How to move between statuses in a column?

I am trying to set up a simplified workflow where a ticket can be moved through several statuses in a single column. I have the sections set up but once an issue is in a column, the statuses disappear. Here's a screenshot of the column setups:

Greenhopper workflow transitions

And here is what happens once an issue has been moved into that column - the statuses no longer exist (it was moved into the top one but now no option to move it down the column).

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As far as I know this is the desired behaviour... I'd like to have that feature aswell though. correct me if I'm wrong

Need this as well, this almost forces me to use more than 5 columns which messes up the view completely.

Yes please. Otherwise I'll need 7 columns or force my testers to work from only the detail view!

Need this too. I actually makes it necessary to do 4 clicks to move a ticket to another status. For example if you have a ticket in the analysis phase, the ticket could go several times back and forth for questions between a business analyst and a developper before everything is clear. It would be really, really nice to have this feature as it would make the greenhopper board even easy to use for executives and as a working tool in meetings.

The way I do this is to use the . for a keyboard shortcut then type the name of the transition I want. Not ideal but works

Yes, this feature is really important. It would provide more flexibility to JIRA Agile

Is this enhancement request still open? As I'm still not able to change the status within the same column of a kanban board by drag&drop, as we also have several status mapped to one column.

The solution could not be so hard, as it is also possible to drag&drop an issue to another coulmn wihich has several status attached.

Agree, an important feature.

We also have this problem. We have simple Agile Board (3 columns) and multiple statuses mapped to each column. In the 2nd column we have "In development" and "RTD" (ready to deploy) statuses. From "In development" status we can make transition to "RTD" and "Resolved", but in the Agile board the former is not available because it's in the same column.

From my point of view this makes no sense: since workflow supports this transition, it should be possible to make it via drag'n'drop.

Creating another column and re-mapping RTD is not proper solution because we don't want to complicate Agile board view. Would be good if transitioning between statuses in the same column were possible.

Can we suggest this as a next feature?

I also vote for this issue.  Please add this.

This is my #1 headache with JIRA right now. Our columns represent high-level states (e.g. "In Development") but that column represents multiple states (e.g. "In-Progress", "Code Review"). Using the actions menu to change the status is very clunky compared to dragging and dropping into the state fields of a column. 


Note that you can drag to specific state in a different column, so it seems like the generally functionality to support this feature is already in place.

I am likewise very keen to see this functionality added. The workaround mentioned does work however, when doing Sprint Planning it's greatly time consuming. This hampering ease of use for our business users, to the point that they wont do this in their own time, and this is affecting adoption of Agile. 

A kanban board does not work without this feature. Without being able to "pull" issues from a column to another, the kanban agile design is broken in JIRA. Each column must have a maximum number of issues, so i cannot split the "in-progress" to two columns, since i want both to have the same issue count limit, to create bottlenecks.

This missing feature of not being able to move between statuses in a single column might have me consider dropping JIRA for other alternatives.

Has this been solved yet?? This is a problem for us as well. We need users to simply change status without going into detail views or using unintuitive workarounds.

Much as I'm an Atlassian fan-boy, I do still see some of their failures past my free-t-shirt-and-beer haze.

They have still not done anything to allow us to move issues between status in the same column.  They've also closed most of the improvement/request/bug reports that cite it with a "won't fix" message one way or another.

We're not going to get "transition within the same column" for the foreseeable future.  Which really annoys me because the code changes to do it really are not hard.

Thanks Nic. Do you know if there has been any reason offered as to why it is the way it is? I mean, if I can understand why they wouldn't do it, then maybe it's easier to accept that they won't. Still disappointing either way.

That is why I'm quite negative about it as well.  There's no logical justification for it.

A lot of stuff that looks useful but Atlassian decide not to do is justifiable for all sorts of reasons - bad practice, confusing for users, the coding would be huge for little benefit, it's an edge case most people don't need - all valid understandable reasons.  We might not like them, but we can understand.

But this one is not hard in coding terms, is not a bad practice or bad idea and is totally intuitive for the users.  It's useful, sensible and more intuitive than the current behaviour.

Atlassian have not justified why they are not going to do it as far as I can tell, so I have exactly the same question.  They have not explained why.

I think they want other people to resolve it as plugin and earn on it without spending money on development. Or they just don't give a .... 😉

I don't think it's possible to do as an add-on!

Sadly I don't know Atlassian SDK and hook possibilities. If I knew, I would write it myself ;-)

I have enough dev to know where to start, and my previous "not possible" is an instinct based on having looked at the board code and not thinking there's anywhere an add-on could hook into!

Argh. I can't seem to get the screenshots to show from Flickr. Here are the links:

How have you made statuses like on second screenshot?

Edit the workflow, add status (and transitions into them) then map them into the columns in board configuration.

Thanks for the answer!

Is it possible to do for Kanban board? Because I already have on my board multiple statuses in column, but i can't switch between statuses inside column on board via drag & drop, only via Issue menu

That's the whole point of this conversation - you can't move between status that are in the same column.

I too am trying to solve this problem. I'm using two separate workflows for each project so that we can handle bugs slightly differently than we handle stories/sub-tasks in that we add a "resolved" step, used by the developer for bugs to indicate that it's ready to be verified by the QC team. I do not want to add a fourth column to my board as it will simply clutter the board for non-bug issue types. I've created the two workflows and associated the task types with each workflow and am able to transition issues, but can not transition issues from "in progress" to "resolved" within the same column using the drag-and-drop function on the board... rather, I have to use the menu option (More --> Resolved) to complete the transition from one status to another when the statuses are in the same column. Does anyone have any ideas?

We also need this.

It would be useful, especially for drawn out testing phases with many steps that need to be kept track of.

Thx for the work-around Matt. I will try it... but I'd still like to see this functionality very much :-)

Any news on this? Is it or will it be possible to move issues within the same column?

Yes, this is important as we have multiple transations for one specific column. This is a design glitch....


I don't know if this is still of interest, but at least in JIRA 7 I can do the following:

  • Click the issue
  • In the menu from the right, click the Actions button (...)
  • Select "More Actions"
  • In the Operations dialog that pops up, simply type in the Status name (e.g. In Progress or Completed or To Be Tested). It will suggest the new status as part of the workflow and it will change the status.



Yes! This is important. Atlassian where are you?

We need this, too. It is really very stupid that moving into another column offers this option but not moving within the same column.

We work in a multi project team. Not all projects use the same workflow. So we don't want to work with dozens of columns to get this working...

Atlassian - please add this feature.

I'd like to know if this is desired behavior, as well. If it is I wonder what is the point of showing the statuses in the columns and making it appear as if they are sections? I hope somebody comes along who can answer this question.

In various sub-phases of a project (under a single main phase), we want to move them along vertically, not horizontally. That is how we defined our workflow, but it does not work in Scrum Board.

Closing due to inactivity.

You mean "Atlassian inactivity", right?

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I would like this feature too, It will Provide a lot of control on the agile board.  We need this feature so that user doesn't need to go for detail task view and just change the status from dragging on the board vertically and horizontally

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