Best Jira iPhone app?

Does anyone know of a JIRA iPhone app that works?

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Easy Jira is super fast, clean, and clear. It has a few unique features:

• There is projects list to quickly switch contexts

• The task list can be sorted + filtered by Sprint/FixVersion/Status. These options are remembered per project

• Issues are cached for offline usage, which means you can browse them while traveling

• Works with self-hosted JIRA servers (official JIRA Cloud app can't do that)

Get it in the AppStore for free.


My analysis of mobile apps in this space given 60 min and what's out there for iOS today (in iTunes):

  • JIRA Real Life //Free. Nice. Wondering if when Atlassian plans to update it. For one, it requires a captcha to do most activities, something not supported in the app yet. No 'log work' integration.
  • JIRA Issue Tracker //Free. Poor UI/UX. No 'log work' integration.
  • JIRA Connect //Free & Pay versions. Nice. Free version pretty handicapped in terms of any editing. Great layout, support for custom workflows. No 'log work' integration.
  • Resolveit //Free (Lite) and Pay versions. Very nice. Quickest responder of the lot, nice UI/UX. A bit busy compared to JIRA Connect which uses a readable smaller font face. Free version supports ability to 'log work'! Sweet. But, it does not expose any time tracking, at least in the free version, I can't really 'log work' unless I can see how many hours already reside on the issue, so kind of pointless unless I know the time spent is empty and tracked on paper for summation as I enter time. I'd pay $7 for the pay version, but would need to figure out what other features it's hiding. No clear mention at all on iTunes and no I haven't been to its website yet. However, for all 96 of my users in my org, it's a non-starter at that price. It's not overpriced, jut too much for me.
  • JIRA anyWhere //Free. Outdated, slow, and incomplete from a very cursory review.
  • ...via the web browser //Free. For JIRA 6.0 users and beyond, just browsing to their instance from iOS or an Android device's browser has been rev'd. Sounds good...however, it's very limited right now. Can't create issues, log work, search, or much else. You can assign issues, watch issues, and add comments to issues.

Hi Lepage.

I am assuming that you want an iPhone application that will let you create JIRA issues. If so, you could try out JIRA Real Life (

You can configure this to connect to a particular jira server, a particular jira project and then start raising issues along with snapshots.

However, if you want to raise jira issues for a particular appliation on your phone, then try out JIRA Mobile Connect (


Kiran H S

The JIRA Real Life ios app yields an error requesting a Captcha challenge...when will this app get updated so we can generate issues, etc.

And, does this app (will this app) allow the 'Log Work' activity? Be very good for those who forget to log time for the day...

Hi Lepage,

You could try "Resolveit for JIRA" that works with JIRA 5.0 or later. I made the app since I couldn't find any app that could meet my expectation. JIRA has become integral part of our project and issue management and we want to encourage people to work more with JIRA. iPAD version is coming soon in a few days.

Get involved at

Best regards,


If last update wast back in 2013, this would clearly enter the abandonware category.

Thanks Joe - after being really unhappy with other attempts, I find your app works well for me - and frankly I would gladly pay twice the price to motivate you to keep the app well maintained :) Cheers, -brad


There is a My JIRA Client app on the Appstore. You can use the most used JIRA features on your iphone. Also you can install iPhone Client Extension to your JIRA instance from Atlassian Marketplace which is related with this app and it provides push notification feature.

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Free iOS app for JIRA was released in March and there are a lots of features coming on mobile.Here is the link to official JIRA app, JIRA Software on the App Store  . Stay tuned for the next release.

JIRA Android on it's way..

JIRA Software for iPhone App does not work for Jira Server. It only works on a cloud instance.

Ah original comment has come long way and yes you are right as of today :) 

Try simplejiraapp it made by me 

only way it would motivate me to enhance is if I get lot more feedback 

Hello Mahesh Palan, Thank you for pointing to your app. I'll download it and let you know. Regards, J.

Hello again Mahesh Palan, Here are my experiences after using your app for 15 minutes: The app crashes on iOS8 The default screen (filters) is a strange landing page. (Do I really want to see filters as the first thing when entering the app?) When trying to do searches or creating an issue, the fields that should provide a list of existing options just display nothing at all :( Hope this helps you improve your app. Regards, J.

Thanks ,I had tested this app on ios 7 and i use it daily for my work and it work great . Will test it on ios8 and fix all issue

The reason I added the filters at first page is because I wanted this app to be handy tool to browse from phone rather than replacing web interface of jira . Idea is many time we need to browse the jira or quickly update jira information from phone mainly like updating status,adding comment or changing description So having a predefined filters on landing page help to reach to jira details especially when you are working on any specific projects

Hello Mahesh, I have tested your Simple JIRA App and would like to get in touch with regarding the feedback about the app. Can you share me your contact information .

I know this is an old thread but it shows high in google results so I figured I'd leave a link to Atlassian's own JIRA iOS app.

Thanks guys. I was hoping there was a free solution. Resolve It looks promising but do you know if it is bugged with connection issues like the rest of the apps? Plus $9.99 is kind of a ridiculous price. I would like all our staff to have the app. But at that price... It's a bit nuts.


Hi Lepage, Thanks for your feedback. We'll consider lowering the price as well as providing bulk license some time in the future. For the moment, we'll keep at that price to support our development team since we keep developing app with improvement and new features.

