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How to view a previous sprint that has been closed?

How to view a previous sprint that has been closed?

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vkharisma Atlassian Team Sep 22, 2013


Its true what Whyves said above, basically you can see historical sprint data in most of JIRA Agile report mode. Please refer to - Using Report Mode


I found that and thank you both!

See my note below - the Reports view isn't what we want - the list we want to see is on the Rapidboard.

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Deleted user Apr 28, 2017

Can you fix the dead link?

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Please fix that bad link like Filip says...

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Dead link.


How can we check previous sprints ?

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1. Go to Search on the left (magnifying glass symbol) and then select all issues.

2. In the search bar type Sprint = "<name of sprint>"


Note that the sprint name needs to be exact for this to work. There are other keywords that could be used for this search as well. 

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Fix the broken link. :|

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the link is still broken....

This link shows how to view (and possibly reopen) closed sprints

Reports >> Sprint Report

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I didn't need to reopen my sprint; I just could not see my previously closed stories on a nextgen board. 

For this, I went to Reports > Burnup Report > changed to the sprint I wanted to see > scrolled down to see sprint stories and activity.

On the "Sprint Completed" section, it showed me completed stories, but also stories which carried over to the next sprint. Therefore, it wasn't a comprehensive list of everything closed in that sprint, but it worked for what I was trying to see (ie. details of an old spike to create a new story based upon it).

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How about a simple button that lets me see the previous sprints? Who exactly at Atlassian thinks this nonsense is an acceptable way to navigate something as simple as "what tickets were in the last sprint?"

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Works for me, thanks for the comments

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I agree with Trebor. This is total nonsense. Just have a button that takes us to a list of previous sprints. Just bad UX. 

I mean how the hell do I know the exact name of a sprint, especially if it was 12 months ago. 

Give me break...

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+1 to Trebor's point...

Especially for new-hires, employee reviews, sprint planning, release planning... need to actually see what was done and by who. 

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Eoin Atlassian Team Jul 25, 2022

For detailed information on closed sprints in TMP - including burndown chart, issues completed, scope change, etc - the best report is the Sprint Burndown chart!

This is ridiculous 

I don't understand how this is even remotely acceptable as a method for finding something as simple as "show me the last sprint." I'm in my daily stand-up the day after we closed a sprint, trying to find the number of the ticket I worked yesterday, and ten minutes of searching here and there and I still can't find it. The entire Jira interface needs a complete re-think.

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I  found the simplest solution is to use versions, create one version per sprint.  Then it is a simple matter to view all previous sprints from the Releases page. 

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I have put a short video tutorial how to see closed sprints. It works with newest Jira version - hope it helps:

@Anatoly SpektorThis does not seem to work with NextGen Projects.  I can see the list of sprints in the Velocity Report, but its just a list, not links so I can not drill down.

If you need to make a video for such a basic thing, it means this app is a cra...

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REPORTS- VELOCITY CHARTS - Scroll down to the Sprint.

BOOM! - Done!

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@Christopher_de_Grasse Thank you, this works and perfectly simple.

Are you telling me that there is no direct way to see a list of closed sprints, click and get at least the list of stories????

Hi Jolie Roy .


You can try below query may helfull to you


project="Mobile Apps" and sprint in closedSprints() and Sprint='Mob Sprint 35' and status=closed ORDER BY updatedDate



project="Mobile Apps" and sprint in closedSprints() and status=closed ORDER BY updatedDate

The most reliable way to see information about previous sprints in Company-Managed Projects is to use the Velocity Report.

  1. From the board you’d like to see the previous sprint on, click Reports in the left sidebar

  2. Select the Velocity Chart (called Velocity Report in Next-Gen / Team-Managed projects)

  3. A list of recently closed sprints is below the chart:

  4. Select any sprint displayed to view the sprint’s velocity chart and status report

  5. At the top of the chart, a dropdown allows you to select the report for any previously closed sprint

Don’t see the Reports option in the sidebar? A project admin may need to enable them in Next-Gen / Team-Managed projects:

  1. Click Project Settings on the left sidebar

  2. Select Features on the left sidebar

  3. Enable the toggle for Reports from the feature list

In Team-Managed projects, the Sprint Burndown chart offers more comprehensive information about completed sprints.

You can access using query in filter:

Select the respective project from drop-down list, From left side bar, Select 'Issues and filters' -> follows to the option, 'All Issues' ,Click on it, there you can view from 'sprint 1 to Nth', if you want to filter previous sprint precisely, use this query:

project = project name ORDER BY Sprint DESC

Use query statement in advanced search feature

Sprint = "<name of sprint>"

Left Report > Sprint report

I've seen the dropdown list on a Rapidboard that shows past (closed) sprints, but cannot figure out how it got there.  The user was able to use the dropdown and see a list of closed sprints she could view without using the reports.

The only thing we can see on past sprints in the Reports view is the data from the reports, not a Rapidboard.  

Is there a way to show the dropdown on the Rapidboard in the location noted in the attached image?


Below query can be used for finding the details of Closed date in Human readable format in MySql database

select ID,Name, FROM_UNIXTIME(Start_DATE/1000),FROM_UNIXTIME(COMPLETE_DATE/1000) as completed_dates from AO_60DB71_SPRINT where  FROM_UNIXTIME(COMPLETE_DATE/1000) >= '2015-06-01' and closed = 1;

Actually in Sprint table date's are stored in Big Int format(20 digits may be) so need to change it using FROM_UNIXTIME

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Yves Riel _Okapya_ Marketplace Partner Sep 22, 2013

Depends on what you want to see but you can consult some previous sprint data in the Report view of the Rapid Board.

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