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Philippe Puy March 28, 2024


In my JIRA Asset CMDB I have 2 types of objects: Applications and IT Assets.

All IT Assets have an attribute Application wich calls the object Applications.

When a customer declare an incident he has to choose an IT Assets.

I would like also to add automatically in the issue the Application as a separate field, depending on the IT Assets chosen.

I have created a second Jira field based on the Application asset but I don't know how to fill it automatically.


IT Assets jira field configuration:

Schéma d'objets: CMDB
Filtrer le périmètre du ticket (AQL): objectType="IT Assets"

Applications jira field configuration:

Direction de référence: Références sortantes
Filtrer le périmètre du ticket (AQL): objectType="Applications"

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_ServiceRocket_ KL Foong March 30, 2024

Hi @Philippe Puy 

Instead of Referenced Assets custom field type, we can use the normal Assets custom field type or Read-only Assets custom field type that have Filter Assign Scope (AQL) to auto populate the data in the custom field.

Default Assets custom field 

If the "IT Assets" custom field name is "fieldA" then the "Applications" custom field Filter Assign Scope (AQL) can be set like 

  1. If object "Applications" has an attribute "attributeA" referring to object "IT Assets" then use format: "attributeA" in (${fieldA${0}})
  2. If object "IT Assets" has an attribute "attributeB" referring to object "Applications" then use format: "object HAVING inboundReferences(objectType = "IT Assets" AND Key in (${fieldA${0}}))


Philippe Puy April 8, 2024

Hello @_ServiceRocket_ KL Foong 

Thank for your help.

I'm trying to implement this solution with a read only Asset field.

read-only field.png

But it is not working I must have missed something.

When the jira field "IT Assets" is filled with an asset the jira field "Business applications (PIPA)" should display the object Business Applications which is the attribute "Business application" of the "IT Assets" object.

Below the conf of the IT Assets field

it assets.png


Philippe Puy April 10, 2024

Well after more tests, the solution is working perfectly!

Thank you @_ServiceRocket_ KL Foong 

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