects. Boards are just a way to view and manipulate the issues in projects. What is shown in the board is based on a filter that specifies which issues to include.

Before you scrap this "board" and try to move issues please give us additional information so we can provide you with meaningful advice.

Additionally, if you are new to Jira you may want to invest some time in training courses to help you get started. Atlassian University and Udemy are two possible sources for training courses, as well as finding videos on YouTube.

Ok so I started a new board that I have admin rights to.  So that's set.  
I've started the sprint. How do I move my issues from to-do column  to  In- progress column? 

Hello @Robert Hernandez 

Can you provide the other information I asked for?

You should be able to simply drag the card from one column to another. That assumes that the statuses have been correctly mapped to columns and there are not customizations that deny you permission to make a status change on the issue.

@Trudy Claspill   Yes, Thank you very much.  
I think I'm on the Jira Server. 

On new board so I am the administrator. 

This is a software project. 

Company managed project 

I'm not sure how to map the status to the column?  



Is your URL something like https://<yourCo> or something totally different? If the former, you're on Jira Cloud, if the latter you're on Jira Server/Data Center.

Other differences would be that only on Jira Cloud will you see at the bottom of the left-side navigation pane a statement that the project is company managed or team managed. Only on Jira Server/Data Center will you see Jira version information at the bottom of some screens, like the login screen.


To check the mapping of Statuses to Columns for your board you would 

1. Click the ... button in the upper right when viewing the board.

2. Select Board Settings (or it might say just Settings, or Configuration).

3. Select the Columns options.

That will show the Columns on your Board, and the Statuses mapped to each one. If you can share that screen image with us, that will be helpful.

You map a status to a column by dragging the Status blob from one column to another.


Screen Shot 2022-08-24 at 2.19.51 PM.png


To move an issue from one column to another on the board you can click-and-drag the card from one column to another.

Screen Shot 2022-08-24 at 2.23.58 PM.png

You can also change the column in which an issue displays by changing the Status directly when viewing the issue details.

Screen Shot 2022-08-24 at 2.26.28 PM.png


I'm going to again recommend that if you are new to Jira you may want to invest some time in training courses to help you get started. Atlassian University and Udemy are two possible sources for training courses, as well as finding videos on YouTube.

@Trudy Claspill 

This is very helpful thank you.  

So the url is  

Screenshot 2022-08-24 175249.png

@Trudy Claspill 

I was able to move it forward by clicking on complete refinement.  That moved it to

in- progress. 

Screenshot 2022-08-24 175820.png

@Trudy Claspill   As per your recommendations I will look into training courses. 
Thank you for taking the time to answer the questions.  This gives me something to work with and I'll be able to keep track to the project. Much appreciated. 


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