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How to add EPIC field to Create Issue?


Trying to add Epic Field to the Create Issue screen but could not find the EPIC field to be add in configuration. 

Current workaround is add the EPIC after Story/issue created, which sometime we may forgot to add EPIC after story/issue created.

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Mayur Jadhav Community Leader Oct 07, 2021

Hi @Cindy Tan

Welcome to the Atlassian Community!!!

I assume you mean that you can't add an Epic Link field on new tickets?

If this is the case, you need to:

  1. Have admin access to the project and/or system
  2. Add the Epic Link field to the create screen of the issue type in question in your project


More info here:




Hi @Mayur Jadhav,

Thanks so much for your prompt reply.
However, I could not field the EPIC field in my field selection on the right panel and there is no option for me to find the hidden field. My screen as below. Thank you

Screenshot 2021-10-08 at 2.27.25 PM.png

Mayur Jadhav Community Leader Oct 07, 2021

Hi @Cindy Tan 

That's you need to add epic link field to issue create/view/edit screen.

Here is the link which can help you to understand

Just to be clear - there is no "EPIC field" in Jira, it doesn't mean anything to us when you say that.

Mayur has made the same assumption I would - that you mean the "Epic Link" which enables you to put an issue into an Epic.

Hi @Nic Brough _Adaptavist_ ,

What do you mean by there is no epic field in JIRA? Then could you tell me why there is an "Add epic" feature available after a story being created as below image?

I am trying to say that there is no epic field available in Create Issue pop up window when create a new story, bug or task.


Click on Create button > Create Issue window pop up > there is no Epic Field in the Create Issue window which could allow us to insert or select the available epic.

Currently, as a workaround I can only add Epic link using the "Add epic" after the story created, which causes some of our user forget to add in after story created. Screenshot 2021-10-09 at 2.04.33 PM.png

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The "add epic" is a function, not a field.

"there is no epic field available in Create Issue pop up window" - yep, it's not available because there is no epic field.

Like Jaz Wilkinson likes this

I think @Nic Brough _Adaptavist_ means you need to be more specific about what field of an epic you'd like to add to an issue (name, link, status?). Hence, "add epic" is ambiguous because you want to add an attribute of an epic as a field (usually name of the epic the issue belongs to).


I don't know why he/she had to be so indirect.

Hmm, my last answer vanished, but it was about the screenshot and explaining something else.

No, I was pointing out that there is no Epic field in Jira, and that frames the answers already given.  That's not indirect.

The "add epic" in the question is not an Epic field, it is a function to create and/or link to an Epic.

Epic-link is however a field, one that you can put on the create screen, to enable the issue to be linked to an Epic as it is created.

But, (and this is the bit that went missing) you can only add Epic-link to screens in projects that support Epics via Epic-links.  Team-managed projects do not do it that way.  And a team-managed project is what we're seeing in Cindy's screenshot.

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@Nic Brough _Adaptavist_ Could you explain the rationale behind why Team-managed projects do not allow linking Epics to Issues as they are created? This is a fairly standard use-case is Agile development where Issues are created in the middle of a Sprint and need to be assigned to an Epic.

Is there another way to achieve the same result in JIRA?

The rationale is not really a rationale, just an explanation - Atlassian just haven't got to it yet.  Team-managed projects are relatively new, and they're trying to build them from the ground up.  "Epic link during create" has not made it to the top of the to-do list yet.

The way to do it is "use a company-managed project" - these are more functional and suitable for shared enterprises, unlike team-managed projects.

I agree with the thread in that as a PO that has created a number of high level EPICs, I then want to go and create new Story tickets and link them to the EPIC when creating them, not afterwards. I am sure that i have seen this possibility exist in previous versions on on-prem install of Jira that I have used

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Er, as we said before, you can.  You put the epic-link field on the create screen.  (Not yet possible in team-managed projects)

I appear to be in team managed project as well, so going through the same level of pain as @Cindy Tan 

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Facing the same issue with Team managed project. Having to create the user story or task first from a structure and then going back to id to add the Epic. Not at all user friendly

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Yep, team-managed projects aren't really ready for serious use yet.

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@Nic Brough _Adaptavist_  A lot of Atlassian customers seem to be requiring this feature. Is there a product manager we can loop in to provide inputs here? 

Like carsonlmh likes this

Why?  There's a request for team-managed projects to have Epic Link fields already.

Ok, let me explain how serious this is for us:

I estimate my developers are losing about 0.25 hrs/week due to the lack of this "feature". That's 1 hour or 100$ a month. For a team of 50 devs, that's a loss of 60k/year.  Its been 6 months since this "feature" request and I've yet to see any urgency or indication of when it would be made available. 

Now, I understand Atlassian needs to prioritise features and this is the job of the product manager. Hence, my request.

It is 2022 and the B2B SaaS landscape is changing far more rapidly than 10 years ago. I'd be careful of treating customer requests with levity. We're providing well-intentioned feedback with the aim of improving the product..

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Ok, so don't use team-managed projects.  Company managed projects have supported the Epic link field on issue  create for years.

