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Hi! I'm Matt Ryall, Head of Jira Ops, Atlassian's newest cloud product for managing incidents. AMA!

Matt Ryall Atlassian Team Sep 04, 2018

We just revealed two big announcements on stage at Atlassian Summit in Barcelona. First, we've entered into an agreement to buy OpsGenie, one of the leaders in the incident alerting space. Second, we've also launched the newest member of the Jira family, Jira Ops, a central command center for teams managing incidents. We're super excited to help teams respond to and resolve incidents faster with these new products. Read all about it over on the Atlassian blog.

Hot on the tail of the announcement, I'll be taking your questions live on this thread on September 5th from 10am to 11am PDT.

A bit about me – I've been at Atlassian for over 12 years (time flies!), working in engineering and product for Jira, Confluence, Bitbucket, and now, Jira Ops. I'm passionate about solving real problems for our customers, and can't wait to see how Jira Ops helps your team take control of the incident process. I've seen and led many incidents at Atlassian as we've grown from a startup into a global company with 125,000+ customers, so definitely have a tip (or ten) to share with everyone.

Want to know more about:

  • Jira Ops: What it is? How it works? Who it's for?
  • How Jira Ops and OpsGenie work great together?
  • Incident management: The best ways to respond to incidents? How Atlassian runs incidents?

Start adding your questions to this discussion (you can add before and during our live AMA), upvote others' questions, and stay tuned as I'll be answering anything that's on your mind about Jira Ops and incident management on Wednesday, September 5th at 10am PDT. Hope to see you back here then!

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Hi @Matt Ryall,

I'm very interested on it! I will check with my team which would be the most useful questions and come back later today. Thank you!


  • Which are the most important features of this tool?
  • Is this based in any methodology?
  • What kind of customization will be allowed by the tool? (minimum?, medium?)
  • What kind of customization will be allowed for notifications? (templates, triggers)
Matt Ryall Atlassian Team Sep 05, 2018

Thanks for the questions, Cristian!

  • The most important features of Jira Ops probably depend on your needs, but for us, we feel like the tight integrations with OpsGenie, Slack and Statuspage are the most crucial. They help you get the right team together quickly to solve the incident at hand, and make sure that you're keeping your customers in the loop.
  • Jira Ops has been inspired by the DevOps movement and designed to help teams that both build and run services. We've also taken elements of ITIL and ITSM practices and lessons from thousands of incidents Atlassian has handled over the last decade into how we help your team manage incidents.
  • We aim to support most of the customization supported by Jira - custom workflows, fields, issue types, etc. For our early access launch, a lot of this is not yet enabled – we'll be testing and rolling them out based on customers' needs. If you have any specific customization or API needs, please let us know via the in-product feedback link.
  • Jira Ops allows you to easily communicate with your customers and users via Statuspage integration - easily accessed in a couple of clicks from your Jira Ops ticket. Statuspage allows you set subscribers, create templates for communications and inform your users across multiple communication methods. We're interested in hearing what other notification types you may have in mind.

Jira Ops being in the cloud is a nice theory, but all our incident-management process is already managed through JIRA Server and Confluence Server.

Jira Ops appears to not be able to link to Jira or Confluence server editions at all, which makes it kind of useless to us and all but one our clients.

Is there a timeframe for at least letting Jira Ops in the cloud link to Jira/JSD/JSW + Confluence/CQ server edition?

I'll second this question since we are in the same boat.  Not having an option to integrate with Jira and Confluence Server makes this a solid "no go" for our team.

Meg Community Leader Sep 04, 2018

Cloud seems to be the 'proving grounds' for new functionality, so hopefully server integration will be on the roadmap!

I'd love some clarification on integrating JIRA Ops with JIRA/Confluence Server

Same here, JIRA Cloud is was no option due to missing integration features so we´re using server. JIRA Ops without server integration is useless for us...

Matt Ryall Atlassian Team Sep 05, 2018

Glad to see you've got incident management working well with Jira and Confluence, Adam! It sounds like you're already ahead of many other teams.

Linking to Server instances from Jira Cloud is on our list for the next few months. The new Jira UI doesn't currently support links to Confluence or another Jira instances, but our old one does, so we'll be porting this functionality across soon.

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@Matt Ryall Is there any news on this? We are exploring jira ops for our team, but we heavily use jira/confluence server.

