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Create multiple Next-Gen boards

We have created a new project using the new Jira and it comes ready with a next-gen board. In our project, we were hoping to manage 5 different types/modules of activities. We were hoping to utilize 5 different boards to track each of these types/modules. While this was possible on the old JIRA with traditional Scrum/Kanban boards, I am unable to create an additional Next-Gen board.

I checked my access and I seem to have the access to create a board and am able to do with all projects in the older version of Jira. Could you please advise

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Eoin Atlassian Team Mar 01, 2021

Please add your votes to and watch the suggestion to get automatic updates.

We will be bringing multiple boards to next-gen projects, although we have yet to start this work.



Product Manager

Any ETA's on when this would be started?

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Ben Díaz I'm New Here Apr 27, 2022

Thanks @Eoin 

I have sent my vote, participated in the survey, and explained my pain points in a detailed workflow description inside of comments for other users to review (and the survey). Please don't hesitate to reach out if you want more details or if you can provide insights.

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👋 I'll chime in as well. We would also love to use multiple boards.


  • One board for active design + development.
  • One board for ideation + requests + parking lot.
  • These boards are too different to rely on filtering issues. You're forcing people to add 10+ columns on one board.
  • Multiple projects isn't ideal because we want a shared roadmap.
  • Currently, we're using the Backlog as our ideas + requests and the Board as the design + development section. This isn't necessarily how it should work, and doesn't allow us to utilize the Sprint feature.


Thanks for listening.

I'd also like to delete a post after I accidentally post an answer instead of comment, haha

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We have a small team, so a decent workaround for us is that we I have categorized each focus area into a seperate epic, and then grouping by epic on the board view (using "group by" drop-down).

For example, there's an epic for Support, and so our dedicated support guy just collapses the other epics on the board, and works like that. Then, if he's adding an issue, it's automatically added under the Support epic.

In terms of your request for a parking lot and ideation, the roadmap is a nice place to manage that, just add future issues on that view - then anything on the board is active development or support.

I hear what you're saying about having different statuses for different kinds of work... not sure how to handle that in NextGen.

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Please add the ability to have multiple boards for a project.  I thought when I moved over to NextGen I would finally be able to track work by creating tasks on a board rather than having to remember to label everything carefully to ensure the boards only displayed what we needed in JIRA classic - now I have no additional boards and still have to carefully label to get tasks to display together.  I want to get away from labeling dependency to categorize work.  It creates an opportunity for mistakes.  

Hi, we are also very unhappy with the fact, that we are not able to create a scrum and a kanban board within one project. Any updates from atlassian on that? 

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Years later and this is still not a feature. #JiraFail

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PLEASE allow JIRA next gen to have multiple boards for one project, ideally with the workflow:
1) board for PRODUCT manager to work on ideas, refine them, move further
2) board for DESIGN, ideally would be triggered by a workflow: once task has "ready for design" status, it would jump into "todo" on designer's board
3) board for each platform - to see clearly the progress on tasks
4) board for QA team: once dev sets status "ready for QA" it will automatically fall into "todo" on QA board
5) if QA verification fails, task should be back to developer in REDO status with a higher than "todo" priority

simplified flow you could see here, i visualized on the diagram (of course, there are open question to answer and there are many things to refine with multiple environments, but you get the basic idea)
multiple boards example.jpg

Nice diagram! If someone suggest a tool where I can implement this flow and has the simplicity of JIRA next gen I would switch immediately :)

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Nice diagram.

In order for this to scale well, I think what is requested for here is for an overarching Next-Gen Roadmap that can link across multiple project stories which the separate devs teams can chunk to their respective tasks and subtasks rather than a single project without overwhelming the Product Manager with too much detail.

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@Nina Shulyak That is an amazing diagram. Would you be able to share what tool you used to create it? I really love the clean simplicity and the sticky notes.

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Hello, I'm wondering why no official response has been given despite the very obvious need for this feature from customers/users?

The roadmap feature is awesome, but only make sense with multiple boards, it is counterproductive and not very user friendly if we need to create multiple projects that will never interact with each other unless we bulk edit to migrate tickets between them

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david Solutions Partner Oct 29, 2018

Hi @Abhijith Jayakumar the next-gen projects are standalone board based. They are designed to be like that

Thanks @david for the quick response. Considering this behavior, what would you recommend utilizing to manage/represent different modules, streams within a project.

david Solutions Partner Oct 29, 2018

I would recommend to separate them into different Issue Types so you can filter easily by them in case that they behave differently.

You can also use custom fields that will apply to issues and allow you to set specific information for them.

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Another workaround would be to just create 5 next-gen projects. This won't take more time than creating 5 boards based on different filters in classic projects.

