How do I bulk change Original Estimate?

Sheri September 11, 2019

I'm using Jira cloud. I recently created a Post Function that sets the value of Original Estimate = 0 for all new issues when they are created. Now I need to bulk change the value of existing issues from NULL to 0. 

The only estimate-related field that shows up when I select 'Edit Issues' is 'Change Time estimated (in hours)' which is an entirely different field. 

Is there some way to bulk change the Original Estimate value?



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September 11, 2019

Hey @Sheri ,

Currently JIRA does not allow you to bulk edit time estimate fields. But there is a feature request you can vote for at


This can be done using the External System Import (CSV).......

Once you will try this 

Step 1: Query the issues you want to edit in Issue Navigator

Step 2: Export by CSV

Step 3: Edit Original Estimate

Step 4: Import issues



Sheri September 13, 2019

Thank you @PVS  for the help!


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April 28, 2020

This solution does not work

Ricardo da Silva Camara January 22, 2021

This sugestiong is related to Server version, not Cloud.

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Tom Thompson March 25, 2022

Why would they implement something on one product and not the other?  I saw this request started in 2007.  Way to stay on top of things!  lol

Tom Thompson April 14, 2022

Typical Atlassian timeline.... what, 15 years now!  lol

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Josh Black
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June 20, 2024

Now that field values can be edited from the backlog, if you can select all the issues you want to change (and that may require creating a filter to get only the ones you want to change to be showing) you can select all using the checkbox then Edit > Fields.  Search for "Original estimate" if it is not in the list. 

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Stephen Coleman April 15, 2024

It's absolutely stupid to have to do it this way, but here's a working solution.
Create an automation rule with a manual trigger. I call mine "Bulk edit estimate" and I limit the rule to an appropriate group so it can't be triggered by someone who shouldn't have the means to edit in bulk.

Add a branch, select "Branch rule / related issues"

Change "Current issue" to "JQL"

Set the JQL to the query that produces your desired results.

Click "add to branch" and select "Edit issues"

Choose the field "original estimate" and add the appropriate value.

Create a generic task in a jira project and run the manual rule.

If you wanted to get really creative, you could create an issue type for these bulk edits, set the automation rule to read the JQL from the description of the bulk edit issue type.

Just goes to show that they've already built appropriate mechanisms to make this possible. 😫

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Mohammed Almawsami
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March 6, 2023

If you have a small amount of tickets, then you can use automation, create a Scheduled automation and use JQL to find issues with empty original estimate (originalEstimate is EMPTY) and edit issue fields in the automation. 
Once you create the automation, press on Run rule button and waiting until the automation result becomes Success.

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Jorge Suarez February 22, 2021

[For Server, not Cloud] For posterity, it appears this can be done starting in Jira Server starting in version 8.4, per the status update here:

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Johnny Maw April 23, 2020

Could you handle this in a transition that circles around back to itself?

Assuming all the tickets are in the same status, create a transition that drops the ticket back into its original status, with a post-function that changes the estimate during a bulk change.

Johnny Maw April 23, 2020

If I understand your question, you can create a new transition in your workflow that transitions from any status back to itself.

Place a new screen in the transition you might call "My New Estimate Transition Screen", with a new field you might call "My New Estimate Field."

When you transition a single ticket (or bulk), the system prompts you to enter your new estimate in the "My New Estimate Field."

Using a post-function with say a 1 second delay, the system will copy the data from your "My New Estimate Field" to your original estimate field.

I am doing this in my head, and I do have JMWE loaded, but it seems like this can all be accomplished OOTB.

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