Hello, @Matt Ryall. For supporting our clients we use JIRA Service Desk, OpsGenie, and a couple different monitoring tools that integrate with JIRA (Data Dog, Pingdom). As we have configured all of the existing integration points between these tools, I have the following questions:

  • Are there are any new integration points that we should know about?
  • Are there any feature changes/improvements to the existing tools - OpsGenie, JIRA Service Desk, etc.? 
  • Do you anticipate offering a reduced JIRA Ops subscription cost for customers who already have subscriptions to one or both tools?

Thank you,

Matt Ryall Atlassian Team Sep 05, 2018

Glad to see you're using OpsGenie and Jira Service Desk already, Randy!

  • When setting up Jira Ops you get started by connecting Jira to OpsGenie, Statuspage and Slack, which are new integration points that allows you to work in multiple tools from a Jira Ops Incident. This new functionality should make managing incidents a smooth and easy process for you and your team. We're planning to publish additional documentation on our integrations, to clarify what functionality is provided by each and how it works across products like Jira Service Desk or Jira Software on the same Jira site.
  • At the moment there are no additional improvements to the tools you've mentioned. If you have some ideas of what would help your team, please send it through via the in-product feedback dialog.
  • We're still working on pricing for Jira Ops, and at the moment we're not certain of any subscription changes for existing customers.

Thank you for your replies, Matt! We'll explore the new integration points via Jira Ops.

Hi @Matt Ryall,

Is JIRA Ops on-demand only or can we install it alongside JIRA Server?


Matt Ryall Atlassian Team Sep 05, 2018

Hi Mike, at the moment we're only offering Jira Ops as a Cloud product. Once we have the cloud version feature complete, we'll look again at how we can best support customers who want an installed option.

How will this interact with Jira Service Desk? How can we manage a Service Desk when an incident arises. (i.e. escalate from a SD ticket to an Ops ticket)

Matt Ryall Atlassian Team Sep 05, 2018

Good question, Alex. We have Jira Service Desk (JSD) integration as a roadmap item for Jira Ops prior to the 1.0 launch, and haven't finalised the details yet.

Escalating a JSD ticket into a Jira Ops incident as you mention seems like a good option, and one we'll look into.

Another idea we use for linking support cases internally at Atlassian is labelling them with the incident key. We use this to track how many support cases are raised against an incident, and to respond to them in bulk once the incident is resolved. This functionality is currently on our roadmap for Jira Ops, so curious whether this would be useful for you.

If you have feedback or further ideas on this, feel free to reply here or send them in via the feedback link we have in the product.

Yeah, I think if we can escalate a support ticket to an incident that would be ideal. Along with integrations to things like AWS so to leverage the feedback available there.

Also, is there any view to incorporate this within Portfolio for Jira? It'd be interesting to see if operational work/incidents begins to impact projects. A full overview of both would be really helpful!


we are using right now JIRA SD for our Support but we are dealing with some notification problems.

Our problem: Some specific days (few, but not zero), the agent could be sleeping, or playing chess or reading a book on the beach. But in any case, this agent MUST know a priority 1 issue (for instance) has entered into the system. This alert should be automated by the tool, I mean, we are looking for tooling which alert to the agent automatically, without their own intervention (but this cannot be done for every issue! Just for the most urgent ones) -> Let’s notify differently depending on the issue priority level.

For instance (absolutely made up right now):
Priority 1 and 2 -> Specific tone at a really high volume (or something like that)
Priority 3 -> Another specific tone like a bip-bip-bip or a standard pop-up notification
Priority 4 -> nothing special. Just a notification without tone.

QUESTION: Could this be done by Jira Ops? Can this be configurated?



It would be an awesome feature to have the posibility to change notifications in a way like the one you are asking for, but just for your information: it can be done out of the box by JSD with an automation rule, also with add-ons but you can do it "free".

Well, not exactly the same you are asking for but something similar.

I know, we've been trying some add-ons but it's not the best solution, you kind of end up doing some tricky things in order to make it work. It would be awesome if this would be easier.

Isn't it possible to set up rules in alerting tools like xMatters or PagerDuty that would handle this? In our ticketing system, critical tickets get sent to xMatters and it sends them on to the appropriate group. They have their devices configured so that xMatters makes a distinctive sound, can override silent mode, etc. And there are escalation paths configured in case there is still no answer. 

