How to set sprint date from monday

ARTWIN Support May 13, 2024

Dear Jira specialists, 

This question is still relevant.

How can I set the sprint to start on Monday instead of Sunday?

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Dimitris Sylligardakis May 13, 2024

Hi Artwin,

If you can't see it there might be a few possibilities:

  1. Permissions:
    • Ensure you have Jira administrator permissions. Only administrators can modify system settings.
  2. Jira Configuration:
    • Some Jira Cloud instances might have a simplified interface where certain settings are hidden. You might need to switch to the "Advanced" view to access them. Look for a toggle or option to change the interface view.
  3. Third-Party Apps/Customization:
    • If you're using third-party apps or customizations, they might be overriding the default settings. Try disabling these temporarily to see if the "Edit Look and Feel" option appears.
ARTWIN Support May 13, 2024

I have Administrator permissions.

Could you send me a screenshot of where exactly this function is displayed? Or how to turn on Advanced settings, because there is no such option in Look and Feel (i can provide screenshot if needed).

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Dimitris Sylligardakis May 13, 2024


Not entirely sure if you've tried this (apologies if you have) - I see you're on cloud, so:

Go to System Settings: Navigate to your Jira settings (gear icon) and choose "System."

Look for User Interface: Under the "System" panel, find the "User Interface" section.

Edit Look and Feel: Click on "Edit" in the "Look and Feel" area.

Change Week Starts On: You should see a dropdown menu for "Week Starts On." Select "Monday" from this list.

Save Changes: Click "Save" to apply the change.

ARTWIN Support May 13, 2024

I dont see how to edit look and feel are. There is only date and time format.Screenshot 2024-05-13 at 13.40.39.png

ARTWIN Support May 13, 2024

@Dimitris Sylligardakis I ticked the last checkbox, but nothing changed. The sprint also starts on Sunday.

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