Description field - when editing, all text combines into one paragraph, removes line breaks

Stacia Busch May 11, 2023

When editing the description field, the existing text automatically collapses into one paragraph.  All line breaks are removed and the text gets jumbled together.  This typically happens when I try to backspace.  It's horribly annoying.

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Krystian Tabak April 29, 2024

@Stacia Busch , did you find a solution to this problem? We're having the same issues.

Stacia Busch April 29, 2024

@Krystian Tabak sadly, no.  i'm still experiencing this issue daily when reviewing/editing form submitted tickets. 

Krystian Tabak April 29, 2024

Sorry to bother you, but have you logged a ticket to Atlassian so that we could vote for it and follow up?

Stacia Busch April 29, 2024

i have not.  i don't know (yet) how to create one.  if i have time today, i'll try to figure it out.

Krystian Tabak April 29, 2024

I've already done so. I'll let you know what they say.

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Alex Koxaras _Relational_
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Community Leader
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May 11, 2023

Hi @Stacia Busch and welcome to the community,

To be honest, this never happened to me. There is a closed issue about this behavior concerning IE ( Do you perhaps use IE? If not, can you please check if the same behavior exists from another browser while using incognito mode? Finally, what browser do you use, and are there any extensions enabled?

Stacia Busch May 12, 2023

i think i know what the problem is now.  i'm pretty sure it has to do with the form being used to submit tickets.  i'm guessing some update was done in the last couple of months that has caused line breaks to collapse when editing form generated tickets. i also just noticed today that when i copy more than one line from the description and paste it elsewhere, the line breaks are collapsed when pasting.  i'm using chrome btw.







sarah bob sally

David Rudel
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I'm New Here
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November 26, 2023

This is happening to me right now, using Chrome.

Also, I noticed that if I try to do a select All and copy into Word, it copies in as a single blob of text.

It displays correctly in JIRA so long as no one tries to make any edits, but the moment you attempt to edit anything, the whole text collapses into a single lin

adrien laveau February 21, 2024


I ran in the same issue, with one more info to add, if I copy that in notepad and ask to see all characters, it shows CRLF correctly.
So it seems a wrong interpretation of JIRA interface.
Any improvement in view for this issue?


adrien laveau February 21, 2024

Looking down to the issue I figured out that for the same content the html implementation is different

This html is if done via manually creating text in the editor


This html is if done via sending the text via a url request. The formatting is there, but somehow if something gets edited, formatting is removed by the text editor.viaURLreq.png

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