Error reporting for workflow operations Edited

One of the most common errors our automation scripts hit is: 


08:21:02 {
08:21:02     "errorMessages": [
08:21:02         "It seems that you have tried to perform a workflow operation (Awesome Transition) that is not valid for the current state of this issue (JRA-1337). The likely cause is that somebody has changed the issue recently, please look at the issue history for details."
08:21:03     ], 
08:21:03     "errors": {}
08:21:03 }


Is there anything better one can do to identify this problem other than parsing the error message? This seems brittle. An error code would be much better?

Maybe there is some way to execute the operation as a conditional HTTP request (e.g. If-Unmodified-Since) handling this on another level?

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