Advanced Roadmaps: Exclusion Rules not working on Initiatives?

Carlos Garcia October 4, 2022



We're using Advanced Roadmaps, and have created a special status PROPOSED for "brand new initiatives", which should not be shown in the Roadmap until their details are fleshed out.

We've then added PROPOSED to the list of excluded statuses in the "Exclusion Rules".

Despite this, all the initiatives with the Status PROPOSED are still showing up in our Plan.


Any idea what might be going on here? Status-based exclusion seems to work on all other issue types, except initiatives...


PS: Despite the fact that we're now paying for Jira Cloud Premium, we still somehow seem to have no access to direct customer support, so our only recourse are the forums! 

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David Allan Neuhaus October 26, 2022

Did you ever figure this out? My company is having the same issue. We created a "cancel" status because Jira Cloud has NO archive/Recycle bin for issues. Delete means gone forever  (Seriously? No built in recovery for issues you want to cancel? 

Anyway, I've set the Exclusion Rules, but maybe we are misunderstanding what "Exclude Status" actually does? The others "Exclude" options are working as I would have expected.



Carlos Garcia February 7, 2023

Hello, to this day, I still cannot get the status exclusion to work :\ 

Allan.Neuhaus February 7, 2023

I just thought of something after your reply. I doubt it will help but statuses themselves have their own sub-status. Three types: to do | in progress | done. I believe it's called the resolution state. These do impact weather or not Jira considers issues closed in terms of a Sprint. For example, for companies whose QA cannot be part of the scrum or Pi or Sprint these statuses can be resolved starting with a done state and then move through a QA board... It's complicated to explain but Just maybe that sub-state impacts exclusion statuses as well. 


I doubt it, as exclusion status should have only to do with the actual status we select, but I'll check it out and get back to you.

Allan.Neuhaus February 7, 2023

@Carlos Garcia 

Seems like my exclusion status is working now. Canceled items no longer show up on my advanced roadmaps.  As mentioned above every status is assigned 1 of 3 sub statuses.  Go to the status you created and click 'edit' and select the category.   One thing that still seems an issue is that Canceled statuses may still take capacity in the current sprint (Jiira doesn't know that the issue was cancled. Just sees it as another for of Done (Resolved). Will need to test a bit more.image.png

Shahenaaz Syed
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I'm New Here
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May 1, 2024

Did it work? I changes my status "Rejected" to DONE category, but no luck.

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