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Error Message whithin my Automation


We got a few Automation Rules set up for documenting part of our process for our Projectmanagement in Jira.

We got different issuetypes with different Field Configurations but some fields repeat themselves in the issuetypes.

Our Automation Rule gets triggered by a change in a field and then it should automatically create a new ticket, move it to the next status and also copy some content from the Trigger Ticket to the new Ticket.

The first parts work fine only the copying of the content sometimes fails and we don't know why. 

If we try to copy the contents from a custom field named "Teammembers" from the Trigger Ticket to the same Field (Teammmembers) on the new ticket it always throws this error message:

Unknown fields set during create, they may be unavailable for the project/type. Check your custom field configuration. Fields ignored

The field exists for both issuetypes and for the project over all. Even if we recreate the field, the project and the automation rule in a new project the same error message is thrown. The error message only gets thrown when it tries to copy content into a field with the same name of the Trigger Ticket (which is one field in the backend).

We tried a workaround with creating the same field multiple times for this project but the Automation only recognizes multiple Fields with the same name as one Field.

It is also interesting that this rule had no problems three weeks ago when I last tested it but a few days after that (25.0) it already has thrown the error message.

I don't know if anyone has a similar problem and found a solution/workaround or if anyone knows that this might be a bug in the Automation.

Either way I would be happy to hear from everyone :)






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Hello @Vanessa Schreuder 

In the project where the automation rule is trying to create the new issue, if you use the Create button in the menu bar to open the Create Issue dialog as if you were going to create the issue interactively, do you see the Teammembers field in the Create Issue dialog?

When creating a new issue via Automation, any field you try to set must appear in the Create Issue screen for that type of issue in the destination project. If the field is not on the Create screen, then the Automation rule cannot set it.

Thank you so much that is totally our source of error!

I totally forgot that we changed the Create Issue Screen after we last tested it...

Definitely good to know that all the fields have to be in the Create Issue Screen if you want to set them with the Automation.

You're welcome @Vanessa Schreuder 

If your question has been answered and your problem solved, please mark the response as Answer Accepted to help other community members find the threads that provide solutions.

Hi @Trudy Claspill I have similar kind of problem but for edit issue operation.

Unknown fields set during edit, they may be unavailable for the project/type. Check your custom field configuration. Fields ignored -
Assignee (assignee), Resolution (resolution)
I am in Jira cloud. The automation rule actor has enough permissions to edit the issue. And above two fields are system fields. So there is no question of context here. still, we are unable to edit the issue. Any ideas to fix? Please! thanks!

@Naresh Gantala 

Are you working with issues in a Team Managed project or a Company Managed project?

If Company Managed, are those fields included on the Edit screen for the type of issue that the Automation Rule is operating against?

Like Bill Sheboy likes this

@Trudy Claspill Yes. This is company managed project. And Responder field was added to edit screen

Hello @Naresh Gantala 

Since the original poster has marked this thread as "Answer Accepted", I recommend that you start your own Question to get assistance with your issue. Include the following information:

1. Your hosting type (cloud vs. server)

2. The type of project (Company managed vs. Team managed, and whether it is Business, Software, or Service)

3. A Screen image of your complete rule.

4. A Screen image of the Audit log showing the complete log with the error message.

5. A Screen image of the Screen Configuration showing which fields are present on the screen assigned to the Edit operation for that type of issue.

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