Feature Tracking based off PI and or Dates


***Adding a plugin is not an option, need to use native JIRA functionality***

We are looking to leverage native JIRA functionality to be able to track when a feature was started, completed, added, removed within a specific PI.

The use case for the above is to show when features were committed to within a specific PI (started), when a feature was completed within a specific PI, when a feature was added within a specific PI, when a feature was removed from a specific PI.


1. Feature A committed to (aka started) in PI1, Feature A completed in PI2

2. Feature B added PI3, Feature B removed in PI3 as well or maybe removed in PI4

We would then want to view above information as part of a JIRA dashboard view so we can get a birds eye view of when features are started, removed, added, and completed.

Thank you

***Adding a plugin is not an option, need to use native JIRA functionality***

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Ste Wright
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April 13, 2024


Is this just for the current PI, or every PI?

And how are PIs being tracked in Jira? EG. are these a Sprint? Or tracked in a custom field (if so, which type)?



thank you for the reply @Stephen Wright _Elabor8_ 

  1. this would be for every PI
  2. as of today, we are experimenting with tracking PIs by using labels for each feature. so for example, Feature A may have a label of PI1 Committed, while Feature B may have two labels showing PI2 Committed and PI2 Completed - meaning it was committed to in PI2 and completed by the end of PI2.

Labels are not a very efficient way for this tracking so that is why we were hoping for an alternative native out of box solution.

We were thinking of using the components field. Your thoughts on this approach? If we do pursue using components field, any way of tracking the date of when a feature was tagged with a component tag? in this case a component called for example PI 1 Committed or PI 2 Added, etc.

Also, open to any other suggestions you may have that would make more sense.

Thank you!

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