Can i get issue key based on Customized field value? Edited


Wanna  retrieve the Issue key based on input as Customized field value.

Am executing in POSTMAN.


Any leads please help me

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I'm afraid "issue key based on input as customised field value" does not make any sense.

The use of Postman suggests you're using the REST API, but it's not clear what you actually want to do.  Please explain?

Hi Brough,

I have an requirement where all issue keys has been  with unique customized field values.


But I need the issue key number based on the unique customized filed value as input.

Am using REST API thru post man to get the issue key value.



I'm afraid you have simply repeated the question in much the same way, and it is not clear from that what you are looking for.

Let us forget REST for a second, could you explain what you would do as a user in Jira to do this?  What would you go to and enter?

I have list of 10  issue Keys Lets say from 1-10

Each issue key is having one  customized field contains unique number.


My Question is 

I know the Unique number but not the  corresponding issue key


How can i get the issue key based on Customized field unique number through REST API   

Ah, I see, thank you!

Use the search -

You should be able to build a query for "customfield_x ~ your key"



I tried with 




But got response as 


"errorMessages": [
"Field 'customfield_14803' does not exist or you do not have permission to view it."
"errors": {}


But customfield_14803 is exists

Your error message does not match what you're posting - check the custom field number again!

Also check you are logging in ok - try to fetch a whole issue and see if that says you can see it.

customfield_14803 is available ,And also its logged.

What about using the right REST call? 

Above error  is  getting through with REST call 

I am sorry, but you are missing the point.  Please re-read the numbers in the url and the error message you gave earlier.  They are different, so it looks like you are giving us an edited response from an incorrect url, or an edited url with a different response.

Try the right url and give us the actual error.

Sorry in url custom field number was wrong but i tried with proper numbers but facing same error



"errorMessages": [
"Field 'customfield_14803' does not exist or you do not have permission to view it."
"errors": {}

Hmm.  Could you try replacing customfield_14803 with cf[14803] ?

Hi Brough


Its working ... :)

Thanks for the help...


Appreciate your support...


Its worked for below



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