I cannot run issueFunction in JQL

When I go to "advanced search" and enter:

issueFunction in commented("after -7d")
I get:
Field 'issueFunction' does not exist or you do not have permission to view it.

What do I need to enable to run this JQL command?

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You need to install a recent version of the script runner plugin... is that plugin present?

Yes that did it. Thank you.

Cool. For some of the functions you will need to perform a background reindex... but not that one.

I am really interested in

issueFunction in commented("by USER1")

which I see works without any problem straight away. Did you ever have any issues with this one?

Nope, that should be fine.

yes i got the plugin installed, and disabling/enabling the plugin didn't work for me

Disabling and Ebnabling worked for me.

Other solution I have found is restarting JIRA.

I try your solution but it doesn't worked for me sad


Hi @philippos

We have recently released a feature in ScriptRunner for JIRA Cloud that now supports the kind of JQL Function queries you were looking to do.

You can find more information here: http://scriptrunner-docs.connect.adaptavist.com/jiracloud/enhanced-search.html

I hope that helps!

Hi @Jon Bevan [Adaptavist],


I too was looking to do exactly what @philippos required in his first post but I can't seem to find the correct function "commented" (i.e. issues commented on recently). Was this function implemented in Enhanced Search?


Thanks, Vicki

Hi Vicki,

We implemented commented as an alias you can use in the regular search page as well as the Enhanced Search page.

See http://scriptrunner-docs.connect.adaptavist.com/jiracloud/jql-aliases.html for more information, particularly the table at the bottom of the page.

Thanks, Jon

@Jon Bevan [Adaptavist] @jamie_Echlin

i have installed this in jira cloud and synced all issues in jira cloud.

I am site-admin.

but i am still getting same error in advanced search- 

"Field 'issueFunction' does not exist or you do not have permission to view it."

it works in SR enhanced search.

There is no option Disable and enable in Jira cloud!

Can you help to resolve this issue?


Hi Raju, you are correct, JQL Functions provided by ScriptRunner for Jira Cloud only work on the Enhanced Search page, it is not possible to use them in Jira's own issue search page. However, you can create and share filters from the Enhanced Search page so that you can use JQL Functions in queries that power Agile boards etc.

Should it be possible to use an issueFunction query in an Escalation Service (for Cloud)?

I get the "Field 'issueFunction' does not exist or you do not have permission to view it."

Hi Peter,

Using issueFunction in the Escalation Service in Cloud is not currently possible. However, if you create a filter (e.g. 'My Escalation Service Filter') for your query using the Enhanced Search Page, then you can reference that filter within the JQL field on the Escalation Service page using filter = 'My Escalation Service Filter'

I hope that helps,

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Great, Thanks a lot!

I'm having he same issue, installed script runner and issueFunction does not exist...ideas anyone....anyone? :)

Did stop working for me; I disabled the plug-in and re-enabled it. Started working.

I disabled the  plug-in and re-enabled it without sucess. The error still persist

I am trying to use this in the hosted version of JIRA cloud. I am getting the "Field 'issueFunction' does not exist or you do not have permission to view it." I have tried disabling and re-enabling the plugin. Nothing seems to work.

Hi Jesse, JIRA Cloud does not allow us to implement JQL functions in the same way that is possible on Server. We are currently looking into the possibilities in this area and hope to have some functionality soon.

This issue is still present for hosted JIRA

Can you confirm you have the hosted version not the cloud version? 

If a restart does not fix it please create a support ticket at https://productsupport.adaptavist.com/servicedesk/customer/portal/2

what is the estimation for resolving this issue?

Hi @Jon Mort (Adaptavist)

We're using JIRA Cloud right now in our project. We split our space for several projects per platforms. We really need to reach out a lot of issueFunctions like as linkedIssues(), etc., which included in Script Runner.

Can you provide please the ETA of resolving the issue of support JQL functions on the JIRA Cloud?

We'd like to align our activities depend of your answer.

Thank you a lot.

with best wishes,

Kirill Romanov

Hi @Kirill Romanov,

We are working on it at the moment. It is not a simple solution and we need to be fully comfortable with it before we launch it. The functionality won't be exactly the same as in the server because the Connect Framework gives us different extension points to the plugin system in Server. I can't commit to a date, but I would expect a launch to be weeks rather than months away.


Hi @Jon Mort (Adaptavist)

Thank you for the quick response.

Let me know please when you will fix this issue and we'll buy Script Runner for our JIRA Cloud immediately. Right now we're going to continue to use the labels as an ad-hoc solutions.


Super excited about this working in Cloud - will you alert us here when it is ready?

We will... we won't be keeping it to ourselves!

Hi @Jon Mort (Adaptavist)

Can you share some update for it please? When can we start use Script Runner on JIRA Cloud?

thanks in advance.


Hi @Kirill Romanov

We are currently testing the first part of the JQL feature. I don't want to commit to a date because it has already taken longer than we anticipated. I stated weeks in the comment above and failed to deliver on that smile. Having said that it is likely that we will be able to launch in the next week or two.

We know this feature is important to many customers which is why we want to get it right.



Thank you @Jon Mort (Adaptavist), good news! Good luck in testing mode!