So, all JSD has to do is supply the tickets, the alerting tool handles everything else.

hi Juan

I think there are two distinctive actions:

- alerting

- reacting to alert 

Alerting could be implemented as a subscriptions to the Jira filters for each prio

reacting could be implemented on client side (i.e. outlook rule) using mail subject (i.e. filter name) 

Would it cover your case? 

Matt Ryall Atlassian Team Sep 05, 2018

Thanks for sharing your use case, Juan. It sounds like you're trying to configure alerts for your team based on the priority of the incidents.

As of right now, you can't do that inside Jira Ops alone, and you'll need to use an alerting tool and potentially write a script to do exactly what you need. We've just acquired OpsGenie, and if you set up webhooks to fire based on your conditions then OpsGenie could alert your agent.

We're interested to hear more stories like this about how teams want to use Jira Ops, and we'll be working with our new OpsGenie friends to make common cases like these easier to set up.

We use integration between Data Dog, Pingdom, and JIRA Service Desk with OpsGenie. When a SD ticket is either manually created by a user or automatically created by an integrated tool, if the priority = {specific priority that you set; e.g. - Critical/Blocker}, the integration initiates an OpsGenie call to a live Support Tech. OpsGenie includes custom call escalation per client project, so if Agent 1's phone is dead or isn't otherwise answered the system automatically escalates the live call to the next person in line. 

Our Support Techs make sure to configure their phones to allow OpsGenie to call/alert even when the phone is on vibrate, DND, or any other condition where a phone call would normally be muted.

Matt Ryall Atlassian Team Sep 05, 2018

Thanks Randy. That sounds like a very useful configuration with OpsGenie. Do you have a similar flow for escalation of incidents to developers? How do you engage teams across the business?

That is one of the key problems we're trying to solve with Jira Ops - enabling consistent incident response when ops responsibilities are spread across many DevOps teams.

Our workflow configuration includes automatic creation of SD tickets, including the ticket titles, descriptions, and comments with @mentions. Our automation rules that alert for new tickets + the @mentions notify the applicable team members in real time. 

Using similar configurations (i.e. - automation rules with notifications, automated @mentions of specific team members), teams might be able to achieve the desired result of notifying multiple team members of the same event in real time across various teams.


we are implementing Jira in our company at the moment. Our Operations Team will use the Service Desk plugin but this is absolutely perfect. But I have some questions:

1. We use Microsoft Teams in our company. Is there a possibilitie to start a chat with teams like it is shown with Slack?

2. Can a team use in parallel a Service Desk plugin for other stuff like Changes, Tasks,... I assume it's just easy to work in an other project in parallel but it would be great to have a "Dashboard" that contains both worlds, Incidents, Release management and Change.

3. How improved is it at the moment? Would you recommend to use it in production already? We want to go live in 2018. We could implement incidents in an Service Desk project and then change it next year, but it would be great to do it one time.

4. What are the costs?

5. when do we expect an on premise version?

Many thanks


John, if you find any integration whatsoever with MS Teams or SfB, please let me know - we'd rather use Teams for everything (entirely for $$$ reasons - we already pay for it as part of Office36), but cannot because the Atlassian integrations don't seem to exist.


Matt Ryall Atlassian Team Sep 05, 2018

Welcome to the Atlassian Community, John!

  1. We've had a few requests for a Microsoft Teams integration, so we'll be looking into this. Keep an eye out for updates on this as we continue working on the early access version.
  2. Yes, if you have Jira Service Desk and Jira Ops on the same Jira site, you can have filters and dashboards across both projects. This is one the benefit of using a common platform for major incident management and IT help desk.
  3. Give the current version of Jira Ops a go at and see how it works for you. We've built Jira Ops on the back of thousands of incidents inside Atlassian over the past decade, so the flow is battle-tested to get you on top of managing incidents. We are treating it as a production-ready service internally, and have a team on-call and dedicated to promptly resolving any critical issues.
  4. We're waiting to see how customers use Jira Ops and the integrated tools together before we settle on pricing. We'll communicate pricing details well in advance of making the changes, which we anticipate will be early 2019.
  5. An on-premises edition of Jira Ops is not currently on our roadmap. We're working hard on getting the Cloud version feature complete before we look at this in more detail.

