How to change Status Change button into MORE button layout Edited

I have a Workflow that has 8 different states that a user can change the layout of the 8 options so that a user has basically a pull down menu (like the MORE option acts)

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Hi Casey,

If you are running Jira Server, this is something you can configure by creating a file in the $JIRAHOME/ folder called '' and then adding the line of = "2"

This will force the transition buttons to only show 2 entries, the second of which will then have a drop-down menu that shows all the other possible available transitions.   However this change requires you to restart Jira and this effects all issues in the Jira instance.

It does not appear that Jira will let you show fewer than 2 entries here, but you can customize this to show a certain number of buttons on the issue details view.

If you're running Jira Cloud, it might be possible for Atlassian support to configure this on your behalf, but again, this requires your instance to be restarted.   If that is the case, I would recommend reaching out to the technical support team on and request that this change be made to your instance.

These complete steps are documented in Advanced workflow configuration: Customize how transitions appear.


Thanks. But none of those options are possible.  Is the Page status a Comala feature or a JIRA feature?

I would have thought that the configuration of the buttons could have been changed into having all of the options shown in a drop-down menu.

Hopefully there is a solution as I do not want to change the format for all of the windows just in my space.  And I do not have Admin access.  And finally having 2 buttons is still going to be as bad as having multiple buttons, because having only one button that looks like a drop down makes the window look 'clean' and organized'.

Comala is not an add-on for Jira.  Are you talking about Jira or Confluence with Comala workflows in it?

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