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Kajsa Fransson May 15, 2024


My automation has start to fail. 

I am creating one issue from one projekt (JSM) to another (Software). 
In the automation im copy components. But since I have updated my list of components this does not work anymore. Whats is this error message related to?


create dev.pngHow can I see components ID - and can this be changed?

Regards Kajsa


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Michal Switala _Appfire_ May 15, 2024

Hi Kajsa,


I'm Associate Product Support Engineer from Appfire.

It is either error with one of components used automation or components of your project which might be related to that component has been deleted, changed or moved and ID doesn't match anymore.

Would you like to share your automation ( do not share sensitive data ) so I could reproduce this on my environment ? 


Here is how to check ID of your project Components, it is more advanced way to do it : 

1.  Go to your Project

2. Open developer tools

3. Click components on the left side of your project

4. You should see it at the end of your url or if not then search for components name for example "Software Purchase" in your Network tab and see it inside response in JSON you should see something like this for example : 

"componentBean": {
"self": "",
"id": "10006",
"name": "Software Purchase",
"assigneeType": "PROJECT_DEFAULT",
"realAssigneeType": "PROJECT_DEFAULT",
"isAssigneeTypeValid": false,
"project": "SSP",
"projectId": 10002




Kajsa Fransson May 15, 2024

Im only copy components from one project to another. It worked until (I guess) updated the name of one of the components and added another. But I guess it was just until today when I updated the issue layout it trigged. 

create dev 98.pngcreate dev99.png

My issue is created now but the field "components" its not copied. 

create issue dev 97.png

My list looks similar, but I guess its something with the IDs. 

By following your instruction im not able to see the ID...I guess im missing somthing, 


Kajsa Fransson May 15, 2024

@Michal Switala _Appfire_ 
I found how to get the Component ID now. No one has the same ID.

For ex

Projekt 1 WMS =10012, Ekredit = 10014, EFlow = 10016, Backend = 10013
Projekt 2 WMS =10011, Ekredit = 10009, EFlow = 10017, Backend = 10010

Kajsa Fransson May 15, 2024

If I changed from Copy to Set "Smartvalue" it worked. So problem is solved. BUT really strange this didnt work from one day to another...

Michal Switala _Appfire_ May 17, 2024

Hi Kajsa,



I'm glad it is working now! sure it was not an easy one.


I tried to reproduce this, but if you got it solved then never mind.

When you run into error "some values couldn't be copied" when using Jira automation then it means these values might be removed for example. Always you can compare old issue with new issue and compare which fields are missing and try to make sure they have these fields so you can copy them between.



Michal Switala

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Hans van Rijsewijk May 15, 2024

Hello Kajsa... 
If you do a hard copy of JSM component into creating a NEW Project issue, that means that the component should ALSO exist in exact the same name in Project.

This is mapping logic. Either they are identical, then you can copy.
Or you need to define the mapping in the automation.

We are doing EXACTLY the same thing, but SM components are IDENTICALLT mapped to Project Components. (Value Streams in our case)

As JSM and Project are different instances, you need to "manually" align both sides.

Hope this helps.


Kajsa Fransson May 15, 2024



The structure are the same on both sides. It has work in months. 
Last week I updated with one more components. It worked. 

components dev.pngcomponents sc.png

The only thing I have done today is that I re-arrange the field "components" on the issue. Could that effect the case? 


Hans van Rijsewijk May 15, 2024

We are using a different automation engine so not quite sure i can help...

What happens if you do this Manually... ??
Go to JSM and CLONE / DERIVE it manually...

You may get better information on the root cause that way.

Kajsa Fransson May 15, 2024

If I move the issue to my project the component will follow. 

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