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How do I filter Activity Stream by a username with spaces in it? Edited

To create an Activity Stream dashboard in Jira and view the tickets you commented on, you can go to Dashboards > Create Dashboard and add an Activity Stream gadget to it. This Activity Stream can be filtered by users. The filter separates each username with a space.

What can you do if your username or someone else's username has a space in it? Advanced answers accepted. 


26 answers

I can not get username to work for Jira. I have tried all the above options including the unique id they use now. I tried many case solutions as well for each solution. 

Had the same case, what worked for me is to check the source code of any page in Jira and look for "ajs-remote-user" you should find something like <meta name="ajs-remote-user" content="some numbers here"> copy the content value - it's your username. 

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Haha, this worked!!! Finally, thanks Robert.

good for me too :D

This way I could only create a activity stream of my own activity, has someone figured a way to get other users "ajs-remote-user" without having to log-in as them?

I'm still not getting anything on the feed.  I've added a project and my own name (the userID numbers).   I want anything that involves me (work I do, at mentions, tickets assigned to me).... Do I need to do something different? 

First off, please vote so that this bug is fixed:

(activity stream username filter works on jira on premise, but not on cloud)


If you need a stream of your activities only, follow this steps as laid out by Glib Bakhtin Jun 02, 2020

Check the source code of any logged in page in Jira Cloud (in chrome: ctrl+u) and look for "ajs-remote-user" (ctrl+f) you should find something like <meta name="ajs-remote-usercontent="some numbers here"> copy the content value - it's your username. 

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Hi guys, I figured it out.


Create a random activity stream with everybody in it. Then pop-up the network developer tools, filter for XHR only, and clear previous data.

In the UI, click "Show More...". Notice that a couple of API requests are showing up in the console. Find the "Streams" one. It should look like this:


Copy the entire response from the server in Visual Studio Code (or another good text editor) then search for the <usr:username> variable. You'll see them all there!

its worked thanks ! 

Awesome! Worked perfectly fine

4 votes

Hi Nicholas,

How things are going with you?

I would like to know if you could solve this issue or not.

Could you please let us know?

Hi Gabriel,

I gave up after 2+ hours of trying. 

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They updated the filter to be case sensitive, the proper syntax for most are is


This needs to be the first and last name displayed in the app, so if there was a typo of someone does not have a capital letter for one of their names this needs to be reflected in the filter.

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@AshC Many thanks. I don't know why simple things in Jira made unnecessarily complicated. Why does finding username of oneself has to be so much challenging? I never knew it was firstname.lastname

@Gabriel Senna This filter is still not working with Username. The filter only works when I use firstname.lastname but if the user changes their username to FirstName LastName nothing works. This filter should show suggestions when starting typing just like the Project Name works. 

When will this be fix?

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@Ricardo Fonseca  Voted!!   

Meanwhile, I'm going to try to build a JQL to capture the "feed" like info I'm looking for... I may not see what happened, but at least I'll see a filter of which tickets have traffic. 

Also experiencing this problem in cloud, and unfortunately, first.last is not working, either.

Edit:  I wonder if the IS / IS NOT operators for Username only accept null/empty and not null.  Using "IS NOT" and null/empty is the only way I can get this filter to return any results.

Try what comes before the @ in the user's email. Like "test" for ""

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I've tried that.  Our display names are FirstName LastName, and our emails are usually, or  I've also tried (for the benefit of others):

  • first.last
  • firstlast
  • First Last
  • FirstLast
  • each of the above with (), "", and ("")
  • First.Last
  • FirstLast
  • @FirstLast
  • @First Last
  • @First Last
  • @first last
  • first
  • last

I tried variants with different users, just in case there was a role issue.

Literally the only configuration that will call up any results using the Username filter is

  • Username Is Not empty
  • Username Is Not null
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I've also tried

  • first last (with and without (), "", and (""))

What worked for me is typing their ACTUAL USERNAME, separated by commas. Our usernames are the same as email addresses, which uses first letter of first name and full last name.

So if the names are:

  • John Doe
  • Mary Lady
  • Matt Lady
  • Mel Lady
  • Peter Person

I would enter in the field

jdoe,mlady,malady, melady, pperson

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Tom Wong's solution worked for me.


Another one of the death by 1000 papercuts. It seems like every day I find another reason to regret buying jira.

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first.last worked for me.

Pretty terrible there's nothing to suggest this.. You would think it would start to auto-populate when you start typing.. 

Yay.  Have a biscuit.  Or better still a pint on me.


JIRA Support - you're lacking.  In fact you should buy Dylan's beer and mine for that matter.

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Worth mentioning it must all be lowercase lol

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@Dylan Meares thank you so much!! you saved my day 

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This first.last didn't work for me :(


first last

with a space in between

I got this working by using the name part of the e-mail, e.g. john when having a mail of
However, I am trying to filter Tempo Timesheets logs, as it is spamming, but it doesn't seem that it has a username...

This worked for me.

Great thanks! This worked for me too.

