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How do I remove myself from a project

I was added to a project by mistake (along with other 5k people). Now I'm getting a whole lot of notifications that I don't want. + a lot of people commenting that they want to be removed.


The admin of the project is on holiday now. How can I remove myself from the project?

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Here's a scenario for you Nic.

I am a contract worker. I was added to a Jira project by my client.

For some reason the relationship between the client and myself has deteriorated and I no longer wish to be part of the project neither do I wish to communicate with them any further. Imagine I was doing work for them but they stiffed me when time came to pay me for my services and all attempts to resolve the situation have come to naught.

I should be able to leave such a project. Any items assigned to me should just become unassigned. It should not affect the history of said items.

It's not an uncommon scenario.

Eh?  It's their data, not yours.  It's up to them to reassign issues if you leave.  And I would need to retain the detail of who did what, so although I'd disable your account, there's no chance I'd remove it.

I agree that they should totally keep the data, and it should not unassign stories, but I should still be able to leave. They can keep their virtual association with my account all they want so long as I don't have to keep getting their email spam or see their projects on my lists of projects.

Simply, let users leave, but leave (part of) their name on the issues, comments, etc, with a link to reassign them to someone else. No data lost, everybody wins.

So, allow people to disable their own accounts?

Have them keep their global Atlassian / JIRA accounts but terminate their active project membership as they please. Implement some way for the project owner not to lose critical historical data because of it.

Jira already does all of that, but only project admins can "remove" people from the project. 

Then the only argument left not to let users do that themselves, is one that I don't think Atlassian should take the position of making.

They listened to their users who do not want people arbitrarily removing themselves from a project. 

If I were a project owner and you removed yourself without asking me, I'd add you back and then look at how my organisation handles disciplinary procedures for misconduct. 

Exactly, a problem that isn't Atlassian's to prevent from happening, from my perspective as a freelance project member.

If I were able to remove myself from the project that I wanted to leave today, I wouldn't have any of the problems you're describing.

I think you need to try reading my point properly, instead of ignoring it.

I think you made two separate points, of which I addressed the latter.

If you mean to say I ignored the part about project owners not wanting users to remove themselves, yes, I understand that. Then again we're in a thread in which users are expressing the desire to do so. I'm not sure how you personally are the one to disqualify that desire.

Your part about discipline and misconduct, sounds like a top down authoritarian business culture that doesn't apply where I live or work.

You have not addressed anything, just kept repeating that you'd like to do something that would solve no real problems and directly cause problems if done in a lot of places this software is used.

I'm not disqualifying anything, just pointing out why it is a bad idea.

Deleted user Nov 06, 2019

I have no idea why this is controversial.  @jorisw makes an absolutely cogent point - I have found this annoying and heard of others who have too.

It is only a bad idea insofar as it (may be) difficult to implement.  As a paying user that isn't really my concern, if Atlassian can't manage to do this I will happily take my business to somewhere that can.

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Users should have option to remove themselves from a project. There should be a option to leave.

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You will need someone who is admin of the project to remove you. 

Project admins can, assuming it's done by role, system and Jira admins can always edit users.

why can't I remove myself from the project? I am the user and I should be the one who choses in which projects I want to be. 

We are now 5k users in a project spamming everyone and we have to wait for an admin to come back from holiday... On top of that there are 100 comments/h from users asking to be removed so that's over 100 email notifications.

What is the logic behind not allowing people to leave projects?

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Correct, admins need to look after this.

What happens if you have stuff assigned to you and/or people need to assign to you and you "leave" on a whim?  It breaks the process.

The logic is that your admins need to look after that.

Where is the back-up admin for the project/system?

Well, if I leave then I leave. And it means that I don't do stuff that are assigned to me in that project. The admins will then assign it to someone else. 

What is the benefit of having me there if I'm not doing what's assigned to me anyway because I consider that I'm no longer in the project?

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And what happens when it's still your responsibility?  Arbitrarily deciding it's not your problem is not your job, it's your administrator's job.

It's irrelevant whether you think you're not part of the project, that is up to the owners of the project.

Nope, what I work on is my decision after speaking with my manager. The jira administrator has little say in that. He can just take notice that I left. 

Anyway, solved the issue by blocking all jira emails in outlook. nobody needs that crap anyway. 

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I'm sorry, I think you're missing the point here - yes, that's a discussion with your manager, and something they pass on to the admin when it's the right time.

It is not up to you to arbitrarily remove yourself.

Seriously though, where are your back-up admins?  If you don't have more than one admin, you have a broken setup.  

@Nic Brough {Adaptavist}  
Don't we all have the right to get off a relationship when things go wrong? 
Yes, we do! 

And let me put in EU GDPR law context:

If I want to delete my account, and eventually delete all the data associated with an account,
I have the right to do so and to request confirmation.

I might be a participant in a project, not an employee. 

Your explanation that 
"a discussion with your manager, and something they pass on to the admin"
is, - to say the least - of a hurtful ignorance.

I don't have "a manager".  
There is a Project Manager, not my manager. 
And he is also the admin on JIRA.

He is not my employer or my boss. 

Nobody gave him the Power in The World to hold me hostage as a participant in a project  or to hold my data to his/hers discretion.

If I want to delete my account and/or data he/she has nothing to say
if no other way specified in a  binding contract between me and the organisation he/she represents. 
End of story.



to be identified by 
offering web services by the web address
and assistance by






Thank you!

Request and complaint printed as such.

02-08-2019  23.46 UTC+2

First, you've completely missed the point of the conversation, and secondly, if you think something needs doing under GDPR, you need to consult with the people you agreed terms and conditions with when you signed up and they let you in to use their system.  That is not directly Atlassian, as they host the system for someone and it's that someone who owns the data.  And it's got nothing to do with me, unless it's one of the Cloud systems I am at least an admin of (and even then, I'm not the data owner, barring one)

Sorry, but no. My account is with Atlassian. Here I am, right now, posting on Atlassian forums with my account. This is an Atlassian account. In this account, I can see Jira settings for two former companies I have worked with. I should be able to, in my account, end my link with those companies, at least from the point of view of this account. They should totally be able to keep the data they have that is linked to me, but that doesn't mean that I need to ever see anything about it ever again. It's just like if you delete an account on a site that disables it instead of deletes it. They still have their data, but I don't have to deal with it.

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If you want to exercise your right to erasure as part of the GDPR, Atlassian's support pages mention doing so, though it means deleting your entire Atlassian account accross their services:

I agree with the users in this thread and think Nic is actually the one missing the point. Users should be able to leave whatever projects they want, regardless of Atlassian's design or philosophy regarding project work and collaboration. If there are technical complications as a result of this, it's up to Atlassian to design and implement whatever is needed to deal with that. For instance, (part of) the user's name could still be listed on any remaining tickets, but membership of the project could still be terminated.

As a freelance contractor, I don't have managers to speak to, other than my clients. If I wish to no longer be part of a project, for instance because it's been handed over to others, I should not have to depend on the availability of a project manager to relieve myself of notifications regarding the project.

As an aside, I've found it crazy complicated, if not impossible, to turn off email notifications for a JIRA project, which is how I ended up at this discussion page.

<sigh> There is no data loss when a person is removed from a project or disabled.  As you've missed that, I assume you've not read the rest of the conversation properly and hence have missed the most important point.

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