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Ka Silveira April 4, 2024

Hello guys! I have used Jira Plans a long time and I already know that an epic that wasn't included on my version (version filtered on plan) but this epic have some childs (stories) in plan version was greyed out to easily indicate that this epic is not to finish in this iteration (but your child will be).

Today I am looking to my plan and I figured out that the epic is no more greyed out. So is harder to know what epics will be finished or not.


Anyone can help me? Atlassian change this? Exist some configuration to back to normal?

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Walter Buggenhout
Community Leader
Community Leader
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April 4, 2024

Hi @Ka Silveira

It is impossible for us to tell from your screenshot why this specific epic is not greyed out. What we can do, is explain how things get greyed out in a plan. It seems you have given it your own meaning (to distinguish between items that will or will not be finished in a version), but that it is not really what it was designed to do.

It seems - again from your screenshot - that you have 3 active filters on your view. I can tell by the blue 3 displayed in the Filters dropdown. What you would see in your timeline is the set of issues selected by those filters.

When you expand that filters dropdown, there is a little checkbox that allows you to display full hierarchy. What this does, is also show the items that do not match the specifiied filters, but show them as greyed out. That way you know that they are not really selected, but you can still see the context of the other issues.

I am not aware of any changes by Atlassian here. But the most likely cause of the different view here is that - for some reason - your epic is now included in your selection because it now matches the filter criteria currently specified.

Hope this helps!

Ka Silveira April 5, 2024

Yes, i have three filters... how I said I have use the Jira Plans a long time ago (I'm not create a new concept of greyed out, I really know how its works). I have three filters: Team, Status (all) and Version.


Ka Silveira April 5, 2024

Your answer unfortunately doesn't help me at all

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Ka Silveira April 5, 2024

Like I said, I'm an experienced Jira user/admin. My plans are filtered by team, all situations and version (release). When an epic is planned for the filtered release it becomes normal/active. When an epic has no version or a version different from that of the filter, but has children was match the filter (release), the epic was be grayed out/disabled and their children would be black/active. I found an old print of 2024.Q1-1 version's plan to show that it always worked as I say:


Yellow epic #3 is greyed out because its planned to 2024.Q1-2 (and the plan is filtered by 2024.Q1-1), but their child it's active because is planned to 2024.Q1-1.

Green epic #6 is greyed out because its not planned in version too, but your child is it.

At the moment I have the new plan to version 2024.Q2-1 and I see epics that do not match the applied filter but are not appearing grayed out.


I made a plan with only one filter (RELEASE = 2024.Q2-1) and the yellow epics have no release (so they no match with filter) but they are plotted because they have childs that match with my filter. In the recent past (from 3 years ago to 30/45 days ago) it worked just like I say. Suddenly issues that don't match the filter are appearing without the greyed out.

Could anyone help?

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