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How to change default language back to English?


Last week I noticed Jira cloud changed the interface/default language the Dutch/Nederlands. I am Dutch but the Dutch language in Jira is terrible, I want it back to English. Does anyone now where I can change the language back to English? or if this is a Bug, where can I report it.

My settings

  • Index language is 'Dutch' (Nederlands)
  • Default language (Standaard taal) is 'Englisch'

Default language.png

30 answers

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Answer accepted

**Update 12/13/2019**

Earlier this week, Atlassian accounts began honoring the language preferences set for an entire Atlassian account at:
rather than the preferences set individually in Jira and Confluence. 

Please visit the link above to set the language preferences for your Atlassian account. Note that due to the way the preferences are implemented across applications, you may see a short delay between updating the language on your Atlassian ID and it taking effect in Jira and Confluence. Thanks!


Hey all!

Thank you for the effort you’ve all put into detailing the issue with changing Jira’s language and the steps you’ve taken to get it working. In the last few months we resolved a bug that prevented English from being set in Jira’s preferences if your browser had another language set in its own preferences. After reviewing many of the cases you all described, I believe this issue should be resolved for everyone. Please let me know if you are still encountering trouble setting the language preferences!

Daniel | Atlassian Support

Looks good! Thanks

The problem seems to exists.

My browser says "English" as the language, however, JIRA shows it in some other language. (apparently, I cannot read it to identify the language)


Can someone please help?

Same problem here, my default language is set to English but it keeps displaying a different language (Jira and Confluence).

EDIT : The answer of Mitchel below fixed the problem as it was the web browser(Google Chrome) forcing the translation of the interface in a desired language. Changing to english your chrome language fixed it for me.

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Reading this whole page it appears someone at Atlassian had the bright idea to allow the browser's language settings, on the browser that you are using for JIRA, overwrite the JIRA's own default language settings. see Mitchel Meijer Mar 05, 2018

To make a bad idea worse, now the time zone is somehow involved. For example, if you want JIRA text to be in English, set the time zone, for example, "Timezone: Region: Americas / GMT -05 (New York) < or any other US time zone"

Am I the only one who finds this totally unacceptable?

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Hey, for us the language also switched to not english anymore. Seems to take it by the timezone. How can we still use the default company language? Or set any?

I could switch it back at https://<domain>
Somehow it was set to detect by browser etc...  And first time we noticed it.

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Daniel Eads Atlassian Team May 20, 2019

Hey @Rajas Gujarathi - I've reached out to you via email. Based on your account's information, I think you might be on a Server instance rather than Jira Cloud.

@Julien MEYER I think that's unexpected behavior now - thank you for letting us know your setup. We'll dig into this a little more!

Screenshot 2019-07-15 at 16.52.25.png

As you can see, my settings are English for standard language, but it still is forcing swedish as that is the language of my brownser. 
This is a extremely poor way of handling language, if the owner of the project wants the sites to be in english for the customers it should also be shown in english. 

It gets very distracting when working in a multi-lingual and international team if everyone have different languages when they all prefer to have this site in english but there is no way to fix it.

This is a very old issue, it should be fixed.

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Florian Scholz has the solution for a temporary solution and needs to be done individually on every persons profile.

Go to https://<YOURDOMAIN> 

and edit the settings to english (or other prefered language). 


I did change language in my browser but still had the site shown in swedish.
After doing what florian said, i finaly had the sites in english.

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This but is not resolved. I'm experiencing this issue today with French. French is not in my list of browser languages, my JIRA language is set to English, and my computer language is English and French is not in my list of languages.

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Same problem, everything is set to English and Jira is in Local language

You can just change the order of the languages in Chrome:


and just change order so the English will be the first one.

Native language can be left as a UI language and "language for translation into.."

It works with my Jira - I have Chrome in my native-Polish, and all Jira is back in English :)

I use Firefox (latest version 71), and in browser I set all language setting to English, but it didn't helped (after restart).

There's no languages option in the advanced settings menu, just the general one, which is already set to English.

Both Jira and Chrome set with English as selected language, Jira still uses my local language. All my clients are english speakers, so this is really really annoying when sharing my screen.

