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Stefano De Santis April 30, 2024

It is not possible to create a filter that excludes only initiatives and their children in the Completed/Done status. The filter excludes all Issues in that status.


The filter I use is the following:
issuekey in portfolioChildIssuesOf(XXX) AND status not in (Canceled,SUSPENDED, Done, Completed) AND "InitiativeStatus-cf[Radio Buttons]" not in (Canceled,SUSPENDED) AND issuetype in (Initiative, "Work package", Epic).
The filter would exclude all isssues with status "Done" and "Completed".
The result I want to achieve is to exclude only the initiatives in state of "Done" and "Completed" and their children, leaving Work packages and epics in a "Done" state but with the initiative not yet completed.

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fdehne May 5, 2024

Hi @Stefano De Santis 

The logic behind the queries is sometimes hard to cope.

When I get you right, you want both be shown: the initiatives and the child-issues of the initiatives. Try to separate the two filters and then combine both filters with an "OR".

1. First all the initiatives that you want to see -> filter 1

2. All "Work packages" and Epics -> filter 2

The query that contains all these issue can then also be written like

filter=xxxxx OR filter=yyyyy


Stefano De Santis May 7, 2024

Hi @fdehne

first of all thank you for your answer.

I try to explain what I want to achieve with an example:

I have two Initiatives - Initiative 1 & Initiative 2

Initiative 1 --> has children (WP and Epic) all in Done/Completed Status and also Initiative is in Done/Completed status --> this Initiative has to be excluded from the query and also all the children.

Initiative 2 --> has children (WP and Epic) some in Done/Completed Status and others in To Do/In progress...status --> this Initiative has to be NOT excluded from the query and also all the children.


Is it possible?

fdehne May 7, 2024

Hey @Stefano De Santis 

Thanks for the explanation and I think I got it now. I thought you might be able to select the issues by the parent state, but this is unfortunately not possible.

However, like @Anders Borud mentioned  here you could use an automation that's tagging all items in an initiative and the initiative itself once everything is done.

Sorry for giving you false hopes.



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