How do I create a filter which extracts only the issues created in a Sprint?

Mirmelshtein_ Roi July 13, 2023

Hi Guys

Need help please...

Most our our issues are migrated from sprint to sprint once we close a sprint and open a new one resulting the the problem is that I'd like to create a filter which shows only the issue that were in Q03S4 - like the sprint report does once you close a sprint...I can't find a way to do so...any ideas?


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Johan Markström July 14, 2023

Hi @Mirmelshtein_ Roi!

Have you considered reviewing the work process of your scrum teams? I'd say the core problem you're facing is that most of the issues are being moved between sprints, resulting in a loss in tracability and project overview. This pattern of overcommitment should be adressed during the Sprint Review, so that the team(s) can have an open discussion about their process and slowly adjust their Sprint Planning to produce a more reasonable Sprint Goal. 

As for the filter, it isn't possible - to my knowledge - to query previous sprints. One possible solution could be to create a custom field that you would populate with past sprint(s) and lookup issues via this field. If you need help creating such a field and the related automation, do ask! 

Hope this helps

Mirmelshtein_ Roi July 14, 2023

Hi @Johan Markström 

Thanks. Well we have the "enviromemt" filed which we dont use...

Can I create an automation that once sprint ends copy the sprint name to the enviroment field for all issues in the ended sprint? Will that work? I never used automation before so I'd appericiate the assistance


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