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Hi everyone! Like Abhijith, I wanted to use a next-gen project (because I really like the roadmap feature) but I need boards for multiple teams (Discovery, Delivery, Services, etc.) with their own workflow. I would like to roll all their tickets up into a central set of Epics. Two questions:

1) Any suggestions about how best to accomplish this?

2) Does anyone know if JIRA will add the "Roadmap" feature to their classic Scrum and Kanban projects soon? 


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I'd really like multiple boards on the next-gen projects. My use case is that I would like one Kanban board for triaging and a Scrum board for development.

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I'd also like multiple boards for next-gen projects, not sure why you removed this feature

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workarounds are great for quick and dirty solutions but I'd love to see multiple next-gen boards soon

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We have multiple projects for either different systems or teams and previously we could run a single sprint from a single board, but now from what I can tell there is no way for a single project board to filter other projects into its scope. So the "work around" is to run multiple sprints across all of the projects?! :/

I'm not sure I really consider that a workaround. The other alternative I see presented here is to scope each systems stories and all teams involved into a single project and try to separate their concerns via custom issue types/fields? Yikes!

Sounds like the short answer is there is no answer.

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My team needed to use roadmaps, and they were only available in the next-gen template, but I also wanted to use multiple boards for my team. This created quite a dilemma for us. I ended up creating a separate project instead of a board, but it would've been ideal to create additional boards. Oh well.

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Please give the next gen JIRA projects the ability to support more than one board.  Also, I would love to have the ability to view Epics on the board, as well, which is a very helpful feature the classic boards possess.

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I concur, I am not sure why a next-gen project cant have multiple boards. It seems silly they removed that feature. Then they try to figure why we stopped using next-gen.

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Just chiming in to say I'd like multiple boards in a JIRA next-gen project too.

Getting real tiresome waiting for JIRA next-gen to catch up to the same features as before. The mentality of take everything away and see what the community wants to put back in is kinda annoying.

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Multiple boards please in next gen please! :)

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Next gen. is quite useless for mid+ teams without custom boards. Please return it back.

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Create a jira classic project. Create as many boards as you want even if only using them for next-gen projects.

I agree with other posters here that there is no good reason to avoid offering multiple boards in next-gen projects. I assume it is only because they have not gotten around to implementing this yet. Until then, I'm using this workaround.

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This is a deal-breaker! Looking at using to manage boards now. I can't believe they didn't consider multiple boards MVP level feature of this next gen.

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1. Have an existing SRE team using backlog made up of tickets from different projects

2. Want to use roadmap to bring structure to our kanbans so make Next Gen project

3. Can't work out how to get backlog to show existing issues for team

4. Discover its not possible and Atlassian don't appear to give anything more than 'Nope, not supported yet'

5. Dump next-gen and make classic project to incorporate team members

6. Discover that 'next gen' uses its own status values so our boards will become outdated when people on other teams change their status codes


I remember when Jira actually worked.

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So basically the old style/classic project is what you need to do to have multiple boards!?

Are there any plans to stop new classic projects from being created because that would be a major issue.

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How I see it now. Nex-Gen projects do not fit any of the very minimal needs of my work. We use multiple boards, for different issuetypes, with different columns, with custom colors, different swim lanes, etc. Some of the boards share the same issues, just present a different view , different columns, for a different audience. Some boards actually blend issues from different projects, and I could continue here with more missing features ....

In summary, it seems a giant step back, and probably it will pass some time before we even consider using the next-gen projects. BTW, the roadmap feature was attractive only if it could show multi project views, like a portfolio or program. So, no worth in doing any workaround to get the roadmap feature to work for now.

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Atlassian continues to be one of the most headstrong companies I've ever integrated with, rather than listen to user feedback, every issue with their software is responded with "Thats how SCRUM is supposed to be". 

Learn to listen to your community, the sheer volume of traffic on this post should be a good indicator that multiple boards on the next-gen board.

As it stands, I manage my roadmap on a separate board then the rest of my team creating lack of transparency, and manage the development team through the classic flow, however I'd love to utilize the epics along with the roadmap. Super frustrated that once again the tooling is incompatible with practical needs.

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The community and your market seems to have requested this functionality many times.  Is this on the roadmap?  How can we prioritize this conversation.

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Cannot create another board within Next Gen?  this is a problem for me.  I'm thinking of reverting if I can.

Can't migrate from Classic projects without this. Vote for the feature here:

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The inability to have different work flows for different issue types compounds just how useless the next gen boards area.

Recent update

"In the short term we recommend teams use classic projects when you need to include issues from multiple projects on a board."

