Have a single backlog (project) with multiple teams - how can i run sprint for each team?

I have having a difficult time with JIRA -- it will not let me have more than one Sprint for a Project, even though I have multiple boards (teams) -- How can I make this work -- as I all of the teams work is 'blobbed'together now and metrics and reporting will be impossible!

Is this possible?

So far, not very impressed with Jira .... so please if someone can help me understand the madness -- spreadsheets were so much simpler - even stickies!

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Sprints do not belong to projects, they are associated with boards.

If you have three boards looking at the same project, this will work fine, *but* you'll want to set up the boards so that they only look at the issues related to the team.

Once you've got the hang of that, then you might want to look into enabling multiple active sprints.

OK -- that is what I had assumed -- however, after I set up the first board - and assigned the sprint -- the other boards were not allowed to start a sprint -

Is there a specfic setting I need to set at the project level to allow multiple boards?

It's nothing to do with the project.  You need your boards to select separate sets of issues.

Ok -- I have the teams select different STORIES -- is that what you mean?


No, your *boards* need to select different issues.

Like board 1 looks for "component = X" and board 2 is for "component = Y"

Oh.....  So I have to group the stories for each team by using 'component' then  -- that we cant assign just by story -- but by component / story --

Let me experiment more -- getting used the the JIRA component - which is not really a feature



No, I should have used a stronger word than "like".  The use of components was an example.  You could do it by issue type, custom field, date, anything.

Your boards need to select different exclusive lists of issues.

oh man, this is not fun  -- how do i filter out the stories then -- and where is that defined?

All I want to do is have a backlog with 10 stories -- and team 1 works story A; team 2 story B etc. --

But on every board, it will not let me create a new sprint -- until the current sprint is over

Could this be my version of JIRA that will not let me have more than 1 sprint on a project?

JIRA v7.3.8

IRA Agile v7.3.0-DAILY20170523023608


Copyright © 2002 - 2013 Atlassian Corporation Pty Ltd.

The use of this plugin is subject to the terms of the Atlassian End User Agreement, unless other specified therein.

This plugin includes software developed by the Apache Software Foundation.


This plugin includes the following libraries covered by the GNU LGPL license:

  • ColorPickerbyDHTMLGoodies.com(Unspecified)


This plugin also includes code written by other third parties.



Do I need to add a specific plug-in? I cant believe i am missing this

Just had a thought -- Will each team need to have it's own 'psuedo' backlog that is filtered in some way? -- for instance a 'label' that specifies that specific team -- 


So when you go to each board, they can only pull from that list --


UGH! getting an Error becuase the blog will not let me use the same words as JIRA uses --

if i go to the project configuration page -- and set the filter quiry

some reason I am struggling to use inappropriate language or spam -- - so to finish my thought


haveing a hard time writing this, as my english does not work well with JIRA _- keeps erroring saying I have inappropriate language or spam

1 board that is at project level

each team have thier own backlog that is filtered --

No.  You're missing the point of Scrum.

With a Scrum, you have a backlog of things that need doing.  You break up your work into sprints (blocks of time)

To start a sprint, you commit to doing a set of things in the backlog, and then start the sprint.  You do not run more than one sprint off that backlog.

That's the basics, and of course, most people have variations.

There are two ways to have a single backlog and multiple sprints:

1.  Have boards that completely exclude issues that are on other boards

2. Enable parallel sprints

(p.s. Yes, the spam filters can be quite aggressive, it's not your English, it's their settings)

so if i have a project -with 3 teams i will have 1 backlog - and 3 filtered backlogs

No.  You mean board.  Projects do not have a backlog.

If you create a Scrum board that includes all the issues, you will find that the sprints clash, because you've got a board including more than one sprint.

Either don't do that, or enable parallel sprints (see https://confluence.atlassian.com/jirasoftwarecloud/using-parallel-sprints-797737030.html )

COOL ! parallel sprints -- that is the setting -

I do understand Scrum -- and I appologize for attempting to use the JIRA terms instead of the Scrum terms that I am familier with -

Let me attempt the paralele sprint - I hope that will work -- otherwise i will just make do

WOO HOO!!!! This will work !


Thanks so very much for your patience and assistance here -- it is very much apprieciated!

I'm glad I got you to a solution.  

Looking back over the conversation, I was struggling to explain myself (I'm going to try to partially blame a long busy day), and I really think I wasn't translating my "how JIRA thinks" into "how it applies to Scrum" well at all.

I should have realised that you get Agile a lot earlier and then emphasised the "parallel sprint" thing better.

I can't accept thanks for the patience - you were the one with the patience, having to explain more and more until I grasped it all!

@Nic Brough [Adaptavist] Sorry to bring back a dead thread but I'm running into a similar situation. You mentioned:

There are two ways to have a single backlog and multiple sprints:

1.  Have boards that completely exclude issues that are on other boards

2. Enable parallel sprints

Is it possible with either of these methods to keep track of sprint velocity for each separated sprint? I can resort to manually calculating velocity for each team but i'd like Jira to do it for me. EX: Team 1 works on one area of the app and Team 2 works on another and I'd like to track their velocity separately

Both of them do!

On my testing with Parallel sprints velocity calculation was one of the features you lost if you turned on parallel sprints (because Jira didn't know which sprints to link together to figure out velocity). I found a different way of handling it via Portfolio:

  • 2 Scrumboards for one project filtered by "Responsible Team"
  • Set up separate teams for each board
  • Use velocity from Portfolio to see each team independently


Thanks for the help!

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