Creating a Jira ticket 'automatically' via Slack threads

Bryan Kim April 30, 2024

Hi all,


My team is trying to implement an automated system where developers can create Jira tickets themselves by writing Slack threads in a designated channel. An example scenario could be the following:


A developer would create a thread in a channel

@some_kind_of_jira_bot I'd like to create a feature ticket.

Summary: bla bla

Assignee: John Doe

Category: A

Priority: High



Then a Jira bot would say:

<if all required fields have information>

-> Ticket ____ has been successfully created!


<if not>

-> Your request has been denied due to lack of information. Please double check your request and make sure to fill in all required fields.


Based on reading various posts on Atlassian Community, it seems that it is not quite possible to achieve such a workflow with basic features of Jira Premium, but I may be mistaken. 


Would it be possible to achieve this? Or if there are any other clever ways to automate the process of receiving requests and creating tickets, we are all ears.


Thanks in advance!

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Fatih Calis April 30, 2024

It seems like the Jira for Slack by Actioner app could meet your needs; you might want to check it out!

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Emel Doğrusöz May 1, 2024

@Bryan Kim  - as pointed out, such automations are achievable with Actioner. It comes with prebuilt Jira app and a no-code platform to build new / customize existing workflows. I am one of the co-founders of Actioner, and we have many customers building their own Jira solution with our product. Happy to help further. 

Emel @

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Jennifer Wong May 1, 2024

Try for this. They can cater you all your requests without additional cost.

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