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Dashboard, how do I hide the dashboard selector on the left

the selector for on the left side of the screen takes up ~100 pixels wide by the height on the broswer.. Incredibly wasteful considering the dashboards dropdown in the header has the same options.

Can I hide the selector and make the dashboard go full wide, like it does when I only have 1 favorite dashboard?

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Every day I get the following e-mail:


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This is VERY annoying, considering there is no valid "answer" to my question.. It's a valid question, there is no answer, and it does not need clarification.. It needs Atlassian to do some development work to fix it.. So WTF am I to do?

After 6 months of these e-mail reminders.. I'm freaking annoyed with answers.. there is no good answer to this question..

Drag the dashboard menu to the left, over the other one and/ or press the border of it on the right (line becomes blue).

I all. I've tried this in JIRA 7.9 and it no longer works :-( Is there some other code that can achieve this? Thanks.

Hi @JBennett,

yes, it is possible to use another code without javascript (since javascript is no longer allowed in announcement banner due to security reasons) to hide dashboard selector panel from the dashboard (this panel is shown in case when user has more than one favourite dashboards)

I used following code (prefer this way over javascript) and it works for me in old (6.4.12) and new Jira (7.6, 7.11) versions, put it in announcement banner:

#dashboard > .tabs.vertical {
  border-right: 0px !important;
#dashboard > .vertical.tabs {
    width: 0px !important;
#dashboard > .vertical.tabs + #dashboard-content {
    margin-left: 0px !important;
#announcement-banner {
    padding: 0px !important;

Hope this answer will help other people ;)


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Is this code something you can use in your personal environment or does this have to be done at the JIRA installation level? If personal environment, where do I make this change?



This code should be pasted by Jira Administrator to the announcement banner of the Jira instance via menu Administration -> System ->Announcement Banner (so, no changes on Jira installation level are needed)

Thanks @kyona that works nicely! 

@Chris Penny I think the choices are either system-wide via the Announcement Banner, or use an add-on like Chrome Stylebot. The latter works well for me and doesn't impact anyone else.

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Atlassian is very good at twiddling the icons and dashboard pie chart cosmetics, but not so great with actual functionality. Alas.  Alassian.

However, I have a sort-of solution that may work for you.  Even if you're OnDemand.

1) Write down all of your dashboard favorites

2) Then, delete all of your favorites, except for one that you use 90% of the time.

3) Then, go into Administration -> System -> Announcement Banner

4) Use the "link" markup to create hard-links to all of your (former) favorite dashboards

5) Voila.  No leftnav favorites.  All of them linkable as a new top nav

This only works if you have an org where you are a "JIRA Runner" that needs everyone to use basically the same handful of dashboards.  It's not for everyone!

So... total hack, but it happens to work for my company.


This code works well for me on Jira 5.1 in Firefox, Chrome and IE 9:

AJS.$(window).load(function() {
  AJS.$("#dashboard").attr("class", "dashboard");

I've placed the code in in the existing <script> tag in file "secure/views/dashboard.jsp". No Jira restart is required, just refresh the page. Changes will be lost after Jira upgrade.

And yes, it's also for standalone Jira only. But works better than what @Jamie Echlin suggested.

I mis-read what you said here, thought it said that Jamie's solution was better so kept trying to use his...

Anyway, I found that if you use this code in Jira 6.2, when you click on Manage Dashboards, the navbar on the left that has the links for Popular, Search, Favorite etc is hidden as well.

So this code fixes that:

AJS.$(window).load(function() {
  if (AJS.$("#filter_type_table").length == 0)
  AJS.$("#dashboard").attr("class", "dashboard");

Actually the above script also hides the navbar in the Manage Filters page. So this new script below should only affect the Dashboard screen:

AJS.$(window).load(function() {
  if (AJS.$("#dashboard").length &gt; 0)
    AJS.$("#dashboard").attr("class", "dashboard");

By adding this code snippet to a <script> element in the global announcement banner (Administration -> System -> Announcement Banner), the favorites list is hidden without any direct file modification.

Well, at least in 6.3 standalone

See my replies above, David, my last one dated Jun 23 at 10:59pm fixes the problem of favourites being hidden; only the dashboard nvabar will be hidden using this last version of the script.

Does this hide the dashboard navbar locally only, or is this a Jira-wide change? It would seem that going through the announcement banner might be jira-wide, but a script would be a local-only? Thanks!

Timothy, placing the script into the dashboard.jsp (as I initially suggested) affects only the dashboard page, obviously. I haven't tried to place it in the Announcement Banner, so can't comment on that.

This is really annoying. Atlassian team should remove this. It's really, really pointless. I agree with you! Woul like to see Atlassian's reply on this.

I rid myself of that column by removing all favorited dashboards so that I now have only one dashboard.

Verify dashboard singularity @

  • "Dashboards" > "Manage Dashboards" > "Favorites"
  • "Dashboards" > "Manage Dashboards" > "My"

That add-on is not free unfortunately, but seems it would solve this exact problem!

The add-on used to be free, but it looks like the vendor now charges for it, unfortunately. :( But yes, we use the add-on and it works perfectly!

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Just a partial answer, but if you put this js somewhere, eg web resource context or announcement banner, it will do most of what you want:

AJS.$("#dashboard ul.vertical").hide()

AJS.$("#dashboard-content").css("position", "static")

It doesn't work quite right though, the frame behind is still in the old position. Also you will need a button/link to bring back the vertical tabs. Really, what they need is a slider like you have in fisheye/confluence.

Oh, this is ondemand? In that case forget my answer.

Yea, on demand, thanks though.

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