How do I add status?


For each issue I open at Jira, I can mark "to do" or "done". I would like to add more status options such as "done and checked" etc. How do I do that?


Thank you,


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1. You need to add statuses to Jira.

2. You need to add the created status to your workflow.You can read more here about it

If you are taking about boards then after adding new statuses to the required workflow you need to configure columns for you board. You can read more here



Thank you very much.

I have added the statuses, and added them to the workflow, but I can't activate the workflow/ un draft it/add it to my Jira. Can you please help me with that?


Thank you

Did you create a new workflow or you added statuses to the current workflow which you use for issue?

I added to the current workflow.

After you added it to the current workflow you need to publish it. You can read more here

I did that but still, can't see the statuses. When I return to edit workflow, the workflow appears again as draft even though I published it. 

1. Do I need to do something with the transitions in order for it to work?

2. It is written for this workflow under the headline: "This workflow is managed internally by Jira Software. Do not manually modify this workflow." This means I can't publish it?


Thank you

You can publish it. Where you can not see statuses? After you created an issue, then view the workflow for the issue. Can you see your new statuses? Or you can not see your statuses on the board?

I can see them when I press of workflow but I can't choose the new status I have created for an existing issue (Can't change it from "to do" to the new status I have created).

I see, Go back to the workflow and create transitions between statuses. For example, you would need to create a transition from "to do" status to the new status. You can read more here

Go to Workflow designer part

I am trying to do that but I get the error: "You cannot perform this operation on a draft workflow".

What operation are you trying to do? Could attach a screenshot

There are some restrictions on workflow editing. Copy the workflow. Make all changes to the copied workflow and then associate it with the project workflow scheme.

Read here about workflow limitations

I guess you limitation is 

  • If a status has no outgoing transitions (Global transitions are not considered), it cannot have any new outgoing transitions added, regular or global. 

I never encountered such a non user friendly interface in my life...

I have created a new workflow, now I need to activate it:( how do I do that please?

here is the article

Do not give up. It can be a bit complicated in the beginning.

1. I can not see the picture.

2. Backlog is filled from the filter which is defined for the board. Go to board configuration and see what filter is used for the board. Then you can figure out why this filter does not select your issues

When you click on a transition button your issues will move to the status which is connecnted with the transition. Can you show your workflow configuration?

Attached is a picture of my workflow. So it is important that I will name the transitions accurately... Can't I define a status for an issue? only transition?

I can see there only two transitionsworkflow.png to pick from, how do I see the rest?


Thank you very much.

You name transitions carefully. Transitions handle issue movement from one status for another. For example, in your case Transition 3 moves the issue from Open to Fixed status. You define in transitions from which status to which status the issue must move.

I guess your issue is in the Open status. And there are only 2 transitions which go out from the status. I guess these are the two transitions you can see on the screen. If you execute one of the transitions, then your issue will move to another statusand you will see only transitions which go out from the status.

Thank you so much for all your help! Now I only left with the problem that my backlog is empty while I have many open issues. Can you help me to find board configure please?


Thank you

Open your board. Then go to Board->Configure and choose General (it is chosen by default). Then you will see there Saved Filter option. Click Edit filter link and look at the JQL query. If you can not figure out why this JQL query does not return your open issues then paste your JQL query here.


This is the JQL: project = TS ORDER BY Rank ASC


Thank you very much for your help!

Does your JQL query returns the issues you are looking for? If yes, then where are you trying to find them (where are they absent)?

Didn't understand what you wrote. The problem is that I have many open issue and in progress issues but when I go to backlog it is empty. when I go to issues, I can see them.

Steven Behnke Community Champion Dec 06, 2017

You should have just added the column and status through the Board Configuration and Column page. It's much simpler. 

Could you show the board screen where you expect to see issues in  your backlog?

Are you using the Kanban board?  I think there is this new Kanban backlog option where you can work on your issues before they get into the Open column of the board.

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Steven Behnke Community Champion Dec 05, 2017

It astounds me that people think they can work with a tool like Jira with zero training or reading of documentation. All of these questions are answered within the first few (VERY FEW) pages on Workflows in Jira's documentation.

First, it's best to start by cloning your workflow so that you can work with a separate copy of it first.

Second, at the VERY LEAST you MUST learn what Steps, Statuses, and Transitions are. If you refuses to research this, then I'm not sure anyone can help you.

Finally, you should be trying this in a test project so that you don't interrupt your existing project. Blindly editing a workflow when you don't know what you're doing is just asking for data loss.


I some how managed to activate the workflow (or the workflow scheme, I got lost there).

And now, in my project I have two problems: 

1. For each issue, I want to change the current status to the new statuses I have created but I still can't:(:(, I can only change it to a transition (picture attached), why is that?


2. Everything disappeared from my backlog. why?

  1. A transition connects two statuses. Selecting a transition will show the appropriate status.
  2. Go to your board, then click BoardConfigure.
    Make sure that the Columns tab lists your Backlog status appropriately. 

now picture attached...111.png

I would just say, be very careful editing transitions and adding statuses.  We had a status added a while back, and there was no transition out of it.  That was quite a headache until we sorted it out!

I was struggling with workflows for a while, however  recently I was able to spend couple days just looking into all in and outs of it.

I will do a self plug, however, I find some people learn better by watching the video, so I have put creation workflows statuses and transitions in one video.


It is totally free without any gotchas, I want to share maybe you guys find it useful:

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