Hi, i don´t understand, why Atlassian create separate incident management if you can create the same solution in JSD with integration to automatic alerts form third parties. 

JIRA Ops now can use only incident issue type with workflow with alerting. It could be implemented as custom workflow in JSD instance. Why we need pay for separately solution only for incident? Next year you will create also Change/Problem JIRA? I hope so that no :) 

My suggestion is create in JSD instance complex Asset Management tool and implement into as part of JSD (for example as Portfolio for Jira or Team Calendar for Confluence) - this is missing BIG feature that is demanded from large companies (i know about Insight plugin, but atlassian can create own solution). 

This is my suggestion.

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Thanks for awesome built-in solution. 

We are using for incident management OpsGenie, is it possible to connect existing configurations without overriding? Or Partially overriding exist configurations?



Gonchik Tsymzhitov 

Matt Ryall Atlassian Team Sep 05, 2018

Good question, Gonchik. Glad to hear you're already an OpsGenie customer.

The OpsGenie configuration screen in the Jira Ops "Get Started" list is designed to help people who are new to OpsGenie, so it will create a new configuration based on the option you choose.

Once you have set that up, you can go to OpsGenie and tweak or copy your existing configuration to meet your needs. If you get stuck, feel free to reach out through the feedback dialog in the product and we'll see how we can help. We could probably introduce an option to select an existing configurations, if that would be useful for you.

Thanks for your answer! 

Hi @Matt Ryall thank you for that possibility to ask further.

My questions are similar to the previous ones - is there possibility to have that on server and not only in cloud?

How many of the apps do you need to have to use JiraOps (no Status Page and Slack available?) or is this independent, for example if we have only Jira SD and Jira Software what kind of functionalities  can we have - 

  • Alerting and escalation tools such as OpsGenie for notifying additional respondents - is that available in that case
  • Customer service in Jira Service Desk for responding to the flood of emails and calls that come in - how exactly
  • Confluence and Jira Software for writing up a postmortem and tracking post-incident tasks - can we have more details please? Is that correct, thank you!

Hi @vitaliy zapolskyy thank you have seen that. What I lack here is what is the connection to Jira SD as many of the users have already incident management processes and only would like to add more features only, will be this possible or the agents have to work or in Jira SD and in Jira Ops (in 2 projects in case I've got that correctly) or the incident management process will be only in JiraOps?  Thank you!

Matt Ryall Atlassian Team Sep 05, 2018

Hi Radosveta, thanks for the questions.

  • As mentioned above, we're focused on building features for the cloud product and getting it to the point where the complete flow from incident report to resolution and remediation is supported by Jira Ops. Once that is done, we'll look again at what the demand is for a Server option.
  • You don't need any of the integrated tools to use Jira Ops, but it's certainly better if you do. Jira Ops is designed for major incident management, where it's pretty much essential to have a team chat room, 24/7 paging and escalation, and standardized customer communication.
  • Our ideas for customer support right now are: linking support tickets to an incident via labels, bulk commenting/resolving of JSD tickets when an incident is complete, and showing open incidents on the queue view in JSD so agents are aware of them. Curious if you have any others, or whether these would help you.
  • Are agents also responsible for managing major incidents in your company? The typical customer we've seen has a delineation between support and ops/devops where the support team raises the incident, then the ops/devops team picks it up and runs it.

Will this work with Pingdom instead of Statuspage?

or custom API integrations for that matter

Matt Ryall Atlassian Team Sep 05, 2018

Good question, Ingo! The quick answer is that Pingdom integration isn't currently on our roadmap, but I'm curious why you would see that as an alternative to Statuspage.

From what I've seen, Pingdom is mostly about monitoring a system and letting the team know when it's down. So it's more a monitoring tool that you could integrate with Jira Ops to create incidents, as an alternative to OpsGenie or PagerDuty. We'll keep your request in mind and see if any other customers are interested in this integration.

By comparison, our Statuspage integration lets you create and update incidents and components on your status page. Statuspage will then send out email and SMS notifications to any subscribers, to keep your customers in the loop about your outage.

All our integrations are built on APIs that we'll eventually make public, but that will happen a bit later. Currently we're working directly with vendors where we've seen a lot of demand, and evolving them quickly as we build out functionality in Jira Ops.

Hi @Matt Ryall,

the way we use Pingdom is in some way similar to status page for our outside facing status reporting, but you're right, we also use it to trigger OpsGenie. So at that end Jira Ops does sound interesting.

