Currently have multiple accounts to multiple Cloud JIRA's, can I link all of them to one account?


I have access to multiple Cloud Jira instances. Each one has a separate login and this always creates a bit of an annoyance when switching between them.

Each one is owned by a separate customer. I was wondering if there is a way to just link all of them to a single account. I would prefer Google but I will settle for what I can get.

If so, may I ask how? From the admin side or user side.

Thank you for any help in advance.

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When you say seperate login, do you use a different email address for each?

Otherwise the upgrade of Cloud sites to use Atlassian account would solve your problem.


I do mean I have different emails for each site and thank you for the documentation.

I read through the documentation and feel these instructions aren't 100% clear. I will need a little bit more clarification.

What I have tried:

1) I don't see a place to upgrade account.

2) I try to just change my email and it won't allow me because I already exist in another instance.

3) I tried signing up for a new account in that instance but it says the account already exists.

4) I can't sign into the instance with my other email address.

Should I recreate my user with an appropriate email or is there a simple way to change my account to an "Upgraded Account" I am missing.

Any help is greatly appreciated!

1) You don't upgrade. Atlassian do it. Info here. As a user, I would expect you already have an Atlassian account.

On the rest, I'm a bit confused about what you are trying to do.

You should have an Atlassian account that you can login to at (where you can change email address if you want).

What I think you need to do is make sure that all your JIRA Cloud user accounts have this same email address associated.

Then, as the Cloud instances get upgraded to the use Atlassian account to log in, it'll be the same login for everythng.

Some (or all) of the instances may already be upgraded.

Do you actually have two (or more) different logins that work on


When I try to change all my accounts to the same email it says the email is already in use.

I think what I have to do is delete all the accounts except 1, and then go back and be reinvited to all the instances with the correct email matching that 1.


Also, I have read the upgrade info multiple times and it doesn't really make a whole lot of sense from an end user perspective. That is what I am trying to say around that...

I understand I should "receive" a popup window when "upgraded" but what if I don't? How do I know if I am upgraded or not? 

I was assuming every Cloud account was upgraded...


So you have multiple accounts with the same email within the same JIRA Cloud instance?

There are two things that can be 'upgraded' here: user accounts and JIRA Cloud sites. So maybe it's worth being clear about the distinction:

  • User Accounts
    As a user, your Atlassian account is the account you use to log in to this community and also You log in with email address and password.

    For many people, this is the now the account they use to login into JIRA Cloud instances too.

    They get redirected to and see a login screen that looks something like this when they visit a Cloud JIRA instance:


    If a Cloud JIRA user doesn't have an Atlassian account. They just log in directly to the Cloud JIRA, via a plain 'Log in' screen that looks at bit like this:


  • Cloud JIRA sites
    Many (most?) Cloud JIRA sites are upgraded so that all users login using their Atlassian Account details. They show the first log screen.

    Some are not yet. They show the second login screen.

So, how do you know if you are upgraded or not?

From a user perspective, if you have an Account that logs in via, then you have an Atlassian account. I guess you do : ) 

From the perspective of a JIRA Cloud site adminstrator, if you and your users login via the screen, then your instance is upgraded.

Part of the site upgrade process is that users get taken through the process to 'upgrade their login experience'.

If you, as an admin, and everyone esle log in to your Could site via the plain 'Log In' screen, then it is not yet upgraded.


I have a pretty similar setup, i.e. multiple Atlassian accounts, each used to access one different JIRA Cloud instance, that correspond to different clients and / or companies (one is a personal side project, one for one of my companies, the other with a client-managed account), but I'm wondering about a different solution :

Would it be possible to be simultaneously logged into each of these JIRA instances, instead of having to log in and out every single time I need to switch project? 

I am having the same issue, As I work for 3 different companies they all have their own separate instances. So when I am logged into once instance and I wish to log into another, I have to log out of the first and login in to the new one, its annoying as hell. 


As a user with multiple accounts to Jira instances which use separate email accounts as the login credentials. I need a way I can be taken directly to the separate links/boards without having to login in every time. 

I did solve this problem with Cloud/Google SSO. What I ended up doing was deleting my account and creating an account in all of the JIRA instances with the same Google email address.


Then I was able to be logged into all the JIRA instances at the same time.


Hope this helps!

I have a similar situation - and deleting/changing accounts is not an option.  Each login is managed by a separate company who categorically do not (for security reasons) allow any email address other than the company email address to be registered with their cloud.  The same holds for the other two instances.  As it is, I am properly stuck with having to use three different login email addresses.  Google handles this much nicer.  I have no problem opening three tabs in a browser, each logged in to separate google email address.


For now, the only solution is to have three different browsers (e.g. chrome, firefox, safari) or three different incognito windows.


Have you tried the Firefox "Context Tabs"/"Multi-account containters" feature? You'd need one of the newer versions of Firefox (or a Nightly build) and to enable it, but after you do it, you can basically have separate "Firefox sessions" within one Firefox window and use them just like you would use separate browsers. Cookies and cache are not (well, it's a new feature - should not be :)) shared between the containers, but browsing history and bookmarks are.

I know this might not be a perfect solution for your problem, but it makes my job easier (I can log on to site-admin, project lead and jira-testing users at the same time) and I hope it makes your easier as well.

This is working for me.  I am using one Atlassian account for two separate Jira Cloud instances and, when logged in, am able to simultaneously access content of both Jira Cloud instances.  Without having to log in and out all of the time.  Is this a new feature?  I am also wondering about cost.  My main company currently pays something like 40usd per user.  However, the other company seems to not have to pay for my account at all.  Can someone confirm this pls?  Meaning that if my Atlassian account is paid by *someone* once, can I then use it to access however many different *other* Jira Cloud instances I want without incurring additional cost for the other Jira Cloud instanced/companies?

A while ago, Atlassian moved Cloud users to "Atlassian accounts".  So, yes, you log in as your Atlassian account once, and you have access to all systems that have been told to allow your account in.  My Adaptavist Atlassian account lets me into maybe 35 different people's Cloud Jira/Confluence/Bitbucket systems, the partner area on Atlassian's doc system, and so-on.

Atlassian accounts are free, there could be no-one paying for any access, and you could still use it.  My (much older) non-Adaptavist Atlassian account has no-one paying anything for it, but it is active here, and could be added to Cloud systems if people wanted. 

People pay for user numbers, not the accounts that represent those users.  If you have access to three Cloud systems, all three of the owners of those systems will have you count against their licence, even though it's only a single account.

I too work with 2 JIRA cloud instances with 2 different ids.

A simple workaround is to open the instances in incognito mode. 

@Swaroopini Ram- this fails for more than two instances/logins.

As I've mentioned already - use Firefox Multi-Account Containers. I test systems and I am sometimes logged on 20 accounts concurrently with it to go through whole workflow. Works like a charm.

It allows you to have multiple "user browsers" - multiple logins to different services from different tabs of the same container.

Thanks @Piotr Polewicz

Will definitely try that out.

Gene Sy I'm New Here Dec 18, 2018

Forcing you to use a specific browser with a specific plugin is stupid. They should already fix this, it's been months.

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