How to automatically populate template forms when creating jira issues

bts_jira April 23, 2024

When I write jira issue, I want to fill in the same thing automatically every time. Is there a function related to this or is there an external extension?


I'm sure there will be this feature. It's likely to exist as a user convenience feature, but I haven't found it.

For example, you don't enter multiple references one by one, but you fill in the list of references that you've recorded in advance with one click.

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Klaudia Schön_Deviniti_ April 23, 2024


Of course, there are many solutions covering this requirement.

From my side, I can recommend you trying out an Issue Templates for Jira we develop at Deviniti. Thanks to this app, you may not only populate fields from the template to newly created issue but also build a very complex structure and create many nested issues in one click! 

If you are curious how the app looks like in the practice, you may schedule a short overview from this app using our Calendly

Moreover, next Month (May 27th) we're organizing a Product Tour where we present all the features as well as the upcoming feature which revolutionize the current work even more! 

Kind regards,


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