Hi, I'd like to know whether there are plans or already integrations around creating incidents/issues through slack. In our company, we have a global #techsupport channel that raises incidents/problems and it often gets lost easily. 

As of now it looks like I can only connect the message to an existing issue but so far found no way to create an issue through slack.

Also, I understand that for now it's free until early next year, is there any rough gauge on the pricing plan? :) 


Matt Ryall Atlassian Team Sep 05, 2018

Hey Joel, thanks for the question. We don't have current plans for posting incidents via Slack, but a big part of why we launched in early access first was to get feedback like this so we can prioritize the next round of features.

Can you share a bit more about how creating an incident through Slack could be helpful? I'm curious who posts in the #techsupport channel and for what types of incidents. Also, who does the initial triage to check to see if there is truly a problem? Would you see them coming back to Slack to then create the incident from the initial message that was posted or something else? 

For pricing, we plan to make the product affordable to a broad market since we see incident management tooling as a necessity for every software-powered company, not just large enterprises. While we can't delve into specifics yet, we price for adoption at Atlassian and will follow up with more info in 2019. :)

Hi, I'd like to know whether there are plans or already integrations around creating incidents/issues through slack. In our company, we have a global #techsupport channel that raises incidents/problems and it often gets lost easily. 

As of now it looks like I can only connect the message to an existing issue but so far found no way to create an issue through slack.

Also, I understand that for now it's free until early next year, is there any rough gauge on the pricing plan? :) 


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Hi @Matt Ryall thanks for taking the time to do this!  When can we expect to get more information via the Atlassian User Groups?  Videos, demos, presentations or some _more_ swag...?

@Dominic Price Matt totally hooked up the AUGs with swag.  Know you're into awesome people doing awesome things, so I thought I'd share :)

Matt Ryall Atlassian Team Sep 05, 2018

Hey Billy, great to meet you at Summit today and happy to help with the swag for your user group.

Post-Summit, we're going to be getting back to work on product and marketing, so we can prepare resources to enable AUG leaders to get the word out. I don't have any specifics on the follow-up information, but we'll be syncing up with the enablement and field teams to see what we can do to best help AUGs, partners and early adopters out.

If you have any ideas on what would be most valuable, drop me a line.

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Would end user / customer create the tickets in Jira Ops or is it presumed that this is a second tier system for internal teams with i.e. Jira Software/Servicedesk as the main system for customer interaction?

Have tested it in cloud environment, should we expect to see more features added until release in 2019 or are you mainly looking on stability issues until release?

Currently I can see mainly two processes where i see this as being beneficial

- Problem process, with many teams collaborating on a solution
- Major Incident process, with all hands on deck solutions

Have you though of any other use cases where you see it as much better than JSD?

Matt Ryall Atlassian Team Sep 05, 2018

Hi Krister, thanks for trying it out! Some quick answers to your questions:

  • Jira Service Desk is still the best system for direct customer interaction, running your help desk, etc.
  • We have many features still to build prior to 1.0. There are a few bugs that we've found, but we'll be mostly focused on additional features. Please let us know what you need via the in-product feedback link.
  • We're building Jira Ops for major incidents, where you need an emergency response (e.g. waking people up via alerting) and want to use a consistent process for all incidents across your business. We've been inspired by the move towards DevOps and you-build-it-you-run-it in software and IT teams, so expect it to be most useful in these cases.
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Fadoua Community Leader Sep 05, 2018

Hi @Matt Ryall

Atlassian is competing with ServiceNow now that they decided to go this way. What are the features that Jira Ops and OpsGenie have to make a company buy Atlassian Products versus ServiceNow?


Matt Ryall Atlassian Team Sep 05, 2018

Hmm, I think with Jira Service Desk, Atlassian has been competing with ServiceNow for a while already. ;)

We'll prepare some more documentation about how we compare to competitors closer to the 1.0 release. For now, the best way is to try it out at, and see if it's a good fit for you.

Fadoua Community Leader Sep 05, 2018

@Matt Ryall

I am a heavy user of JSD, I am trying to switch other users within our hospital from ServiceNow to JSD

  • Is it possible to fire up the Slack Channel automatically when an incident is created?
  • Can you customize the message that is sent via Jira Ops to Slack?
Matt Ryall Atlassian Team Sep 05, 2018

Hi Vince, thanks for the questions.