It's possibly not 100% error free since we have limited test environment, but many of our user already used it for day to day activity. Just make sure your JIRA server is version 5.0 or later.

How many user you plan to deploy? If you like to talk further, please send an email to me (

Best regards,


Thanks Joe.

Love your App.. Works PERFECTLY!! And best customer service I've ever had when using an app.

Thanks again Joe.


Hi Guy,

Thanks for your review. We strive to deliver the best JIRA experience on your iPhone and iPAD (In 1-2 weeks, it's being reviewed by Apple now).

Best regards,

Dear all,

I want to announce that Resolveit 2 for JIRA (IPAD version) is here!

And for 15 days only until 25 Aug 2012, get 50% OFF for Resolveit for JIRA (iPhone Version).

Get it now on AppStore!

Resolveit for JIRA (iPhone):

Resolveit 2 for JIRA (iPAD):

Thanks & Best regards,


Resolveit 2 also works absolutely great with custom workflows - I get my customized status fields and change status buttons exactly where they should be.

Best JIRA Client and well worth the money!

Hi Joe,

Does Resolveit for JIRA work with JIRA on-demand too i.e. can I login by using just the user name, password and project URL?



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What about updating to JIRA 6? It will come with JIRA Mobile:

You can now view mobile-optimised versions of JIRA pages on your iPhone or Android phone. The JIRA mobile interface is designed for viewing and interacting with issues on the go. Simply browse to your JIRA server's URL using your mobile browser to bring up the mobile interface for JIRA.

You'll not be able to create issues, but you will be able to:

  • View issues, comments, attachments, issue links and your favourite filters.
  • Perform basic operations like adding comments (including mentions and restrictions), watch or vote on issues and assign issues to users.

May not be a full featured mobile version, but hey, it's free. :)

And I hope it will have some improvements in the future too. Also, JIRA 6 should be launched soon!

Hmmm, thanks Matheus. I didn't consider that, but will take a look this evening. Updated my analysis comment with this option...

And there is one more client - Just a quick summary of current features

  • displaying pre-defined filters as well as user filters,
  • simple to use - there are inline actions like assign, available straight from list of issues or view of issue,
  • supports rendering of Confluence Wiki markup language,
  • editing of an issue,
  • full text searching

and more to come. There is an Free, read-only version available (you can buy upgrade to Pro version directly from application) and Pro version. seems to be a dead product. Not available via iPhone app store anymore.

Hi derekh4, I’ve tested a few JIRA apps on my phone, and here are my findings: Some Apps work: • Quick Issue: Free App. Fast and straight forward way to enter text-only issues. It’s only good to add new issues and that’s it. Latest version, July 2014. Requires iOS 7.1+. Active on Twitter recently. • Resolveit Lite: Free App. It works. A little busy interface, displays Ads at the bottom (it’s a free version) , allows to create new issues, add comments. Adding attachments and other functionality is only available on the non-Lite version. Requires iOS 5+ • Resolveit for JIRA: Paid version of previous App. Allows to upload pictures, open attachments, … Last version released December 2013. Website doesn’t respond. Facebook page not active since 2012. Cost is $6.99. Requires iOS 5+. • Free App. This free version allows read-only access to projects and issues. For full version, in-app purchase of “Pro” package for $4.99. Requires iOS 7+. Website active, last Twitter update on May 1, 2014. Some Apps just don’t work: • Wings for JIRA: doesn’t work (crashes on start) • JIRA Connect: needs a plugin that costs $10/month • JIRA Lite: login works sometimes, and when it works, the App doesn’t work • Pocket Desk: cannot found the server • JiraAnyWhere: can login, displays list of projects but cannot do anything else Hope this helps. Regards, J.

@Derek Hunter - we have removed from App Store because it had problems on iOS8. It should be back soon.

@Derek Hunter is back in App Store. There is a free version - if you want to use it read-only.

You write under "Some Apps just don't work", "JIRA Connect: needs a plugin that costs $10/month". Are you saying that it doesn't work at all? Or that it doesn't work unless you buy the plugin? There's quite a difference! Also, if you run your own server, I believe the plugin is $50 one-time cost.

Try simplejiraapp for iphone It has very clean and simplistic design

Hi everybody!

Check out our new iOS JIRA App: Chronoscope for JIRA

Some of the features included are:

  • track your working time with the included stopwatch (chronoscope)
  • work on multiple JIRA systems simultaneously
  • browse the cockpit for a very fast access to your tasks
  • get an overview of all your work logs
  • search for specific issues

Soon we are going to release a new version with a timesheet (looks like a calendar with all your worklogs).

If you have problems or questions, don't hesistate to contact us!

The app is available on the App Store.
Even better: Get it with 50% off.

With best regards from Switzerland!

Try Mobility for Jira

Mobility for Jira - Pro


Mobility for Jira - iPad


Mobility for Jira - Team unlocks all functionality including Agile for all your users and includes Push Notifications as well as a Service Desk Portal app:



Too many product offerings, clearly not following Apple recomandations: keep it simple. I never liked non-universal apps.


Which Apps for iPhone (Android?) allow users to enter issues?

Thank you in advance,


JIRA Board for iOS is the new kid on the block. Visualize your kanban and scrum boards in a beautiful native interface.

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