Edit - I am sorry, the last couple of comments were probably too short and very terse and did not do a good job of explaining the earlier conversation.

As discussed at length, short version is:

  • Where is the Epic field?
  • There is no Epic field, you link to Epics with the Epic link field
  • That field is not yet ready for Team Managed projects

I was then trying to (and failing miserably) clarify that it is on the list for Atlassian to add to team-managed projects, but that is a very long list, and Atlassian do not look here for discussions about the items on it, they look at

In the near term, the simple fix for you is to move to using Company Managed projects, because they do have Epic Links

@Nic Brough _Adaptavist_ jumping on the bandwagon here to say I, unfortunately, am also on a team managed project. Is there a way to convert my existing project setup (without having to recreate everything from scratch) to a company managed project so that I can gain access to the epic link field on the create a new {task} screen?

I'm afraid you need to create a company-managed project, then move all your issues into it.

Folks, come on. This is such a basic feature it's incomprehensible that it's missing.

The tickets I create aren't fully complete until they have an epic linked, and while I can do everything from the create screen, I can't link an epic there. So I have to create the ticket, wait for the "View Issue" button to pop up, click that, wait for the heavy Javascript-laden window of the ticket I just created pop up AGAIN, hit the tiny little click target in the upper left corner to add an epic, click View All Epics (because the suggestion list usually fails to contain the epic I need - it doesn't seem to take either frequency of usage or date of last usage into account), select the epic, then FINALLY close the ticket.

This is 15-20 seconds of concentration-shredding busywork for every single ticket I create. Multiply it by number of tickets per sprint, number of sprints per year, and number of teams that use team-managed projects, and you're wasting probably person-months' worth of your customers' time every year because you can't find about half a day to implement a trivial and highly requested UI feature.

Please kindly do get around to doing this!

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I've reached out to the senior product manager of JIRA. waiting for his feedback.

If this fails, it would be not a bad idea to write a medium post lol 

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I concur we would really like to specify the Epic during the Issue creation!

@Jason Wong Can you help here? We've been trying to raise attention to this issue for a while now. Thanks!

Mayur Jadhav Community Leader Jun 22, 2022

Thanks @sandip for reaching out to Atlassian. This is really required feature. Awaiting for this.

As others have mentioned, it is simply irrational that this is not a standard feature on ALL Create Issue forms. I thought Jira was supposed to be object oriented? If so, you should be able to just add the Epic Link function (or whatever the Atlassian people were arguing about calling it) to form with a few lines of code. 

I'm with you on that.  It's one of the reasons I say that team-managed projects are not ready for "the enterprise" or even just cross-project working.  They're self-contained and linking to Epics outside them is pretty much pointless.

Company-managed projects have it right - an Epic spans every piece of work it needs to, irrespective of project.  But TMPs don't do that, so we can't use them for anything other than "side projects that no one else really needs to know about".


>I thought Jira was supposed to be object oriented?

It is. 

The object in a TMP is the team, who are insular and don't need to care outside their project.  Epics don't matter to isolated teams.

The object in a CMP is the Epic which covers some stuff the team needs to get done to enable other teams to do stuff that enables getting to the end goal.

>If so, you should be able to just add the Epic Link function

Yep, we should.  But that does mean TMPs need to work towards cross-team collaboration.  Which is absolutely not what they are currently built for.

Nic, it is likely that the person setting up our project didn't even know the difference between CMP and TMP. Either way, it seems unrealistic that a TMP would not need Epics, and ours does have's just that we can't assign an Epic to a story when it is created. An Epic is an attribute of a team, so the way Epics are implemented in Jira, they are either not object oriented or Atlassian doesn't really care about its customer base. Yet another totally frustrating feature. I've used many other project tracking tools that are far simpler and superior to the bloated monstrosity that Jira has become...

Like Balint Farkas likes this

The object in a TMP is the team, who are insular and don't need to care outside their project. Epics don't matter to isolated teams.

This is... baffling. Is it really your view that teams are "insular" and "don't need to care" about their environment? To express my frustration in the mildest possible terms, this isn't a productive model of reality.

It's one of the reasons I say that team-managed projects are not ready for "the enterprise" or even just cross-project working.

Then please advertise this fact unambiguously and up-front on the board creation UI. "Hey, this thing is only useful if you're an isolated silo." That would be perfectly fine.

But now I'm stuck because there was no upfront warning, I didn't think of googling "are team-managed projects actually usable for teams" because, you know, I kinda expect basic stuff in released for-profit software to just work, and there's no migration path except moving all tickets to a new board and breaking a hundred issue links in all sorts of tools.

This whole mess just leaves a bitter aftertaste.

> Is it really your view that teams are "insular" and "don't need to care"

No, that's the view of Team Managed Projects - they are built to be insular and not have anything in common with other projects.

>Then please advertise this fact unambiguously and up-front on the board creation UI. 

It's not up to me, I'm not an Atlassian.

I think you've missed the point I made earlier - "team-managed projects are not ready for "the enterprise" or even just cross-project working."

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