The same problem here!!! Also looking forward to seeing the official response to this. Already ~1year ago in Confluence conference I talked to Jira representative and didn't get any good suggestion on how to manage interactions in JIRA among ios,android,backend,qa,po etc teams. I was left with the impression that they feel that is some kind of an edge case, not a normal mobile development team setup. (Like - really?) But now with the next gen project there is even no possibility to do multiple boards. Wtf seriously? In which ideal world it will be enough to use just one project with one board? If it is meant for small teams, then those small teams most probably will stick to Trello, not going to Jira at all. 

I just don't want to deal with extra work by making lots of different projects or making fake tags or custom fields. I want JIRA to work for me, not that I am working for JIRA. 

Multiple boards would be super helpful for next gen! please :) 

+1. Multiple project boards would make the experience better for both developers and management.

My team has been wanting to transition to next gen for about a year. We hesitated for a while because there was no "fix version" option in next gen. Now that there is a solution for that, we were about to transition, but i've just realized that next gen doesn't allow for multiple boards. Apparently this is intentional? as designed?

This is a hard blocker for us preventing us from making the move. We are a mobile app developers. We have multiple epics and features that require work from multiple teams - art, client engineers, server engineers, but not all of those teams have the same work flow or process for testing and deploying work. In Jira classic, we utilize multiple boards on the same project that we can feed tickets from the same epics into different board views and flows that are appropriate for each team.

I've seen a suggestion high up in this thread to just just filters on the board. That solution doesn't help us, because problem isn't what tickets we do or don't want to see - its the columns. My server team wants to see different columns from my server team. We want different boards to respect different status and flows. 

Next gen looks so great and I love some of the tools they offer- however, things like this, and the earlier lack of fix versions, really confuse me. Who is next gen designed for? What is the use case and who is your ideal user? It doesn't appear to be teams like mine, unless i'm missing something. This is a genuine question and I would love to know if i'm not thinking about board management in the correct way.

We definitely need multiple boards, and we can't use next gen projects without it. I also haven't found any workaround to allow the previous functionality where a single board could include issues from multiple projects.

I wholeheartedly agree with the need for multiple boards in Next Gen projects. While imperfect, did you try any of the workarounds mentioned above such as creating multiple boards in a Jira classic project if only to use them in Next Gen projects?

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Hi @Joe Sandmeyer 

I am new and missing the point on how the classic boards are working in the next gen projects - the next gen PBL does not show in the classic boards... 

Would you mind please elaborating on how this workaround works?


Thanks very much

Hi @Jackie,

To demonstrate, start by creating a search that includes all open tickets for two different projects. One project can be classic and the other next-gen. You can try saving this as a filter. If you get this far you are halfway there.

Next create a new board in a classic project and go into the board settings. Set a main filter for this board that is like the filter you created in the previous step. This will prove that you can create boards in a classic project that include tickets from other projects including next gen.

Go on to set up columns and swim lanes as you would in any board.

I hope this helps.

-- Joe

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Genius!  Thanks so much @Joe Sandmeyer 

Thanks @Joe Sandmeyer! Maybe to make explicit: you need to map the status options for each next-gen project to the appropriate column before next-gen tickets show there.

Hi @Joe Sandmeyer 

Sorry to bug you again.  I have been testing this with dummy data in dummy projects

1.  The statuses are mapped for each column and there are no unmapped statuses in the classic project

2.  The query in the search shows all the issues I expect

search working.png

However, when I apply the query in the Classic project board filter, the issues as per above are not showing.

Is there anything else obvious that I am missing please? 

Thanks very much :)

Hi Jackie,

I have a question about what distinguishes the issues that show up and those that don't. You can contact me at to continue this thread. It will be easier for me to be responsive there.

-- Joe

Multiple boards please in next gen please! :)

+1, just testing this out to have the Roadmap feature but this is useless without multiple boards

we need multiple boards for next gen - or at least custom filters on next gen - this is a deal breaker!

why remove such a great feature of multiple boards- disappointed with the lack of response or reaction from Atlassian

We also like this feature

We too would love to have the ability to combine several Next Gen projects into one board. We have a small team of developers that work across various projects.  Using a combined board, we'd like to see if we are overloading our developers.

Looking forward for the official answer!

The way we doing this is by creating different labels and then filtering our board by them.  This should enable you to have things like a UX label, a Development label, or a module label like "Account Management"

Props for finding a workaround that you like. Hopefully this lack of multiple boards problem will be fixed so we can avoid workarounds.

+1 This and swimlanes are sorely missing from next-gen projects.

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+1 for multiple boards

multi boards for next gen project guys !!!

+1 for Multiple boards on Next Gen.

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