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How to change order of statuses in a Two Dimension filter?

In a two dimensional filter choose:
X = Status
Y = Project

The statuses are showed in the following order:
Open - Resolved – Closed - Acceptance Test – System Test – Build&Configure – Building&Configuring – Describe Requirement – System IntegrationTest – Release – Waiting/On hold – Review – Designing Architecture

Why this order?
Is it possible to rearrange the order of the different statuses?

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In a two dimensional filter gadget the statuses are ordered by there ID. Since you can't change the IDs of an status, the only solution would be to create new statuses in the correct order and use the new ones in your workflow (but I'm not sure if this is worth it)

That's not entirely accurate.  You can go to the table in DB and manually renumerate statuses.


If you do that, you can render your Jira unusable. Do NOT try it.

(Technically, you're right, you can manually re-numerate them in the status table.  But if you're going to say that, you really need to point out the other 9 tables you need to match up, not forgetting that my memory is not great and 9 is probably a vast underestimate)

Nic, just read this Atlassian article:

I've done this plenty of times in the past. It works.

What @Steve Butler1 said worked for us.

Go to Admin > Issues > Statuses and use the arrows to establish the order you want to reorder the 2D columns.

Would it be possible to specify where you get to Admin > Issues > Statuses? 

The closest to an Admin section I can find is going JIRA Administration (the gear icon at the top-right) > Projects > Project list > [my project] > Administration > Issue types > issue 

From here I can't change anything, even though I am an admin. This is JIRA v6.4.14 if that's relevant.

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Hi @Jacob Bartlett, I think it's still in the same place - select "Issues" from that 'cog' drop-down instead of "Projects" and look for "Statuses" under the 'Issue Attributes' header.

Note that this is an instance-wide setting, so going to the administration section of a particular project isn't going to help.

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Thank you for responding so quickly. 

It looks like I only have a "Projects" item in the drop-down, with no "Issues" drop-down. 

Hi @Jacob Bartlett, this is the cog in the top-right between the "?" help drop-down and your profile? What other options do you see there?

The URL for this section (at least on Server 7.1.7) is ""

@Christian RodriguezFTW. Thanks for pointing us to the simple solve!

Thanks for the hint!


Found one solution that works for Jira Cloud across all projects:
Re-ordering the status column

Go to: Admin > Issues > Statuses > [reorder the statuses]

Thanks, Joshua!  I've had difficulty finding documentation on "natural" sorting but your post seems to have answered it.

Mauricio GALVEZ Community Leader Nov 24, 2020

Nice trick!, thanks a lot Joshua

How stupid. This is exactly the kind of stuff that makes me so frustrated with Jira. If you can't customize the column order, they should default by type. IE. If you are using status as your column, the default order should be based on your workflow order. This question is TWO YEARS old and common sense still hasn't fixed this. Such a great dashboard gadget is pretty much useless.

We have a company of 3000 people and many, many different workflows. To not have statuses in reports ordered by the workflow status in some way is inane.

Is there another dashboard widget that allows a different ordering method for statuses?

Ageed - ridiculous.  Haven't found another solution yet...

Hi. Looking for the same feature. 

Is there already a feature request for Jira?

If anyone else if looking for how to do this using Groovy / Script Runner here is my working code (just run it in the Script Console):

import com.atlassian.jira.config.StatusManager
import com.atlassian.jira.component.ComponentAccessor
StatusManager statusManager = ComponentAccessor.getComponentOfType(StatusManager.class)
def id = '6' // ID of the status item
def moves = 110 //number of moves
def up = true //change the direction of the moves
def i = 0
while (i < moves){
    if (up) {
    else {

Thanks for this @activetr; spent hours looking for a better solution, but apparently reordering the statuses is the only way to tackle this.

One word of warning - start with the number of moves low and work your way up. I started off with 120 moves at once but apparently our instance felt that was just too much to cope with at once and crapped the bed.

Thank you - this works great!

Currently it is available in Jira Server also.

I just did now for one of my requirements

Admin Settings-> Issues->Statuses -> Move the status up / down as per requirement.

The order in the Dashboard Gadget also gets changed.

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