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Dashboard to report on Tasks and Components

Hi all,

I would like to create a dashboard (or export to Excel) that shows the progress we have made in achieving our Components. We have assigned a range of tasks to each component and therefore would like to track our progress in achieving each component.

On the JIRA project I have established the following:

Workstreams: Epics

Business Requirements: Components

Product requirements: Tasks

We have aligned all the tasks to the relevant workstream. We have also aligned the tasks to the component on which they help achieve (eg. Tasks 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 are aligned to Component 1 - when these 5 tasks are complete, the component / business requirement will be achieved).


How can we track our progress in achieving each component?

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Hi Cornelius,

If you want a different pie chart per component this can easily be done with filters and add the pie chart gadget to a dashboard:

For example:

Create a filter: "project = X and component = Y" and save this filter as 'Component Y'

Afterwards go to you dashboard you would like to see, there you edit the dashboard and add a new gadget: Pie Chart.
Here you can choose the filter you just created 'Component Y' and choose the Resolution as 'Statistic Type'.

Hopefully this is can already help you




The only issue is that there's 120 components... that's a lot of pie charts!

Hi Cornelius,

There's another option then.

Create the filter once but instead of component = Y you enter: component in (a, b, c, d, ...) with all the components you want to include.

On the dashboard view you add the gadget: "Issue Statistics"

In the settings the filter and choose Components as 'Statistic Type' and for 'Show Resolved Issue Statistics' you choose Yes in the drop down.

This will give you an overview with % how much is already resolved.

Screen Shot 2018-09-13 at 15.25.21.png 

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This is awesome - can I do this for Tasks rather than Issues? The reason I ask is that I've also aligned each Component to Epic. So I think this is screwing with the %'s

Do I get it right that you only want the tasks (issue type) to be displayed in this overview?

If so then you just have to add 'issue type = task' to your filter.

So your filter will be something like this:

Project = X and issuetype = task and component in (a, b, c, d, ...)

Hopefully now you have a good overview.

Hi Cornelius,

Has this been helpful for you or do you have any other questions?

If you're question is now resolved, please accept it. Then it will be closed.


Hi Yanick. Sorry - been crazily busy. So - I've created a test component with two tasks. When I create the dashboard gadget it says that the component is 100% complete even though the two tasks are 'Open' and not even 'In Progress' yet. If the tasks don't have any time estimates, I would like them to be considered equal timings. For example, one component has 10 tasks assigned to it. 5 are complete = 50% completion to the component. Additionally. as we are using sub-tasks we'd like to include these in the % complete too.. Lets take an example. Component X has 2 tasks assigned to it - task A and task B. Task A has 2 sub-tasks - ST1 and ST2 while Task B has 2 sub-tasks ST3 and ST4. Let's pretend that Both Task A sub-tasks are complete and one of the Task B sub-tasks is complete. We would then assume that the component completion should appear as 75%? Of course, this relies on all users accurately updating tasks / subtasks.

Hi Cornelius,

Since were making it more complex I'm afraid that what you are asking isn't possible with the default features of Jira.

We are currently using the EazyBi add-on ( ) here you can create very strong reports in more dimensions and this will certainly what you are looking for.

Maybe give it a try? You can also add the reports on dashboards without any problem.


Hi Cornelius,

Just found another gadget that might help you. Two Dimensional Filter Statistics. You will not get any % but you are already closer for the view you are looking for.

Screen Shot 2018-10-01 at 11.26.02.png

I still think that, because of you're complex question, you will need to add an add-on like EazyBi.

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Yannick you are Genius. This is exactly what I was trying to do manually. 

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@Yannick Vanlaeke 

Thanks so much for this information very helpful - I've tried to use this myself but have run into an issue with both the two-dimensional and the Issue statistics. The issue is that all components are displaying for me in the widgets, not just those determined by the filter.

My filter is:

component in ("Business improvement","Client support","Marketing & sales","Nice to have","Product impact","Reliability, security & speed","Usability & accessibility")

As some extra info, I'm using the 'Component Management' app by Octo to manage components, I have 4 parent components set up with child components and I want to create a widget for each component group using your suggested method, so there would be 4 saved filters like the example above.

Welcome any thoughts as to why all components are being included in the dashboard widget.

I haven't set project in the filter as the components are used across multiple projects.
Screenshot 2022-09-05 at 14.37.02.pngScreenshot 2022-09-05 at 14.37.12.png

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