How to reuse custom field in another project?

Jouni Riimala April 25, 2024


Let say that I have a project A, which has development issue type having test procedure custom field with data (in here data is test steps and expected behaviour text in the field).

Additionally to this I have another kanban project, let's call it B. This B project use Test - issue type and I would like to copy Project A Test Procedure data to the project B Test Issues. 

How this could be accomplished?  

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April 25, 2024

Hi @Jouni Riimala ,


Not sure the ask here. Based on the title, you are asking about reusing the custom field.  You can reuse the same custom field across multiple projects by just adding the field in the screen of your test issue type in Project B. 


In the post, it seems you want to copy the data from a ticket in project A and into project b. This would not be straight forward if you. want it automated since you would need to add logic to know which development issue type needs to. copy to which. test issue type. If it just one-off, you can. copy from one issue type to another manually by copy and pasting. 

I would recommend to keep the development and testing in the same project to keep development and testing closer together...if possible. 

Jouni Riimala April 25, 2024


I try to clarify a bit.

Using a custom field in the multiple project is not an issue as its straightforward to configure it to different screens.

What I was trying to say is that in the project A, I have a development issue, which has also this test procedure field in it. Test procedure fields have data like test steps and expected results. My intention was to copy test procedure data from the project A to project B, which has this Test issue type. 

To be said that project B has also other issue types etc so it's not just for the test stuff, but point is to chop test stuff from project A development issues to its own issue type in the project B and this way to improve issues content to have only data what they should posses. 

Likely, I can use deep clone or other bulk plugins for this when time comes or even jira automation.

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