Create/Update variable is messed-up when calling Webhook with "Delay Execution"

Moheeb Qupty May 20, 2024

Jira DC v9.12.8

Hi all,

I have the following rule, where I created 2 variables, initiate them value "EMPTY", all that  before if/else block where in it I call a webhook with a delay execution.

Based on the web response, I process and save string into the variables, print to log to make sure the value are correct and after existing the if/else, added "re-fetch" for a delay (a workaround for a bug/problem where main rule keep running not waiting for the webhook).

But still this doesn't help and I have issues see the correct values of these variables outside the if/else (the variables have the correct value inside the if/else).

The rule:  


image.png \


This is the Audit Log print, and you can see clearly that the 1st variable indeed was changed inside if/else to null first before the webhook (print outside), but the value after the webhook after processing the web response and getting correct values aren't updated and keep printing EMPTY/null outside the if/else:


I appreciate any input, what issue/problem that might cause that, is it a Bug?

Is it still a timing/delay of webhook response although the "re-fetch"?

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