Block issue being added to active sprint based on a specific field?

Allie van de Berg
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January 12, 2023


Is it possible to prevent an issue from being added to an active sprint based on a specific field?

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Guy Anela April 5, 2024

Hi @Allie van de Berg - In an ideal world, you would make sure all of the necessary fields are completed (using Workflow Validators, Required Fields, etc.) before the issue is added to a Sprint. ...but sometimes the world isn't always ideal. :) 

Having said that, you could set up an Automation Rule that removes the Issue from the Sprint if the necessary fields aren't completed. The Automation Rule would get triggered when a value is added to the Sprint field. It would check to see if any of the required fields are empty. If so, it simply clears the Sprint field.

Keep in mind that this gets triggered AFTER the issue is added to the sprint so there's no way to dynamically display a pop-up dialog to warn the user that the issue is going to be removed from the Sprint. To address this, I have the Automation add a Comment to the issue mentioning the Initiator so it sends them an email informing them. Below is an example I set up for one of our teams...

Remove from Sprint.png 

I hope this helps. Cheers!

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Nic Brough -Adaptavist-
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January 13, 2023

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No, there's no way to do this directly, the control of issues going into sprints is done by person, not fields.

I can think of a couple of (slightly clunky) ways to do this off a field though.  

Assuming you create a workflow that's broadly

New -> ready for dev -> in progress -> done

Then you could

  • Have your custom field be a multi-user picker field, naming people who are allowed to move it into the sprint.  You could then use it in the permissions that control who can work with sprints.
  • Remove "new" from the board, by excluding it in the filter.  This would stop your people seeing it in the backlog, so they would not be able to add it to the filter.  You could then set up an Automation or script that could spot "custom field changed to value X, so transition issue into "ready for dev".

Part of me suspects there is a third option, but my brain isn't serving it up at the moment.

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