Keep in touch.



ok @Jon Mort (Adaptavist) this thread is incredibly confusing.. should the function `issueFunction in commented` work on JIRA cloud or not? from this thread i get the impression that script runner isn't currently working on the cloud.. but then it also implies that it's not working on the hosted version either

issueFunction does not work on JIRA Cloud. The first stage of our implementation of this functionality is days away. 

The original question was about JIRA Server then someone asked about Cloud. issueFunction works just fine in ScriptRunner for JIRA Server.

@Kirill Romanov, @abdullah bakhach, @Matthew Vanderzee, @Jesse Sanford, @Nikola Marić, @Ostap Naida, @Amir Primov (sorry if i missed anyone off).

We launched the first part of this functionality this week. See http://scriptrunner-docs.connect.adaptavist.com/jiracloud/jql-aliases.html for details. There is an initial setup stage to synchronise the issues (similar to a re-index) but from then you can use aliases like issueLinkType in ('Blocks', 'Duplicate') and numberOfAttachments > 0 AND attachmentType = 'jpg'

Please give it a try and send us any feedback. The next part of the functionality with more complex queries is coming soon.



Hi Jon

I just installed scriptrunner for Jira Cloud and I desperately require "issueFunction in subtasksOf(subquery)". Any chance I get this function within the next hours? If not, is there any alternative/workaround.




Hi Erwin,

The functionality for subtasksOf(subquery) will be weeks away. You can see what we support right now here: http://scriptrunner-docs.connect.adaptavist.com/jiracloud/jql-aliases.html

Depending on what your query is you may be able to workaround with the aliases we have and a filter.


That's awesome news, Jon! Thanks for sharing...

For the initial sync process, is there any effect on the data that the Alias sync process is touching? Or is it just reading the data (not writing)?

What adverse effects should I expect if the ScriptRunner doesn't have read/write access to all of the projects within my JIRA instance and I trigger the sync process?


Again, really excited for these changes. Cheers!

Hi Josh,

The sync process writes properties to issues so ScriptRunner needs both read and write permissions (which it asks for on install). If the ScriptRunner user doesn't have write access then search results will possibly be incomplete and there will be no indication that is the case.



First of all thank you for the answer. With regards to the workaround: I need to find all issues of type sub-task and of status open, belonging to a parent issue of status closed.


If you can restrict your search to just a single project or group of projects you can write a query to save as a filter that finds all parent issues that are closed. Once you have that filter you can then use issueType = subtask AND parentKey in FILTERNAME (or something like that - i can't test it right now)

I couldn't find any working keyword similar to "parent".

type = Sub-task and parent in ("filter = BugStoryClosed") etc. didn't work.

In case you get a chance for a complete sample, this would be much appreciated!

Ineed the functionality of issueFunction in issuesInEpics(subquery) Cloud and there is no indication this is in development


Reading information at the link above it is not clear whether the issueLinkType alias will provide this. Can someone advise?

Hi Trevor,

Yes, you should be able to use issueLinkType to find issue that are linked to an Epic, however if you want to restrict which Epics they are linked to you'll need to wait for the next release of ScriptRunner for JIRA Cloud.

We are actively working on completing the functionality required to provide support for the "issueFunction" queries that ScriptRunner customers are used to. Our current estimate is that this will be released in the next few weeks.

Thanks, Jon

Hi, @Jon Mort!

Do have any update about when "issueFunction in aggregateExpression" will be ready for Jira Cloud? 

Hi @asyrkovsky,

I can't be more specific other than very soon. We are in the final stages of testing so it will be weeks not months. The funcitonality will not be exactly issueFunction, but should cover all those use cases.

If you would like to be a beta tester please email me jmort [at] adaptavist.com


Any update on the issueFunction for JIRA Cloud? I really need this feature, that's the only reason why we purchased this plugin.

It's been more than 3 months since the last "weeks not months" update...

UPD: I did find a workaround for my case. Even though Jon Bevan writes above "if you want to restrict which Epics they are linked to you'll need to wait for the next release of ScriptRunner for JIRA Cloud", I managed to get it to work.

I enabled ScriptRunner Enhanced Search (http://scriptrunner-docs.connect.adaptavist.com/jiracloud/enhanced-search.html) and created a query looking like

issueFunction in issuesInEpics("labels = test_label“)

then, I saved it as a filter and it was successfully converted into something like

issue in (TP-2, TP-1)

Hi Anton

I posted a response to the OP on 27th July saying we'd released the Enhanced Search feature to achieve exactly what you're looking for :)

I'm glad you got it working!


Thank you Jon!

Still, that's a bit of an ugly solution in terms of performance, as the JIRA filter with hardcoded IDs is being updated every minute behind the scenes. What if we have a few hundreds of such filters...

So, is introducing issueFunction or a similar concept for JIRA Cloud still in the plans?

Hi Anton,

Enhanced Search IS the JIRA Cloud equivalent of issueFunction.

But I agree with you! :D If you can think of a better solution that works within the confines of a Connect Add-on then please let us know!

We've recently optimised the way we perform the filter synchronisation so that it only runs if your JIRA instance is actively being used (ie no synchronisation happens when you've all gone home from work or out for a long lunch).


Thank you Jon, now I understand...

Good to know about the optimization

Unfortunately, I don't know JIRA's internal organization so well as to give advice, but I'll keep that in mind if I ever will.

Thank you for all your hard work, overall the plugin is just great

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