  • You can't currently create the Slack channel automatically, but this is on our roadmap to add to the early access version. Stay tuned on this.
  • You can't currently customize the message. Which bits do you want to customize?

It kind of ties to my above question in spinning up Slack channels automatically.  I was hoping that when a Slack notification is posted that the Slack channel would spin up and be posted in the notification for individuals to take the conversation into that channel.

@Matt Ryall My second follow-up deals with Slack as well, what is the command within Slack to post a comment within Jira Ops?

Matt Ryall Atlassian Team Sep 13, 2018

@Vince Bakerwe don't support either of those at the moment, but are considering them as short term additions. I've raised a couple of tickets to track these requests:

Both seem like really nice improvements - thanks for the suggestions.

@Matt Ryall Another slack related question, can we have the option to create private slack channel? This is a bit compliance requirement for us cause we don't want the incident channel to be public on company slack. And we are not admin of our company's slack, so it is a pain to ask slack admin to make the channel private before we can use it

Hi, I've just been looking for a product like this one, but does existing customers use it? 

when I go to Jira-ops site the only option I have is to register a new account.. which seems weird, since I already have an atlassian account.. 

If you have a cloud account just go to System Administration > Discover Applications and look there for Jira Ops, start the beta/trial which will be available until sometime next year. 

Matt Ryall Atlassian Team Sep 13, 2018

Thanks Krister. Going via Site Administration > Discover Applications is the easiest way for existing cloud customers to install Jira Ops.

Having the "Services" as part of JiraOps is a very useful feature.

Is Atlassian planning to expand the capabilities of this part of JiraOps to include more Service Catalog / CMDB features as well?

We use Riada Insight as our CMDB for incident management in Jira. It's really good. 

Matt Ryall Atlassian Team Sep 13, 2018

Thanks for the feedback. Yes - we'd like to expand capabilities in Jira Ops for service management, especially after the acquisition of OpsGenie. We will include integrations in our plans as well.

This isn't something we're working on immediately, but expect to hear more in the coming months.

@Matt Ryall I have installed Jira Ops and want to see if it will work for our Incident Mgmt Process.  We are utilizing Cloud based Jira, Slack and Xmatters.  Overall the integrations work well.  There are some fields that I see on the demo that I do not see in the installed version: Incident Manager and Tech Lead (user selection).  I have tried to change the screens so we can add these fields and I see that 1. These fields must be custom and they do not exist and 2. There is no way to modify the screen.

We are also looking at utilizing Status Page so working on that integration point as well.  I would also love to add a few other fields like: Root Cause or Investigative findings.   (We could use description, but it would be nice to break it out for clarity purposes)

Matt Ryall Atlassian Team Sep 27, 2018

Hi @Shawna Cullinan - thanks for trying out Jira Ops! Great to hear that it's already working well for you.

Unfortunately, we had to disable the ability to customize fields in Jira Ops just before launch due to a nasty bug. Re-enabling it is high priority for us, and is tracked as a public ticket here: JOPSCLOUD-72.

We also have an issue tracking incident role fields which is in our near term plans, JOPSCLOUD-49. Even though you will be able to configure your own, we'd like to offer these as an out-of-the-box feature.

If you have any other requests, please feel free to a raise a suggestion there, so we can respond and track demand for it across our customers.

@Matt Ryall We have tried to integrate Jira Ops with OpsGenie, most stuff worked fine. One thing i noticed: The severity value doesn't match in Jira Ops and OpsGenie. Also, change the severity value in Jira Ops won't sync into OpsGenie

Hi. Do you plan on delivering integration with Microsoft Teams the same way as Slack? 

Matt Ryall Atlassian Team Oct 02, 2018

@MamukaYes, although we don't have a firm timeline yet. We're tracking this as a feature request here, so please vote and comment if you have any suggestions on how it should work: JOPSCLOUD-17.


Currently there is only one issue type called Incident. I guess some release accidentally went out yesterday that allowed additional type and fields to be added. I did that but looks like the release was pulled because I don’t see the category anymore. 

I wanted to add Security as a separate incident type as it has a different team looking at it but still use a common project. 

Also we need to have custom fields. Not everyone will deal with incidents the same exact way as Atlassian and some data may be required for audit and compliance reasons. 


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