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Guy Grinberg May 3, 2020



I want to get the name of the active sprint of an issue because with this name I'm changing a custom field in this issue.


In the beginning, I tried 


But then I found out that the active sprint (the last sprint that the issue was added to) is not the last in the list, nor the first, I've already seen active sprint as first in the list, last, and middle.


so I tried something like this:


 so I will get only the name of an active sprint. but for some reason, math expression does not work inside a list iteration.

I tried to run the expression outside of the iteration and it worked:


and I tried to run a simple expression inside the iteration:


 and it didn't work as well. (the log was empty)


And I could not find any suitable solution with JQL, I looked at openSprint()/closedSprint() but this does not help me, those functions says if the issue is inside an active sprint or, but does not says which sprint


small note:

this automation is triggered on sprint changed, that's mean every time an issue is added to a sprint, but I could not find how to get the new sprint variable, only a list of all sprints





I've put it in jira core by mistake, I think it needs to be in jira/jria software

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