Auto-check for updates to an open Jira issue?

Marnix Klooster October 21, 2022

When I have a Jira issue page open in my browser, and others are working on that issue in parallel, there is no way to see that anything changed, until I explicitly check by reloading the page.

Is there a way (a browser extension, a GreaseMonkey script, ...) to let the browser regularly check whether the issue was updated, and then e.g. show a big 'refresh to see updates' button (perhaps even without reloading the page, using e.g. refreshIssuePage from

(Update: Retagged because I'm interested in a Jira Data Center solution; but don't let that keep anyone from submitting Jira Server or Jira Cloud answers!)

Update: If someone can point me to documentation or examples showing me how to do REST API calls from a Jira issue page, so that I can figure out 'was something changed since the time this page was loaded?', then I could try to write a userscript myself.

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Marnix Klooster March 21, 2023

Answering my own question here: It seems one can just do calls to .../rest/api/latest/..., following the documentation on

Based on that, I've written a very basic userscript, tested with Jira Software 8.20.  See, and a direct link to the script is .

Hope this helps someone out there...

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October 27, 2022

Hi @Marnix Klooster

That's not exactly what you're looking for, but this app shows you who else is online looking at the same issue.

I hope that helps.



Marnix Klooster October 28, 2022

Because I was focusing on a browser-side solution (an extension/plugin, or a userscript) I didn't think to look at the marketplace, so thanks for that hint!

Looking there, I now found which is exactly what I'd like to have!

Unfortunately that is only for Jira Server, while we are using Jira Data Center.  (I've updated/re-tagged the question based on that.)

Still: Thank you very much!

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