Same problem here.

Its major frustration, stop it!

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My System Admin figured it out. Try checking your settings here 

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Thanks a lot! This worked.

I definitely didn't change it. So its breaking change from atlassian.

And how is one supposed to be able to navigate there (without direct link given by someone) if UI is in foreign language?

Thank you, this worked, after 10 minutes everything is back to english.

Daniel Eads Atlassian Team Dec 13, 2019

As noted by @Sepi Shokri and @Edgar Garcia , the language settings moved from Jira/Confluence specific profile settings to sitting at the Atlassian ID level (and are shared across both applications now). You can access the account-level language settings here:

account preferences page does change language, but at some point it will just stop working. my issue right now is trying to check my billing info and it's in local language I don't speak despite I did make sure has English (US) selected. there seems to be no way to force it back to english

I agree that the Dutch translation in Jira is terrible. In SW development, we Dutch people just use a lot of the original English terminology. I've never heard anybody say 'vrijgaveopmerkingen' instead of release notes, it sounds so silly!

Apart from that, there are quite some grammatical mistakes too, it just feels as if somebody without any knowledge of Dutch used Google Translate and accepted it as-is.

Please use qualified translators with knowledge of the matter and context!

Jira has a new feature, that is translating based on your browser settings.

So in Chrome my language  was 'Nederlands (Dutch)'.

I changed my browser language setting to English and see there, Jira is in English again!  

Thanks, I've been looking for this :) Choosing the  user's default language may be based on the browser settings, but there should be an option to override this in the user's profile.

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Yes - thank you.

I have spend so much time trying to find out where to change the language settings for my team. And I totally agree, this shouldn't be automatic, there should be a way to override this.

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Thank you,

my Chrome language was set to English, but I had to reorder "Order languages based on your preference" to make Jira know I prefer English *more* than all other languages

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I have the same problem and thanks to this post.

I removed the Vietnamese language in Chrome and the default English is back.

Thank you!!

Not a good solution, as changing this in the browser impacts language selection on a lot of other unrelated websites. Jira already has a setting for defining the language, irrespective of the browser; it just doesn't work.

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Deleted user Nov 21, 2018

Thank you, big help here

My browser default language is English but it is showing Polish in my confluence. Google translates it to English. The experience is terrible!

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You can just change the order of the languages in Chrome:


and just change order so the English will be the first one.

Native language can be left as a UI language and "language for translation into.."

It works with my Jira - I have Chrome in my native-Polish, and all Jira is back in English :)

@Mitchel Meijer please remove the accepted answer as this still isn't solved actually. Atlassian please change this asap as this is terrible that I cannot even set the default language to English.

Correct it is still not resolved

If the default language is now based on the default setting for a browser then why does JIRA/Confluence have a default setting.  This is a terrible idea.

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Dutch is my native language, but I need to report to the customer in English, so it is very inconvenient that JIRA shows everything in Dutch ! I really think the language setting in JIRA should be independent from the browser settings.

you should move the preferred language up to the top, in the chrome language settings. this will change Jira to your preferred language  

Hi, I also had to change my Chrome browser language setting.

Not very handy that the browser setting wins from the Jira backend setting...

Just signed up to test Jira and I am struggling with this before creating a single issue. Not cool. Not willing to change my browser settings for this.

Very frustrating, half Romanian, half English and I need English only.

While I'm a Romanian native, I don't want to translate every action on Jira from Romanian to English.


Changing browser settings didn't work, btw.

This makes Jira almost useless to me. It is a horrible trend in UI to assume the language from the browser or OS. Many of the terms used don't really exist in danish and the english terms are always used in speech. Backlog is called backlog and so forth, but for some reason translators insist on inventing words that make no sense and completely undermines the use of the product. Sorry, rant over! Please fix!

Is there someone at atlassian aware that this is still an issue? 

yes. I have the issue.

I am also having this issue. Everything is showing in French (which luckily is a language I speak) but my JIRA is set to English, French is not a language in my browsers list, and my computer is set to English and also does not have French in the langauge list.

I have this issue too, even if it is said to be fixed, my default language is set to english, but still all the ui is in polish

Same but with French.

