Advanced Roadmaps, different users - different views and same data

Mohammed Younos May 13, 2024

Dear Jira Community, 

I really need some help on why I am seeing the data and view differently to other users of Jira.

Firstly, I am using Jira Roadmaps, there are no filters set, however, I am using the Grouping functionality to create 'component' field groups.

I have also created a new view and saved all my changes.

When I share this view, others see no groupings.

The same applies, if I do not group and simply use the rank function; my ranked items are different to other roadmap users.

I am sat next to a colleague and we can compare the views and see all the differences.

What else do I need to do to make sure all views are synced?

We have cleared our cache by the way, as was suggested elsewhere.

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Bastien Delourmel May 13, 2024

Hello @Mohammed Younos


I have also created a new view and saved all my changes.

I assume you have already modified the view, then saved it as shown below? 


> Then



If so, can you screenshots your view and the view of your colleague to better see it?



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