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How to remove/ hide closed issues from backlog

I can still see closed issues from the previous completed sprint from my backlog.

this is my first time to use Jira as a PM tool. i created my first sprint and successfully completed it by hitting the complete button.

unfortunately there are some tasks that not yet resolve or still in progress.something in the system pop up and saying that do I want to put all the on going tasks to backlog, i choose yes. after clicking the ok button, all of my tasks from my previous sprint appears in my backlog and i cant remove them from that list.

what am i supposed and right thing to do?

Thanks in advance




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it would be helpful to have more than one DONE column...  

Actually, no, it is not useful because your team does not need to see issues they have finished

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When you complete a sprint, all the issues you have not finished are, by definition, not done with, so they need to go either into another sprint, or back into your backlog.  They still need action, so you need to keep them somewhere that shows them as needing work.

Only issues that are in the far right-hand column of your working board will be seen as "done" by the sprint when you close it.

Oh i see. so how can tag them now as done? based on the workflow i created, i only have inprogress-code review-for QA -closed.

is closed status is equal to done?


thanks in advance

You need to get them into the far right hand column of your board, and then close the sprint.

Boards and sprints do not use the resolution at all, and only really use status to determine which column an issue is in.  What matters to them is the right-hand column.

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Hi Nic,

I attached a screenshot of my backlog, you can see list of issues came from the my previous closed sprint.

please also note that all of this issues were already closed before i closed the said sprint.

Is there any way to remove this issues from my backlog? all issues are all technically done and the sprint is already closed.


Closed issues from backlog.JPG

The issues need to be in the far right hand column of your board.  Move them into a status that is in that column.

Hello, for me closed and done statuses are mapped to done column, I still see them in Backlog. What might be the issue? Please help

i am also facing similar issue for one of my sprint i closed do not know how to remove them

The issues are in a status that is mapped into a column other than the very last right hand one on the board.

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I am getting the same problem, but I have checked and the issues are in status "Done" which is the last column on the right side of the board. Most of the done issues are not appearing, but several bugs are. I can see nothing about these bugs that is different.

What does your board filter select for?  

Go to board -> Conflguration -> General and it should display the board filter.  If it looks more complex than "project = XYZ order by rank", then can you post the filter here?  (plain text is fine, screenshots are more of a ffaff to share.  Also, feel free to obscure stuff you don't want to share - we're interested in the fields it is looking at, not the exact values of the fields)

Nope, that is all I have. This is the primary board for the project, so the filter is just "project = JC ORDER BY Rank ASC". Also having looked more closely, for the current sprint, All of the closed items are still showing in the sprint (Not many as we have just started a new sprint). Previous sprints do not appear at all as expected.

Ok, is this definitely a Scrum board, not a Kanban?


If it is, then I think we need to see some screenshots of this - specifically an issue view of an issue you think should be on the board (main system fields only, not any text fields or assignees), and a shot of the board showing that it's not there in the done column.

I have all my issue status mapped to the last column, but I still see issues which are "Done" in my backlog



Hi Chaitra,

I have the same problem. I see issues in my backlog, that are closed and closed is the far right-hand column of the Board.

Are there any more suggestions or did you give up?

Best regards and thank you in advance


I think we'll need to see screenshots that show an issue to be in the last column on the board, and yet appearing in the backlog

I have a feeling that the issue was having a not connected status in the unmapped status column. Didn't think that this column would count as well, but seems like it. I mapped the status to one of the columns and investigate wether that has an effect.

Best regards


The issue is the board and the backlog share the same query - anyone know if there is a way to enable two queries?


I have the same issue, I see things appear in the Done column, which is great that's where they belong, but once they are done, I don't want them in the backlog view. If you edit the query to remove the Done status, it removes the Done issues from the backlog but also the board, again you need two queries.


One workaround - you can add status to the card view within the board settings (board settings > card layout> add > status) but IMO that just adds too much junk to your backlog. 

No, the backlog and the board MUST share a query, the whole point is that the backlog feeds the board.

I suspect you're not quite understanding what the board and backlogs are.

You can have only one, last column in next gen Jira what closes the issue. If there are some other reason to close the issue without actually doing it, I have used additional custom field with a closure reason or a label to separate them from the rest.

Update: seems there is now possible to have more than one done status 

You've always been able to have many done status, just that they all need to be mapped into the last column on the board.

Not at the beginning when this initial reply was written. At that time workflows did not exist and it was called next gen project. We were the first adapters at that time

Ah, I see.  Many done status has always been possible in Jira Classic/Company-managed projects.

How are you doing "done" in many status in team-managed projects?

Hi Marta,

I already resolved this concern by putting the closed column to the last. it should be look like this.

closed column.JPG

1. you go to the board settings

2. select column on navi bar

3. arrange your column based on your workflow., make sure that you place the closed column on most right last part. this mean your issues is already completed.(the color green line under the column name also indicates the status is done)

let me know if this works.

Yes, it worked :) Thank you a lot.

Could you help me with one more thing? 

How to achieve that the items in cancelled status do not appear in Backlog? Sometimes during the Sprint, we as a team decide not to do a feature and we have 'Won't do column' mapped with Cancelled status. Aftercompletingg the Spirnt they apear in Backlog :(

Put the cancelled status in the last column on the board.

Ok. Will do that. I thought there is a way to have it in seperate column. Ok. No worries. I guess I have to solve it like that. Thank you. Marta :)

It's the same - Only issues that are in the far right-hand column of your working board will be seen as "done" 

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I have exactly the same issue. Could you please help us with resolving such an issue?

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