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Base url change does not work

I changed the Base url in JIRA from IP:8080 to URL and it works fine, except for the dashboard. This is a known issue for changes in the url, but the dash still works on the IP:8080.

I restarted JIRA, re-indexed and rebooted the server.

Is it normal that this takes a while or am I missing something?

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Hi Maarten,

To clear your doubt, the base URL is the URL which users access JIRA. The base URL must be set to the same URL by which browsers will be viewing your JIRA site.
JIRA will automatically detect the base URL during setup, but you may need to set it manually if your site's URL changes or if you set up JIRA from a different URL to the one that will be used to access it publicly.

*Any mismatch between this Base URL setting and the URL requested by your JIRA users(the address that user access in browser) will cause problems with dashboard gadgets and the email notifications*

For more information about configure JIRA options you can look up to this [documentation].

If you want to change the URL that user access to JIRA. You need to change the context path in JIRA.
You can configure the context path of the JIRA instance.
In order to set the context path, you can customize the context path in <installation-directory>\config\server.xml.

&lt;Engine name="Catalina" defaultHost="localhost"&gt;
            &lt;Host name="localhost" appBase="webapps" unpackWARs="true" autoDeploy="true"&gt;

                &lt;Context path="/jira" docBase="${catalina.home}/atlassian-jira" reloadable="false" useHttpOnly="true"&gt;


I just had to change our base URL, too, since we changed something on our proxy setups. Accessing the proxy URL was not the point, it worked fine, but then redirected to the former base URL (the old, internal-only one).


What solved it was to change the **proxyName** property on the corresponding **<Connector >** entry in servers.xml, from the legacy base URL to the new one. (And thereafter, of course, restarting Jira.)


I figured sharing this might help someone. Hope it does.






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Please post your BEFORE and AFTER configs

I am not able to find my Base URL under Settings. There only "Title", "Email from" and "introduction" tab that I see.

Anyone please help


I know it is a year later, but I have the same issue.

Did you manage to find your base URL eventually?

Hi Balazs,

I have checked, everything is fine.In server.xml:


<Context path="/pages" docBase="../confluence" debug="0" reloadable="false">

There is no proxy setting.

We are Using AJP as connector. Where to check DNS entry related to Confluence, because we are access from client not from server in client network?

Is there any other file of confluence which have url related info, except server.xml, bandhana table and base url of admin page?

I am wondering from where the working url is coming. I have modified in BaseUrl, bandhana table but still old url is working.




After changing in base url, I am not able to access the confluenc wiki with new url. Still old url is working.

Old url : http//<serverName>:8080/pages

Changes url: http//

After change the url, i have restarted the Confluence service and tried to hit changed url,but not working. When I hit old url then confluence is working. I can not see any where the existing url in any config file/database/baseurl....everwhere changed url is visible, But still why my Confluence is pointing old url???

Please let know the steps to change url for Confluence Wiki and also let me know where I am missing?




Did you doublecheck the configuration in the settings.xml? You can find it under the confluence installation dir, under conf (e.g. /opt/atlassian/conflluence/conf)

There may be a wrong mapping in the Context section - at least that was causing my issue written a bit earlier.



I have a very similar issue: I've set up jira to a subdomain ( and later I tried to move it to a context like

When I started JIRA it was notifying me about the base URL mismatch - so I fixed that to point to the new URL (

But still it keeps me redirected to the original subdomain (, so I need to edit the URL in the browser address bar manually after many redirects.

Do you have a suggestion what could go wrong?

And it is displaying on the dashboard: JIRA's base URL is set to but you are accessing JIRA from Update JIRA's base URL or hide this message.

Nothing is different for dashboard. What is not working? Maybe a screenshot can help!

Check you server.xml, apache settings (if you have any) etc. In JIRA application, that is the only place. Also, check if you have any customization on dashboard which uses hard coded url.

The dash does not load at all. See the headers/menu and the footer.

Also, when i click links they still point back to the IP address. So somewhere else then General Config is the URL set i think.

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