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How can I set up an admin override of status or transitions?


I've created my own workflows and I need to be able to have an Admin or even a Project Manager role be able to move the issue to any status from any status. In digging through all the community posts, the only thing I've seen is to create an "All" transition on each status that allows me to restrict that transition to certain users. However, that leaves me with 2 transitions on a number of statuses. (Meaning the transition from the previous step, plus the All transition)

Is there just a standard Admin override or permission override that I can set allowing a certain group to use any status and any transition for all workflows in my project?



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There is the Transition Issues permission in the project configuration scheme. You can grant this permission to users who can transition issues.

If you want to make certain users to transition to certain statuses then you can use conditions on these transitions and you can add the required users to these conditions.

No, you can not make a single transition, which can lead to any status from any status. You need to create a global transition from any status to a particular status. There will be as many such global transitions as many statuses.

Forgive my ignorance, but when you say global transition, do you mean clicking "Allow all statuses to transition to this one"? If that is the case, I've done that on my workflows and that has resulted in 2 transitions with duplicate names, on a number of statuses (see both screenshots).

Is this how this should look? Should I just rename the duplicate transitions to something like "QA (Admin override)", "Documentation (Admin override)" or "Pending Build (Admin override)"?

 Selection in an issue.pngWorkflow.png

Yea, that is what I meant. Just call these transactions differently and add conditions that only admins can execute these transactions.

Thank you, thank you! I was doing it right, I just got thrown by having to name the transitions differently. Appreciate it

You are welcome! If you feel like your question is answered, kindly accept this answer. In this case people with a similar question will be able to find this answer.

You are welcome!


Thanks for your reply, but it's not quite what I'm looking for. I'm looking for a transition that is basically Any Status to Any Status, then set that with a condition of only Administrators.

I'm looking at the Transition Issues permission and all it states it that it grants users the "ability to transition issues". That's just the generic permission that allows anyone to transition issues within the confines of how the Workflow is established. So that one is out...

On the Workflow itself, I can put a permission on each transition, but again that's only from one particular status to another particular status.

Here is an example of what I'm trying to do. Say I have a Workflow that has these Statuses, New > Development > QA > Verified > Closed. Now say I have the following transitions:

'New' to 'Development'

'Development' to 'QA'

'QA' to 'Verified' or 'Development'

'Verified' to 'Closed' or 'QA'

Without putting an 'All' transition on each status, how can I have an Admin take something from 'Closed' to 'New' or 'Development' straight to 'Close'. Is there one transition that I can setup saying this one user can transition to any step regardless of the workflow?


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You will need to create (protected) transitions between each and every status to do this.

Just to clarify, I also need to maintain the regular workflow restrictions for my developers and QA. I can't have every person be able to transition to any status.

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