I have the same problem! My Chrome is set in English and Jira translates everything to bad Spanish, I can understand those words either...



I changed my default language in JIRA to Russian, however everything is still in English. 

It's ridiculous that I need to change my browser setting to be able to change language for an application.

Please add a setting so that I manually can change which language I want to use.

This solved my mixed language issue:


With the following settings, the UI is a mix of portuguese / english, no matter what languages are selected in general or personal settings

General settings:
Default Language: English (United States)
Timezone: Region: Americas / GMT -03 (Sao Paulo)

Personal settings:
Language: English (United States)
Timezone: Region: Americas / GMT -03 (Sao Paulo)


With this other setting, the interface is 100% in english or 100% in portuguese, base on the user personal settings

General settings:
Default Language: English (United States)
Timezone: Region: Americas / GMT -05 (New York) < or any other US timezone

Personal settings:
Language: English (United States) / portuguese (Brazil)
Timezone: Region: Americas / GMT -03 (Sao Paulo)

I got some success by changing my time zone too. Still have the French user profile but most of everything else is in English, even the pop ups from the French profile... Obviously, it's not just about getting the right language setup. My timezone however is now 7 hours late!

I had the same issue in a different Chromium-based browser (Yandex Browser) and was able to fix the nuisance by installing "Advanced Page Language Switcher" extension and setting my default language in it to English. Now I have Russian as my first language in the browser (which allows translating any content to Russian) and my JIRA is displayed in English.

It works for me too! Thank you so much I spent like 50 minutes struggling with it.

Oh boy! A new "language" plugin by proxy

Right now you must contact support to do those changes. 

Message I get from my settings when I am trying to change the language.

"Temporarily, currently only sysadmin can change indexing language and reindex all documents. Contact Atlassian Support if you need help. "

I need to get back to the English version of language as I can't  read Urdu don't understand or speak it. Please help me get back  to the English.Thanks.

I concur with the above. Let the Jira setting decide the preferred language and not the browser. Sometimes I work at another location where I cannot change the browser setting.

I want to change from Portuguese to English. I already try to change the configuration but it doesnt work. The website layout is still in Portuguese

Finally solved ... -_-

Is there a url I can access to change the language ? is showing up in a weird language even though the one selected in my browser is English.


Please provide a url to change the language to english.

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As a JIRA Administrator, you can change the default language by clicking the "Edit settings" button on that same page in the screenshot (General Configuration).

See Choosing a default language for instructions.

How do i change the language please still cant find it

because i cant read it

System Administration/Jira (in left panel)/ in right top corner there is Edit settings

This setting has no effect. Everything is set to "English", yet Jira is in FInnish and I can't find anything. 

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Hi i have something similar.... i have  mixed languages .... could you help me how to solve it. All my computer is in english, the only thing is that the  time is set in spain... here is an image showing the problem

@Dorthe-Maj Jacobsen if u r using Chrome, on advance settings put  english on the top of the list, this fixed my issue...


Didn't fix mine - Still shown in Danish (and the translation is horrible).

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I found this which look like the same issue:

"have you changed your language preferences in your user profile?

This language setting should be the first one to take effect."


I spent 1 hour to fix it, and even submitted a ticket. It was just a matter of changing my PERSONAL language.

I'm also having this issue. Language settings are an absolute mess. 

  • When Jira first loads, it's shown in English. Then in a few milliseconds, it switches to Portuguese.
  • My Jira default language (under System > ...) is set to English.
  • My browser (Chrome) uses English as its default language.
  • My Jira profile is shown in English.
  • My Jira profile default language is set to English.
  • Confluence was being shown in Portuguese, with a lot of random English stuff. It decided to choose Portuguese as its default language for me. Unlike Jira, changing its default language to English actually did the trick.

I have no idea where Jira gets its language config from. It just decided it's going to be Portuguese and that's it.

Choosing your display language shouldn't be that hard.

This one helped! thanks a bunch. I've no idea why something so simple had to be so complex. Mine became Spanish even though I don't have Spanish installed anywhere. The configuration page showed everything is set to English. So many bug reports and still nothing?

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