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Get BoardId From Project REST API


Hello, well like the title says, i am trying to get the board configuration of a project


Right now, i iterate over all board and catch the project that i want, but this is to bad for performance in my system


there is a way to get the board directly from de project??

I want the board to get board configuration and render my jira columns



2 answers

It is possible to get boards associated to a jira project using the following REST api,

Rest Endpoint: /rest/agile/1.0/board?projectKeyOrId={Project Key}

Method Type: GET

Thanks, your answer is very much appreciated.  I was wondering if there is an endpoint allowing to retrieve the properties of a given board. For instance, imagine I'm trying to get the columns I've defined, as well as the statuses that belong to each one of them. Any ideas?

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Yes, there is an endpoint to get this required configuration information about a board. Sharing it below if you are still looking for it,

REST ENDPOINT: GET /rest/agile/1.0/board/{boardId}/configuration

This endpoint will give a response which has a param named "columnConfig" which 

will contain the information which you are looking for,

"columnConfig": { "columns": [

{ "name": "To Do", "statuses": [ { "id": "1", "self": "" }, { "id": "4", "self": "" } ] },

{ "name": "In progress", "statuses": [ { "id": "3", "self": "" } ], "min": 2, "max": 4 }]}

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Vishal k

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Warren Rising Star Sep 21, 2017

Hi Robertino

The problem with what you're trying to do is this :

A board is a view into a number of tickets (defined by the filter used for that board) and can be across projects. We often have multiple boards for the same project, which is why you can't expect Jira to be able to tell you which board relates to a specific project.

ahh okey, so the way that i am doing right now is okey?

iterate over all board /rest/api/2/board

then /rest/api/2/board/id/projects and catch what i need


i found another call /rest/greenhopper/1.0/rapidview, it can be that parentProjectid and id fields in this call may be what i want?

Warren Rising Star Sep 21, 2017

i just think this is a much older version of a similar call. Keep doing what you are currently 

Is this still the best way to see all boards for some projects? 
This post is a few years old. 
> iterate over all boards for their ids, then return the related projects? 

Warren Rising Star Apr 26, 2020

Hi @kn.wh 

Yes I believe so. The API has moved from v2 to v3, where there have been some structural changes to the calls, but I still don't think there's an easier way. To be honest, having ti coded and running automatically, it shouldn't take that long to get the details.

It may also be worth checking, exactly what are you after? what are you trying to get?

Is there documentation on v3 of the API? Whats the URL? Thanks.

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