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How to add an issue to the Kanban board, from the Kanban board view

This is my first day with the JIRA free trial, so this is a very basic question from a new user.

To learn how to set up and manage a kanban board, I am modifying the default kanban set up in the trial.

One of the cards gives the following instructions:

"Add work items with "+ Create Issue" at the top right of the screen >> Try adding a new card now."

However, when I view the top right of the screen, I do not see "+ Create Issue".  I do see the icons for the following:

Search  /  Help Us Improve JIRA  /  Help  /  Administration  /  User Profile


Underneath this row of icons, I see two buttons, one to make changes to the board ("Board") and a button with nest carets that is used to hide and reveal the header.

I am able to add issues if I select the "Issues" icon from the left side side of the Kanban view screen, which takes me to the "Open Issues" screen.

I have searched through JIRA software documentation and viewed some videos, but have not been able to discover how to add issues from the Kanban board.


Thank you!


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Hello Deborah,

Do you have permission to create issues? Did you create a project before try create a issue?



To add cards to your board you need Create a issue for this board. Your board have a filter, and this filter have issues.

To create issues:

  1. Click the Create Issue at the top of the screen to open the Create Issue dialog box.
    tickKeyboard shortcutc
  2. Select the relevant Project and Issue Type on the Create Issue dialog box.

Read more here:

And if you want to know more about Kanban Boards:


Lemme know if this help you. Or comment here if you're still with the problem.

Esther Strom Community Leader Sep 11, 2019

I know this is old, but since it appears that it's still one of Google's top search results, I wanted to add a clarification.

There have been a few comments from users saying they're administrators, so of course they have access to create issues.

This is not something to be assumed. It's entirely possible, and there are valid use cases, for setting up permission schemes that would allow a Jira admin to create issue types, workflows, etc. but to not actually be able to view or create issues in those projects. 

Just something to keep in mind.

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It looks like that most cases lead to the UX decision made by Atlassian, of putting the button in the main navigation pane, instead of on top of the kanban board.

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i am facing the same issue, no idea y they make it in this way.... Users will just thinking to quit JIRA

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I quit JIRA it's too damn complex to set up, and the fact that there was no easy way to add issues, is just assinine!

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I've just discovered that that big + on the left, along the blue toolbar, is "Create issue", unbelievable! Jira has greatly improved in ten years, I must say that it looks better, but it has still fundamental UX issues that it doesn't seem to be able to shake off.

(Note: this applies when viewing boards from both a Business project, and a Software project)

... and the c shortcut is great, thank you!


Including a 'Create issue' link above the Kanban board column where the issue would be created (or w/in the column) would make a lot of sense.

It is weird that you have to move your mouse off of the board, past the navigation tabs, and onto the top-level menu (far-left bar), to add an item onto the board.

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same problem, I've got to google how to create an issue and ended here. The location makes no sense, 2019 and still unsolved.

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+1 Took me a google search to find the c shortcut and the big + button. Not intuitively as the + button is not part of the current board you're looking at.

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Unexpected location

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The UX is not intuitive, why don't you put a "Create Issue" label at the top of the board.

It's only tooks some HTML modifications, and change that + button outside the board that noone sees.

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+1 from April 2020

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+1 Coming from future to say that the user continues searching the button 

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Thank you, Lameck, for your complete response.

You asked a good question about permissions.  I am the Administrator for the trial account, so I do have the permission to create an issue.

I was able to access the Create Issue dialog box with the information you provided about the Keyboard shortcut c.

I still do not see the Create Issue at the top of my screen.  If you have the time and interest to send a screenshot that illustrates the location of Create Issue, I'd be interested to see it.

The information your provided did answer my question and allows me to move forward with my exploration.





Hello Deborah, it's a pleasure too me try help you. So lemme trying a little more:

  1. You have a board - a kanban board, like this:

    image2016-6-4 12:11:14.png

  2. And your board have a filter, to me is a filter based on a project
    image2016-6-4 12:12:32.png

  3. And you can Create issues at this button
    image2016-6-4 12:14:26.png
  4. Click on Create button at top, and select the Project - the same project at your board filter.
    image2016-6-4 12:15:26.png
  5. Put the summary, select the issue type, etc
  6. And click on create button

I think is this. Lemme know if you have any doubts or need some help to create. laugh 



@Deborah Gregory, did it help you? Lemme know if you have any doubt. laugh 

Jira, on the boards can you just simple add a Create Issue on the top Right of the boards?

Yeah god damn please! The "+" f*****g button to add an issue is really a bad UX... It takes me 5 minutes to find it and only because I read this topic to solve this.  My current company is using Jira, but as Scrum Master be sure I will recommend NOT to use Jira in any projet!

yes, Create Issue and perhaps on a Square will be better than the "+"

That's only on Kanban project, when you choose 'nex-gen' project the UX is lot more pleasant. At least you have '+ Create issue" at the bottom of every column.

Can someone help as well? I see the "CREATE" button BUT when I create an issue it doesn't show up on my kanban. Such a pain.

A "PLus" is suggested in many of the articles. But damn, where is that "Plus" in the left column?

There is nothing else than "Kanban Board - Reports-Estimates"Screenshot - 13.05.2020 , 11_32_12_ver001.png 

But c on keyboard works on Kanban Board

We are using Jira 8.6.1 Server version?

Where can that be configured, to have a plus in the left column? (If the "Plus" is user friendly, is not the issue here. To have nothing, is really user unfriendly!)

Interesting behavior from Atlassian, regarding comfortable user interfaces, isn't it?

I'm having the same problem as well - there is definitely no "Create Issue" button on my Kanban board. The keyboard shortcut `c` is the only way I can create a new issue from the Kanban board view. Attached is a screenshot.

Screen Shot 2018-02-19 at 12.21.41 PM.png

It's that plus button on the left hand side. I ran into the same issue, I've suggested that a button be added front and center:

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I have the same problem, the Create Issue button not appearing on the kanban board. I am an administrator, I have created a project, and have created the kanban board. 

However, the shortcut did work :)



Next-gen and Business projects provide a button to create a cards directly within a Kanban board's swimlane.  I think this is a great touch, and I wish that Classic projects provided this as well.  Note that this button is not shown if the board is a sprint. 


There's a ticket for classic support of this workflow here:

On the mobile app they've made it really easy; every column has a create issue link below it which allows you to quickly add an issue to the bottom. The issue is automatically assigned the relevant status and board's settings (e.g. if the board is sourced from a filter which is assigned a component then the issue will adopt that component). 

On desktop Jira have decided to only add this feature to the bottom of the backlog, so an alternative to opening up the main Create Issue modal is to jump to the backlog view. 

It would be great if Jira just added the Create link to the foot of each Kanban board column. 

i am facing the same issue, no idea y they make it in this way.... 

the "+ create issue" is just a "+" sign on the left side menu. You can see :

- the jira logo ">>"

- a star for favorited issues "*"

- a magnifiying glass for search

- and the "+" button; if you hover it, it says "Create 'c'".


That's the button to create an issue.

A shortcut is to press the key 'c' on the keyboard.


PS: Jira is a UX and productivity nightmare; I don't understand why anybody chooses to use it.

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