How can I make fields required on a transition screen, but not required on the edit screen?

I know I've done this before, but I can't figure it out now. I have some fields that I put on a transition screen, and when that transition is made, I want the fields to be required. I also want those fields on my edit (and view) screens, but I don't want them required on the edit screen (you may be editing before you know how to fill in those fields).

Can someone please remind me how I managed to do this in the past? Thanks!

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Workflow validators. Look for one that says "field(s) mandatory". There's one in the Jira Suite Utilities, but there are other plugins that provide them as well.

Thanks as always Nic!

Fair, we only got you half an answer :-)

OK, thanks. I'm going to un-check "answered" in case someone else remembers a plugin that will help, but have an upvote for your time :-)

Sub-question: is this only available for custom fields? I want to make "Log Work" required when someone closes a ticket, but I don't see it in the list of available fields in the "fields required" validator. Any ideas?

Ah, yes, I think the one in the JSU only does custom fields. I've seen one that does system fields, ubt I can't remember where, sorry!

Please stop selling Plugins on the answers page; this is supposed to be a forum for technical questions not the damn plugin shop.

Please don't have a go at people for making suggestions for "use an add on" when there is nothing built into the product.

If you read the answer and comment properly, there's no sales pitches here, it is purely "it can't do it natively, have a look at some add-on options". 

Also, note that the JIRA Suite utilities are free.  So it's not like that answer was sales either.

And, yes, there's now something on the roadmap.  So having a go at people for 3 year old answers when there wasn't anything on the roadmap is just silly.

Agreed, @Nic Brough [Adaptavist].   @David Skreiner - there is a lot of functionality that developers of plugins provide that Atlassian either can't or won't.  No one is peddling, they are answering questions and providing solutions that otherwise wouldn't exist.  You must be new to the forum, because I've been here for years and many questions are answered by the use of third developer plugins.

@Natalie Hobson You must have a really huge budget if you don't mind that most of the answers on "answers" are "go buy a plugin, we're not fixing this". I don't, and it's frustrating to have to keep telling colleagues that I ca't implement something because we're not buying more plugins.

A huge budget?  For free add-ons?  Really?

@David Skreiner I never said that I didn't mind the fact that there is a lot of functionality that would preferably come straight from Atlassian; that's just how it is.  And you telling other people not to recommend plugins when they are sometimes the only solution is a ludicrous suggestion.

This forum is for assisting other Atlassian product users - it doesn't sound like you are here to help, but to complain.  Please take your complaints directly to Atlassian, as there's nothing that complaining here can do for you productively.

I'd vote up what Natalie just said if I could.  You're railing against the wrong people, in the wrong place and asking them to stop trying to help give good solid solutions to real issues people have.  There's nothing right in what you're doing.

The fact that the "answers"  page contains mostly suggestions to buy a plugin causes intense frustration to JIRA admins and contributes to Atlassian's reputation of money-grubbing plugin-salesmen who don't fix issues in their product if there's paid plugins to fill the hole. I didn't invent this, I got warned about this in both JIra Admin courses that I took, years ago.

So this policy harms Atlassian's reputation and frustrates customers. I think it would be an excellent idea to split the Help pages into an Atlassian Products help section, and another section that sells paid plugins.

(And of course  its fairly obvious that people who write and sell plugins don't like customers to point this out. I agree it's the wrong place though, so I'll try to shut up.)

Yet again, you're completely missing the point.

The vast majority of the answers are not selling, they're offering ways to help people achieve things (or sometimes, telling them that they simply can't).  When add-ons are mentioned, it's rarely sales text, it's because they're a good way to achieve a goal. 

Splitting it in two is a silly idea.  No one would go to the sales site naturally, because they don't know that they might need an add-on until they're told they might.  And then the answer "go read another unrelated site" is clunky and you'll simply confuse users more when you say it.  If there's a good answer that's along the lines of "use an add-on", why should i not post that ans an answer?  It's correct, it's valid and it's helpful.


I was trying to add validator on Estimated Effort and it added the validator but didn't allow to create a card at all even with valid value for estimated effort and it shows that "Estmated Effort is mandatory" !!!

You have added a broken validator that isn't checking it correctly then.

what do u mean by broken validator ? I'm using the JSU to add validator to the WF so it's not a code that I wrote and selected the field from the list of fields check attached 1.png2.png

Could you show us the selection of fields on the validator config?  And a full list of all the validators you've got on the transition.

sorry just for clarification , you want a full list of available fields in the validator config ?1.png

Nope, that screenshot is fine.  I think the add-on is broken, as what you're showing us should work. 

Except for one obscure thought - do you have a custom field called "Original Estimate"?  If you do, could you rename it?

Hi @Nic Brough [Adaptavist] , if the add-on is broken , why it's working fine with other fields ? and I removed any custom field that has original Estimate as part of the field name but still having same problem. is it something related to how Jira is handling estimated effort field ? 

Because original estimate is a specific type of field in its own right, which in turn suggests that the add-on can't handle that one type.

thanks @Nic Brough [Adaptavist] , I searched again through the list of available fields and found that validators could be added only to custom fields so I'll try that. Thanks again


Edit :
I made it with script validators "issue.getEstimate() > 0" 

Hey Nic!

Do you know if there is a way to make a field mandatory on transition under certain conditions?

IE: Make the Changelist field mandatory, unless the No Changelist checkbox is checked.

Really appreciate any feedback!


JIRA Misc Workflow Extensions - "field has been modified validator".

It didn't seem to work with some fields for me, though (including "Remaining Estimate"), but maybe they've fixed that since the last time we upgraded. :)

I am trying to make a custom field required upon transition, however I do not see a "field(s) mandatory" option in validators. The only options I have are:


  • Complete Session Validator
  • Permission Validator
  • User Permission Validator

Am I looking in the wrong place?



The answers given above on this question answer that - right place, but you need addons

Found it! Thank you :)

Atlassian has added this fix to the road map (even though paid plugins are available for the same problem)

Workflow Essentials for JIRA also has a Validator for that. It supports basically all Custom Fields and some system fields as well (Description, Affects Version, Fix Versions, Labels, Due Date, Comment). Additionally it will mark required fields with a red asterisk just like globally required fields. 

Hi there,


You can refer to this page to give the workaround or resolution a try.



This eventually points to a $450 add-on.

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