I actually discovered something really useful.
So my problem wasn't as much discovering usernames for people, but for a plugin - Tempo Timesheets to be exact. I tried any ID I could find, as well as any combination of firstname.surname etc., but none of them worked.

Then I figured out that if I did an advanced search, e.g. for a Reporter, it would suggest both name and username (switching to username when picked from auto-complete).

First search (username is already visible in parantheses and in tooltip):



Then by selecting the user from the suggestions, it will insert the complete username:



I then used that "username" in the filtering - and it actually worked!

I got the same problem. 

I could filter some of the users, but some of them are not possible to include in the filter.

I tried various combination :(


Any recommendations would be useful.

Thanks @Mikael Elkiær , it worked for filtering Tempo from activity stream. Good one to use JQL to find out plugin username.

Yeah, same issue here, cannot figure out a solution

Same here.... tried quotes, single quotes, nothing works...

Same issue here. Judging by the time stamps I'm not optimistic about a fix.

Also, it's apparently fixed in the Server version - just not cloud.

Tried all combinations of username.  Nothing works.


John Doe

"John Doe"



john doe

etc, etc, etc...




BTW this USED TO WORK and broke 6 months ago approx.

Seriously this doesn't work? *insert head bash here*

Well, I have the same problem! AAAAAAA DEVELOPERS HELP US ASAP!

09 of June 2020 Cloud Confluence/Jira

Worked solution is to use the user ID that looks like 557059:2897fef1-2886-4c7c-8a4c-018a5199d993 or 5dd65aa4b093df0eedfa4600

To retrieve it use issues filter, apply user rule, choose the user, switch to JQL
His ID will be in the JQL line like

... AND assignee in (557059:2897fef1-2886-4c7c-8a4c-018a5199d993) ORDER BY...

or by opening Users profile Then the user ID will appear in his URL (at the end).

NB! activity stream is a bit odd still. For some users, it shows Confluence events only.
To get Jira events try to use an Activity filter with a combination of Username is not conditions. Use commas to apply more user IDs to a filter.

This is very inconvenient when attempting to track an individual users activity across Jira and Confluence cloud. Anyone know of a work around or a different gadget?

+1 same issue

Same here, I really need this gadget to track my activity;
Please fix this.

Use "first last"

It worked for me :D

nope   .....  not even with the ""

it should be without ""


first last

*EDIT* It seems only to work for Confluence, sorry.

I found how!

Atlassian seems to have removed the usernames from their systems, so do not try to recreate manually a username.

On a unfiltered activity, copy the link of the user you want to filter.

Capture d’écran de 2019-09-10 12-06-38.png

Then, copy the link somewhere to extract the accountId parameter.


If you insert the accountId in the username field, it should filter the user.

Really neat idea - I tried it on Jira and it didn't work, unfortunately.  The only workable option for Username continues to be "Is Not Empty" for me.  

This works on Confluence for me.

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firstname.lastname worked for me

Worked for me. So ObViOuS!

For anyone still wondering, if you take the email your Atlassian account is registered to, and truncate the domain, the resulting 'username' should work! 

Ex: ( -> Add 'johnsmith' as your username for the Widget filter. Worked for me! 

OMG this worked -- what a pain

I have yet another anecdotal "This worked for me!" suggestion.

My full name is

Lanny Heidbreder

My email address is

And the string that finally worked for me in the JIRA activity feed username filter is


Only that exact capitalization worked; when I made it all lowercase as one of the previous replies suggested, it didn't work at all. When I used a space instead of a dot, it also didn't work.

I couldn't begin to guess whether the correct algorithm is "Take the username part of your email address with the capitalization your admin typed in, even if it shows up lowercase on your profile", or "Take your full name with original capitalization, replacing spaces with dots", or something else entirely.

I find that really comical. I actually find this whole thread comical that filtering for usernames can have such inconsistencies in how it works across different installations.

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My company uses firstname.lastname and my activity field wouldnt work. However, some of the accounts are on a different domain with the username flastname (first letter of first name and last name) and they were coming through fine. I swapped the firstname.lastname usernamess for their account id from a comment @mention and all the firstname.lastname accounts started working.


EDIT: Nope, was only confluence :(

I need to be able to create activity streams to track activity per username! it no longer works :(

check my answer below

Hi all , 

My company use a lot the jira automation system in order to create , edit and transit issues .

The "Automation for Jira" user generated by the automation system do a lots of modification , is it possible to keep the activity stream free for the "Automation for Jira" user ?  

I've tried all the naming possible , and the user id but neither of them work...

Any ideas ? 

The method send by @Tudor Brad  worked , and i've been able to find this goddamn id .
By the way if anyone wonder what's the username of the "Automation for Jira" user , its : addon_com.codebarrel.addons.automation 

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@Lucas Stroutinski You are my hero of the day. Thank you!!! I was looking to remove the Automation for Jira messages for so long and almost gave up.

Our usernames are our email addresses in the form of

What worked for me was using


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