Can we use multiple Email Handler for one Mail Server?

Michael Chen
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April 3, 2024

Can we create one email handler for creating issues, and another one to add comments to existing issue? We want to let users create issues and add comments by sending emails, but also want to use regex to make the comments clean.

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Andrea Rákosfalvy April 19, 2024

Hi Michael,

Have you considered using the Email This Issue application?

You have the option to add different conditions in the mail handler itself based on who the sender is, JQL conditions of the issue that the comment needs to be added to or the email content itself. (Next Generation Mail Handlers )

In addition for the Add comment event you can use a split regex, so in case the email you are processing is a reply to an old email, the old email's content can be removed from the comment. (How to remove old content from reply emails )

You can also set up multiple mail handlers for the same email address, however, we only recommend this approach in cases where the emails are sorted on the mail server side to different folders, and you have a separate incoming connection for each of the folders. This allows mail processing to be predictable instead of leaving it to chance which email gets picked up by which handler.

I encourage you to give the free trial a go and reach out to our support team if you have any questions.

Best Regards,

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